how to change party genshin impact updated 2022

Genshin Impact implements the four-man party system. This enables you to coordinate the actions and skills of your character to raise the amount of damage you deal to monsters. It also has party presets, so all you need to do is switch between presets for particular tasks.

With this, you are free to select any character combinations that best suit your current needs, especially in quests, dungeons, boss battles, and other situations involving specific elemental weaknesses.

Let’s move on to how you will proceed to maintain your control and might over the various bosses and elemental types in the game.

To make Ningguang appear as the main character. You must press the number 4 or the number that your favorite hero’s party hud has designated for them.

Changing the party setup in Genshin Impact is the same on all platforms, and players can access the option from the Paimon Menu (top-left corner of the screen). With the Party Setup option, they can either change a character in the existing party or make an entirely new team.

How to change your Party in Genshin Impact – How to Equip New Characters

How To Change Party Members In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is currently accessible on PS4, PC, and mobile devices. To change the team members in each of these three versions, you must take different steps. This guide will show you how to change your party’s composition and equip new characters in Genshin Impact for PS4, PC, and mobile.

how to change party genshin impact updated 2022

Due to the game’s gacha nature, Genshin Impact offers a huge number of characters and will continue to do so as it develops and fills out. Knowing which characters to use for the various quests and monsters in the game will undoubtedly be helpful, and switching characters as well as the party loadouts will be one of the more crucial things to know as requirements for some quests as well as game-breaking combinations and synergies will be the forefront of leveling up and earning valuable resources like Primogems.

Changing the characters in your party is actually rather easy. Simply open the character menu and choose “Party Setup” from the list of options. The four characters in your party will be shown off in all their glory from here.

To switch characters, simply choose the one you want to replace, and a window displaying every character you have currently unlocked will appear. Choose the character you want to add to the party from this window, and it will switch them in and take the place of the one you previously chose.

When you reach the first city, Mondstadt, you will also gain access to the Wishes currency, which is used to purchase additional characters. You can read our article on rerolling and resource management to find out more about Wishes.

Last but not least, you can organize your characters using these loadouts. Maybe use them to group all of your recently acquired characters into one loadout so that you can quickly identify which of them you want to level up, or just use them for fun and group all of your favorite characters together. The choice is yours!.

How to equip different characters in Genshin Impact in Domains

You cannot change party members in the domain. The party setup must be completed at the domain’s entrance. You can choose four party members before you enter the domain to participate in that domain challenge. Most domains make recommendations for the components you might need for that domain.

To overcome the domain challenges more quickly and successfully, it is advised to equip the best character with the suggested items.

how to change party genshin impact updated 2022


How do I change my party on Genshin Impact?

How to change the party setup
  1. Select the Party Setup button in the pause menu.
  2. On the screen’s bottom, click the Quick Setup button.
  3. Choose the characters you want in the party by deselecting the ones you don’t.

How do I add a team on Genshin?

How to create more teams in Genshin Impact
  1. Go to the Party Setup menu, where all of the currently active squads are configured and displayed. Four more custom slots are available for use here.
  2. You can configure a new squad by tapping the next button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How do you get 5 people on your team in Genshin?

Genshin Impact Bug Lets You Have Five Active Party Members
  1. Die alongside the person you want to fill the fifth position with.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click the number of the deceased character. At the same time, hold down the Alt key and click the main menu.
  3. Change out the dead character for a new one.

How do I change my character in Genshin coop?

Each of the four Co-Op players receives a character to use in battle. When not engaged in battle, players can switch their fielded character(s) by using the Party Setup menu.

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