Minecraft: How to Disenchant

In Minecraft, building and survival are now the only ways to gauge one’s success. We now come to one of the frequently asked questions about how to repair and disenchant in the game because repairing and disenchanting are very important tools to use.

In order to repair an item in Minecraft, you must sacrifice a similar or unrelated item. To disenchant an item, its magical properties are removed, either for experience points or onto a book. A grindstone or an anvil could be used for disenchanting and repairing.

Typically, a crafted grindstone is used for disenchanting and repairing items. The enchantments on such items are not protected by a grindstone, however, and this presents a serious problem when you require the enchanting abilities of an item that you have just repaired. This and many other concerns need to be addressed.

I’ve been playing this game for years, so I thought I’d share my knowledge with you in an effort to address the most common queries about repairing, enchanting, and disenchanting items in the Minecraft game.

When repairing tools in Minecraft, various strategies can be used. The methods range in difficulty, with the most difficult method offering the most benefits. I’d demonstrate how to make repairs using the grindstone method.

This technique calls for using a hand-made grindstone, though you could also purchase one from a village nearby. In Minecraft, a grindstone can be made out of a regular stone (or a cobblestone if you briefly put it in a furnace). The following step involves using a 3 by 3 crafting grid. In the first row, you set the stone and two sticks, and in the second row, you set the two planks of wood.

On the right of the diagram below, the crafting grid transforms those into a grindstone that resembles an end result.

This YouTube video’s first two minutes essentially explain how to make your grindstone. As shown in the upper half of the diagram below, the grindstone has two input slots and one output slot.

In order to use this method, you move the two identically damaged tools to the two input slots at the top of the right portion of the diagram if you need to get at least one good tool. In order to create a useful tool for you that appears in the output slot, the two tools would be combined. There is a disadvantage though. You lose the tool’s enchanting power.

This YouTube video’s third minute explains in plain English how to fix things with a grindstone. The benefit of doing this, as demonstrated in the video, is that it increases the output’s durability beyond your expectations. In Minecraft, an anvil could be used to fix items.

In many cases while playing the game, unless the items are cursed, one might want to remove any prior work penalties on the items. This is the rationale behind disenchanting items in Minecraft, which increases their durability. Let’s have a look at how this is done.

To disenchant in Minecraft, the grindstone can be used. Input the object to be de-enchanted into either of the slots on the grindstone. The item without enchantment emerges from the output slot. It is noteworthy that the primary cause of repairs is disenchanting items. Alternately, one may choose to repair the item without erasing the enchantment on it.

Combining two of these items to create a new one is another way to disenchant a specific item using the grindstone. The two items before it will be destroyed, but the new one will retain their combined durability plus an additional 5% up to their maximum.

When enchanting an item, the player typically spends some experience points. During disenchantment of such items, the experience points are returned. These points could be used once more at an enchantment table to enchant additional items.

All enchantments on items can be removed with the exception of curse enchantments. The binding curse and the vanishing curse are two exceptions to this rule. Once the armor is worn, the curse of binding is an enchantment that prevents it from being removed. The item would vanish if the player died while holding it, according to the “curse of vanishing.”

Additionally, it is impossible to remove an item’s enchantment in its entirety. During the disenchantment procedure, all enchantments on an item are removed. The exception to this is for curse enchantments.

Disenchantments can also be performed using a crafting grid in addition to removing enchantments with a grindstone. It is similar to the process of using a grindstone to combine two enchanted items into one while their enchantments are being removed. The only distinction is that for a crafting grid, you do not receive the newly forged item’s additional 5% durability.

The experience points you used to enchant the object at the enchantment table are not returned when you disenchant it using a crafting grid.

For information on disenchantment in Minecraft, including how to do it, how to do it best, and when disenchantments won’t work, visit this YouTube channel.

It’s crucial to want to preserve the enchantments on some of the items when you repair them in the video game Minecraft. It is now necessary to look for alternative methods of preserving the items’ enchantments during repairs because a grindstone always removes them during repairs.

