How to craft name tags in minecraft

In Minecraft, if you spend a lot of time visiting and trading with one village, you might develop a close bond with the NPCs there. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic way to both make your NPCs feel unique and make them stand out from other characters with similar traits.

Name tags are uncommon Minecraft items that can help you customize your experience. Learn where to find them and how to use them in this guide.

Chest loot

Name tags can be caught from fishing as part of the treasure category with a 1%E2%81%846 chance after the 5% chance of being a treasure catch The Luck of the Sea enchantment raises the likelihood of discovering treasure.

Master-level librarian villagers advertise one of their available trades as the sale of a name tag for 20 emeralds.

A name tag must first be renamed with an anvil, which costs 1 experience level, before it can be used.

When used on a mob, it has no effect if it isn’t renamed. The name tag can then be used on a mob to give it the new name that was assigned to it by the anvil. It is possible to rename crowds and name tags numerous times. Name tags with the same name are stackable.

When a mob is given a name, it retains that name, and the name tag is destroyed.

A mob is not counted toward the mob cap when it is named.

Effects on various mobs:

  • A named silverfish that enters a block appears to lose its name because, when the block is broken, it is replaced by a newly generated, unnamed silverfish.
  • When an infant (animal or villager) grows up, it retains its name. When a villager turns into a zombie, they retain their names. A named zombie villager keeps its name when cured.
  • Even if they are named or are in a minecart or boat, wandering traders still despawn.
  • Instead of “Wither,” a boss bar with a specific name will display that name.
  • When an ender dragon is named using commands, the boss bar also shows the name.

Any mob can be named, with the exception of players and the Ender Dragon.

A name tag can change the name of an armor stand, but only after CustomNameVisible:1b has been set as an additional step.

Instead of opening the trading interface, renaming a villager using a name tag renames the villager. A saddled pig is renamed instead of being ridden. Any other mob that can be interacted with when wearing a name tag will carry out the use action rather than be named. When a player uses the name tag while crouching or standing in a nether portal, the use action is suppressed and the mobs can be renamed.

Once a name tag has been applied to a mob, it cannot be removed without using commands or external modifications.

Similar to a mob named through a renamed spawn egg, renamed mobs have their names displayed over their heads. Only when they are pointed at from four or fewer blocks away can their names be seen.

Similar to tamed mobs, named mobs that use the name tag never respawn in the world. The only exceptions are roving merchants and hostile mobs when the difficulty is changed to “Peaceful,” which causes any hostile mobs or any named hostile mobs to despawn right away.

The custom name is substituted for the mob type name in the death message if a renamed mob kills a player. For instance, if a player is killed by a vindicator named “Johnny,” the death message reads, “Player was killed by Johnny.”

The health bar on a renamed wither is also renamed, and the boss bar doesn’t regenerate.

Easter eggs

  • Any mob given the names “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” will be rendered incorrectly. If the username is set to either of these and you are not signed into Xbox Live, this even applies to the player in earlier versions of Bedrock Edition.
  • A sheep named “jeb” has wool that alternates between the dye colors, creating a rainbow effect. When a sheep is sheared or killed, the wool that falls from the animal is its natural color before it was given a name.
  • When a rabbit is given the name “Toast,” a special memorial skin of the missing rabbit of user xyzen420 is applied to it.
  • When a vindicator is given the name “Johnny,” it becomes aggressive and attacks all mobs, even the wither (with the exception of ghasts and other illagers). In Java Edition, the hostility even extends to ravagers because the “Johnny” vindicator can attack the ravager while it is being ridden by it.

Data values

Name Identifier Form Translation key
Name Tag name_tag Item item.minecraft.name_tag
Name Identifier Numeric ID Form Translation key
Name Tag name_tag 548 Item

The bug tracker is used to maintain issues with “Name Tag.” Report issues there.

  • Name tags were added at the request of Paulsoaresjr.[2][3]
  • Up to 64 name tags can be renamed at once in a stack. No matter how many name tags were stacked, the price is 1 experience level per stack.
  • The player must give the name tag on a mob a random name before changing it back to “Name Tag”
  • A name-tag wearing villager who is transformed into a zombie by a name-tag wearing zombie does not despawn, but a name-tag wearing villager who is transformed into a zombie by a zombie without a name tag does.
  • Because it is impossible for something to have the names “Jeb_” and “Dinnerbone” at the same time, having a rainbow sheep upside-down is also impossible.
  • The player must first rename a name tag with an anvil before they can use it.
  • A wolf that has been renamed using a name tag.
  • A creeper renamed using the name tag.
  • A wither renamed using a name tag. Over the health bar, the word “Wither” is replaced with a custom name.
  • How to create a different animal Yo-yo using the name tags “Grumm” and “Dinnerbone”
  • A horse turned upside-down by using the “Grumm” or “Dinnerbone” easter egg
  • Name Tag found in a mineshaft chest.

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Can you craft a nametag in Minecraft?

The majority of items in Minecraft can be made, but name tags cannot. You’ll have to find or trade for this one. If you don’t know where to look, this could take some time.

How do you make a name tag easy in Minecraft?

In chest loot, players have the best chance of discovering a name tag. Name tags may be found in chests found in mineshafts, dungeons, buried treasures, and woodland mansions.

How do you create a name tag?

How to make a name tagOpen Canva. Launch Canva and look for “Name Tag” to begin creating Choose a template. Discover the many name tag templates available on Canva for every style and theme. Browse features. Find all the elements you need in one place. Personalize your tag. Download and print.

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