How to collect amethyst crystals in minecraft

One of the new crystal materials included in the Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft is amethyst, which must be mined or harvested from unique crystal blocks found in particular geode structures.

There are several different block types of amethyst, including shard, cluster, and crystal. Only a small number of these are accessible in survival mode, but we need the right equipment to mine them.

A useful material for a new spyglass is amethyst, along with tinted glass.

These are used to create Amethyst blocks for construction and decoration, tinted glass for decoration and light blocking, and spyglasses that allow players to see distant objects.

Finding amethyst is not difficult, and it can be produced anywhere in the world. We can fit inside these circular geodes because they are large enough.

Sometimes the geodes may be solid, with a layer of smooth basalt and calcite on the outside, so we need to mine it. The geodes are frequently cracked, which makes it easy for us to enter inside them.

How to find amethyst shards in Minecraft

Unfortunately, it won’t be lying around in plain sight. Instead, youll need to hunt down an amethyst geode first. The good news is, these are reasonably easy to spot. Large, spherical geodes have an outer layer made of basalt. Y=70 and the bedrock are typically where you can find them, but if you’re lucky, you might see one partially exposed on the surface.

When you find a geode, remove the top two layers to reveal the amethyst inside. When mining amethyst clusters, an iron pickaxe or better will yield four amethyst shards.

What you can craft with amethyst shards

You may be wondering what you can make with amethyst shards now that you’ve put in all that effort to collect them. Fortunately, the solutions are right here, so set up a workbench and look:


  • What youll need: 1x amethyst shard, 2x copper ingot
  • What it does: A spyglass accomplishes exactly what you expect it to. You can use it to zoom in on specific locations.

Amethyst block

  • What youll need: 4x amethyst shards
  • What it does: Not much. But as a decorative block, it looks pretty cool.

Tinted glass

  • What youll need: 4x amethyst shards, 1x glass block
  • What it does: Tinted glass lets you see through it but obstructs light. Not to be confused with stained glass.

But what are amethyst clusters and buds?

Amethyst blocks in Minecraft come in a variety of types, which can initially be quite confusing. But everything makes a little more sense once you realize that these primarily refer to the various growth stages.

  • Budding amethyst: The base block found inside amethyst geodes. You cant mine these.
  • The first three stages of amethyst growth are known as the “amethyst bud” and can be seen on developing amethyst. These can be acquired by mining with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.
  • Amethyst cluster: The fourth and final stage of growth. These yield amethyst shards when mined.

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How do you collect a amethyst cluster in Minecraft?

Instead of its amethyst shard drops, mining an amethyst cluster block in any of its growth stages with any tool enchanted with Silk Touch will yield the block itself.

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