How to Create and Share a Wish List on SHEIN [Easy]

Creating and sharing a wish list on Shein is a great way to keep track of the items you’d like to purchase, whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one. Not only is it convenient to have a list of desired items you’d like to purchase, but it’s also helpful to share them with friends and family who may want to purchase an item for you as a gift. With Shein’s easy-to-use platform, creating and sharing a wish list can be done in a few simple steps. In this blog post, we will cover the basics of how to create and share a wish list on Shein, as well as discuss some of the benefits of keeping a wish list. By following the simple steps outlined in this post, you’ll be able to create and share a wish list on Shein in no time.

How To Add An Item To Wishlist on Shein App

How Do I Share My Wishlist On Shein?

I hope everyone is aware of shien and knows what exactly a wishlist is and who doesn’t know. How Do I Share My Wishlist On Shein. This would be helpful for them as well. So shall we start from what a wishlist is? WIshlist is also known as a favourite. You can choose your choice of items and add to the wishlist.

This is an easy method of arranging your goods or items. You can create a wish list for gifting purposes. You might decide to give your friend a particular item. It’s possible that if you don’t select a product for your wishlist, you won’t be able to find it later. You can quickly find that with just one click if you keep it on your wishlist. Let see how you can create a wish list.

Click to Create a Cart ID

You don’t need to register; just open the Share-A-Cart browser plugin and select “Create Cart ID” to generate a special code.

Copy and paste this code into a message or send it directly from the plugin using one of the many popular messenger apps to send it to your intended recipient.

As soon as they enter this code on the Share-A-Cart plugin (or website), your recipient’s SHEIN cart is instantly added to theirs, allowing them to complete their checkout and buy the exact SHEIN items you specified.

What if the person I’m sharing with doesn’t have the Share-A-Cart plugin?

If the cart you’re sharing with them is from Amazon, Walmart, or BestBuy, they can use the Share-A-Cart website to receive your cart if they prefer. All they need to do is enter the Cart ID you sent them on the Receive a Cart external link page. For all other retailers, they will need to install and use the plugin to load your cart. This makes the whole process quicker and easier though as they don’t have to leave the retailer’s site when loading your cart.


Can you share wishlist on Shein?

Yes, you can do all of that with Share-A-Cart. You can simply add items to your cart at SHEIN and then send your recipient a code without using messy wishlist hacks.

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