You can disenchant any enchanted item at a grindstone

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. The grindstone will not be able to remove any curses, so it will not provide any experience or the regular item when you disenchant a cursed item, but it can remove any other level of enchanted item.

The game will prompt players to choose whether they want to repair or disenchant an item when they access the Grindstone’s menu. When the enchanted object is placed in the top slot, the grindstone will destroy the enchantment.

Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox One Series X users can currently access Minecraft.

Utilizing an anvil is the first method in Minecraft for altering an item’s enchantments. Similar to the blocks of iron required to construct an Iron Golem in Minecraft, players only need four Iron Ingots and three Iron Blocks to create an Anvil.

Players only need to return to their standard Crafting Table if they want to break a curse. Put two cursed items of the same kind that are identical to each other or one cursed and one unenchanted item of the same kind. By combining the two, the curse from one will be lifted and the players will have a fresh start.

It will require an entirely different piece of equipment for a Minecraft player to completely remove an enchantment from an item.

Can You Remove Curses with a Grindstone?

No. A grindstone cannot be used to remove curse enchantments like “Curse of Binding” or “Curse of Vanishing.” However, it’ll remove any standard enchantment.

The Enchanting Table

The enchanting table is your first choice for putting all that hard-earned experience to use. You will need a suitable item to enchant, such as a tool, weapon, piece of armor, or a book, as well as at least one piece of lapis lazuli, in order to use the enchanting table.

How to disenchant minecraft

There are only low-level enchantment options available with just an enchanting table, and they cost 1, 2, or 3 lapis to use. This will add a random, low-level enchantment appropriate for that item to the item you placed in the enchanting table. For instance, you won’t get the Feather Falling or Sharpness enchantments on a sword or a shovel, respectively.

How to disenchant minecraft

You must incorporate bookshelves into your setup in order to access the higher-level enchantments. They must be placed 1 block away from the enchantment table (so that there is a 1 block space between the enchantment table and the bookshelves) and at the same height as the enchantment table or 1 block higher or lower for them to apply to the enchantment table.

How to disenchant minecraft

Additionally, nothing else should be in this space; for example, placing torches here will prevent the connection between the enchantment table and the bookshelf it is in front of.

How to disenchant minecraft

You’ll need 15 total bookshelves arranged around the enchanting table in order to access the highest level of enchantments.

How to disenchant minecraft

This will open the menu for the enchantment table’s highest level enchanting options. You will need to use more lapis to apply them as your enchantment level increases—either 1, 2, or 3.

If you’re not looking for anything specific and just want to get some general improvements on an unenchanted piece of equipment, this method of enchantment is a great option. This method limits the possible enchantments to whatever kind of equipment you place in the interface, so if you put in a sword, you’ll only get sword or generic enchantments applied to it. This is also ideal if you need something equipment-specific. You will only receive helmet-specific or generic enchantments if you put a helmet in. The ax stands out as an exception because it can be enchanted with both types of magic because it is both a weapon and a tool.

How to disenchant minecraft

How to Disenchant Items | Grindstone, Anvil, and More – Minecraft Tutorial


Can you disenchant items in Minecraft and keep it?

Disenchanting doesn’t necessarily mean that an item will be destroyed. In fact, you can even repair it through a grindstone. Although you can always repair the item in the top slot by using the same kind of item in the bottom slot, doing so will always remove any enchantments on either item.

How do you Unenchant stuff in Minecraft?

The game will prompt players to choose whether they want to repair or disenchant an item when they access the Grindstone’s menu. When the enchanted object is placed in the top slot, the grindstone will destroy the enchantment.

How do you take an enchantment off an item and put it on a book?

Without using cheats, you cannot move an enchantment from a tool to a book in vanilla survival. However, you can use an anvil to combine two books (or any two items of the same type) and their enchantments.

Can you take an enchantment off an item?

You only need to put your tools or weapons in the grindstone to dispel any enchantments they may have. You can choose from either of the two columns in the grindstone (see the screenshot below). Simply ensure that the second column contains the identical item or is empty.

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