How to Cashout Your Earnings Instantly on Instacart Shopper

This means 2 hours after you drop off the batch, you’ll have access to your full earnings. With this change, customers will have 2 weeks to increase tips. If a customer increases their tip, you’ll see these additional earnings in your account and can cash out immediately.

Instacart | Instacart Instant Cashout update

How quickly do online tips get paid on Instacart?

Instacart tips are credited to a Shopper’s account within a few minutes of marking the batch as delivered. You can confirm the actual payment a few minutes later. But, note that, unlike regular payments, you can’t withdraw tips immediately via Instant Cashouts.

You’ll have to wait for a week before you can withdraw your tips. This is the situation as of the time of writing. Perhaps it could change in the future.

Tips are set at a base of 5%. So, a customer can decide to offer you more. The good thing is that you get to keep everything.

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Can I keep cash tips from Instacart?

Instacart Shoppers are allowed to keep all cash tips, as there is no tip pooling at Instacart, as is common in other aspects of the service industry.

And, there’s no need to report it.

Because it’s paid in cash, you also don’t have to wait for a week before you can access the fund. But, the decision to tip in cash or via the Instacart app rests with the customer.

Since you’re an independent contractor, is there some kind of “safety net” where you get paid some amount when you don’t get orders?

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Does DoorDash pay quicker than Instacart?

DoorDash does not pay quicker than Instacart. DoorDash does have an option, Fast Pay, that allows Dashers (its Shoppers) to get paid within a few minutes but the time frame is similar to Instacart’s.

That’s fast if you ask me. But Instacart’s Instant Cashout is also as quick.

You’ll have to have made 25 deliveries and to have been on their platform for 14 days after your account’s been activated before you qualify to use Fast Pay.

And, you’ll need a debit card (not a prepaid card) before you can use the service. There’s a $1.99 charge when you use Fast Pay.

With Instacart’s Instant Cashout, DoorDash has no significant advantage in terms of how quickly you can access your earnings.

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