How to delete your Google Play Store history from your Android phone and speed up the app

Try these easy tips and tricks to speed up any Android or iPhone so you don’t have to give up your phone just yet.

Due to their pervasiveness in our lives, mobile phones have surpassed wallets in importance and have even supplanted them.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when all devices begin to experience the strain of heavy use, regardless of how powerful the chip or how much RAM is available. The devices then begin to lag, eventually becoming annoyance-inducingly slow or unresponsive. The majority of smartphone makers are aware of this issue and have given users some tools to extend the life of their devices.

Continue reading to discover some typical reasons why your phone slows down over time and how you can “breathe new life” into it. First up, a few tips for Android-powered phones. However, if you use iOS, you might want to jump to our advice for iPhones.

Delete your Google Play search history
  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Settings General Account and device preferences. Clear device search history.

How To Delete Search History On The Google Play Store (2022)

Step 2 – Access Play Store Settings Menu

Next, it’s time to go to your settings menu again. Tap your profile icon located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2 – Open Play Menu

Next, open the menu for the Play app. Tap your profile icon located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3 – Access Account and Device Preferences

From the Settings menu, scroll down to the “Account and device preferences”.

Remember that this only deletes the searches you ran on this specific device. Despite the fact that Google accounts are frequently linked, the search history clearance only applies to the current device. You must repeat this process on each device if you want to erase the Play Search history across all of them.

You may be surprised to learn that Google Play keeps a record of every app you’ve ever downloaded, even if you’ve deleted it from your device. Although it might be practical to re-download an app you enjoy, why would you want to keep one you don’t?

To clear these Play Store downloads, follow the steps below:


Can you delete Google Play Store history?

You can always delete your Google Play history to clear up space on your phone and get rid of all of your previous searches. You must go to the app’s settings menu and clear your local history in order to delete your Google Play search history.

How do I delete my Google Play download history?

Your finger will reveal the All apps section when you swipe it from right to left. Every app you’ve downloaded from your Google account, including those on other Android devices, will be listed completely for you to view. By selecting the remove icon next to previously downloaded apps, you can remove them from the list.

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