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Log in to Disney Plus. Select the profile icon (top-right on desktop, bottom-right on mobile) then select Account. Scroll down under the Subscription box and choose which plan you’d like to switch to. Review and confirm your billing information and select Agree & Subscribe.
  1. Log in to Disney+ on your web browser.
  2. Navigate to your Account page. Hover over the profile icon in the top right corner and click Account.
  3. Under the Subscription section, select the option to Switch to Annual and Save.
  4. Review your payment details then click Agree & Subscribe.

How do I change my Disney Plus Subscription in 2021? Disney +

Why downsize your Disney Plus bundle?

The Disney Plus bundle is a great way to get your Disney fix, but it’s not the only way to enjoy Disney movies and TV shows. You can also get individual movies and TV shows through the Disney Store, PlayStation Store, or iTunes. If you’re thinking of downgrading your bundle, here are six reasons why:

How to switch Disney+ plans or cancel your subscription before the free trial ends

If you signed up through the iOS or Apple TV app

  • Open Settings and tap your name at the top
  • Choose Subscriptions
  • Tap Disney+, choose Cancel Subscription and follow the prompts (you’ll get to finish out your free week)
  • Alternately, you can change your plan here
  • Here’s how it looks on iPhone:

    If you signed up direct through Disney:

  • Head to the Disney+ app or the Disney+ website and make sure you’re logged in
  • Choose your account (Mickey icon is default) then look for Billing Details
  • Now tap or click Cancel Subscription
  • You can also choose Switch to Disney Bundle
  • how to change disney plus subscription?

    If you already have the bundle, you won’t be able to switch to the Disney+ regular plan without canceling your subscription first. This might not be ideal since you will lose all your recommended content, but it’s the only way. However, if you signed up with the basic plan that’s just Disney+, you can upgrade to the bundle rather easily.

    You’ll have access to all of the great TV and movie choices you could ask for. From great Disney films to any sports game you might want to watch, you’ll have access to nearly everything. This bundle is a steal, especially if you’re someone who loves all types of shows and movies.

    4. The content you already have on trial with Disney Plus (movies and TV shows) will still be accessible after you downgrade your bundle.

    Disney announces their new streaming service offers from time to time. Once Disney Plus, offers a bundle trial of the service, you can start to trial it out using other streaming services. This means that those who already have access to Disney+ (movies and TV shows) through Hulu or Netflix will still have access to them after the bundle trial is over.

    However, Disney also sells their access at an all-you-can-watch package for $9.99/month, which includes all of the movies and TV shows on Disney+.

    1. You can watch Disney Plus movies and TV shows without having a subscription to the service.

    Disney Plus is a relatively new streaming service that offers access to Disney movies and TV shows. While it is necessary to setup your own account, this service is also available as a bundle in other offerings.

    Typically, you don’t need a subscription to watch Disney Plus content if you have the other streaming bundles that has Disney plus included.

    You can find the service on various devices, including Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox One. Disney Plus also has a app for Android and iOS devices.

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