How to craft a conduit in minecraft

In this Minecraft Conduit guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Conduits, including what they are, how they operate, how to make them, where to find the materials, and how to get your hands on them.

But the actual challenge is to find the Heart of The Sea. It can only be found in treasure chests buried underground. Once you successfully get both of these items, you can create a conduit by placing the Heart of the Sea in the middle of the Crafting table and surround it with Nautiluses. It will create a Conduit.

Conduit power1 2 3 4 5 Schematic of a conduit in an activation frame. Click the scale on the right to view the layers. The conduit and water are required. The frame must include 16-42 blocks of prismarine, dark prismarine, sea lanterns, and/or prismarine bricks. Unused frame-blocks and empty spaces can be anything.

Conduits that have been activated grant the “Conduit Power” effect to all players within a spherical range of 32-96 blocks who come into contact with rain or water This effect increases mining speed by 16 and restores oxygen while also granting underwater night vision. 7% (1/6th). Conduits also deal damage to any hostile mobs within eight blocks of the conduit, such as drowned, guardians, and elder guardians. Any biome, any height, or any depth can activate conduits.

A conduit must be in the middle of a 333 volume of water (source blocks, flowing water, and/or waterlogged blocks) in order for it to activate, and that volume of water must be contained inside an activation frame. Blocks are used to construct the frame in three 55 open squares, one around each axis and centered on the conduit. The only blocks in the frame that contribute to activation are prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, and sea lantern blocks. It takes at least 16 blocks to create an effective range of 32 blocks. The conduit cannot be activated by prismarine-type slabs (including double slabs), stairs, or walls. Any blocks (of any kind) in the 555 outer shell that are not a part of the activation frame itself also have no impact. Removing any blocks (frame blocks) from the conduit after it has been activated does deactivate the conduit. [note 1].

The effective radius of the conduit is 16 blocks for every seven blocks in the frame, though the effect does not activate until the minimum of 16 blocks is included in the build. Thus, it extends to 48 at 21 blocks, 64 at 28 blocks, 80 at 35 blocks, and 96 with a complete frame of 42 blocks. A complete frame also carries the additional advantage of attacking hostile mobs within 8 blocks of the conduit by 4♥♥ every 2 seconds, if they are in contact with water or rain.[note 2]

Light source

Whether activated or not, conduits emit light of level 15, the brightest level in the game, including on land.

Sound Source Description Resource location Volume Pitch Blocks When a conduit activates conduit.activate 1.0 1.0 Blocks While a conduit is active conduit.ambient 1.0 1.0 Blocks Randomly while active conduit.short 1.0 1.0 Blocks When a conduit attacks something conduit.attack 1.0 1.0 Blocks When a conduit deactivates conduit.deactivate 1.0 1.0

Data values

Name Identifier Form Block tags Translation key
Conduit conduit Block & Item mineable/pickaxe block.minecraft.conduit
  • Blocks Direct Item Form ID, used in add-ons and savegame files
  • Available with /give command.
  • The block’s ID is shared by the block’s direct item form.
Name Savegame ID
Block entity Conduit

Block statesSee also:

Name Default value Allowed values Description
waterlogged true falsetrue Whether or not theres water in the same place as this conduit.

Block entity

A conduit is linked to a block entity that contains additional information about the block.

  • Target: The UUID of the hostile mob the conduit is currently attacking, stored as four ints, is one of the block entity data tags shared by all block entities. May not be present.
Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Moskstraumen Activate a Conduit Place a conduit in a valid prismarine/sea lantern structure to activate it. 50G Gold

Issues relating to “Conduit” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

  • The conduit displays the heart of the seas texture in the center of its model when it is activated. The heart, however, opens like an orange eye when all 42 blocks have been placed (when the conduit is fully activated).
  • The system of whirlpools in Nordland county, Norway, is the subject of the accomplishment made possible by activating a conduit.
  • Basic arrangements of 16 prismarine bricks to activate a conduit.
  • Blocks placed around a conduit can have their effect range increased by adding more.
  • One possible setup to activate a conduit.
  • An unusual, but the valid setup of 16 prismarine block.
  • Closer look at the activated conduit.
  • A conduit attacking a drowned.
  • Block placements that are acceptable for conduit activation; the conduit itself must also be encircled by water.
  • Animation of an activated conduit (click to enlarge).
  • A conduit with “Fancy Graphics” disabled in Bedrock Edition.
  • Optimal placement of fully powered conduits around a central conduit. North should be negative Z.
  • Conduits are intended to only be activated by full blocks; see
  • Conduits that have been finished only harm one mob at a time; see

See also

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How do you make a fully powered conduit?

A way for the player to breathe underwater must be found in order to acquire enough prismarine. The best strategy is to enter an ocean monument and carefully position a conduit to grant the player conduit power. An ocean monument’s top is a prismarine 44 ring.

How do you get Prismarine for conduit?

You will require a Sea Lantern, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Brick, and Prismarine for the conduit. You can safely combine the components to create the conduit and, if you really want to, have fun with it.

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