How to download minecraft mods 2019

You can modify your game using Minecraft Forge to add new features, change settings, or alter the fundamental gameplay entirely. Here’s how to begin using Minecraft mods and install the top ones on your computer, Mac, or Android or iOS device.

Install Minecraft Mods: A Pre-Installation Checklist

We advise reviewing this list prior to looking for mods to download and install. This will ensure that you’re in the best possible position to install and experiment with mods.

  • Assess Your Control Over Your PC. Downloading and Installing mods will require to do a decent amount of digital grunt work like moving files, changing file names (and sometimes extensions), and downloading extra programs. You might even need to change your Minecraft version or purchase an update (we’ll explain why in the next point).
  • Make sure you’re comfortable doing all that on your PC. Get the other person’s permission if you plan to share the computer with them first. It will be challenging for you to install the majority of Minecraft mods if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with this.

  • What’s Your Minecraft Version? Unfortunately, full mods won’t work with Minecraft Bedrock. In order for you to download, install, and enjoy all the Minecraft mods that you want, you’ll need to have Minecraft: Java Edition on your PC. It’s available for $27 on Mojang, and you’ll need a Mojang account for it.
  • Check Your Storage Space. Just like any download, mods are going to take up storage space. They can range anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand MB. The recommended storage requirement for Minecraft Java Edition is at least 4GB, and SSD over the classic HDD.
  • You may need to perform some spring cleaning on your computer if it only has 4GB of free storage (or purchase a full storage upgrade).

  • Can Your Computer Handle It? A quick Google search should tell you all the recommended device specs for Minecraft, but here are some of the basics:
  • GPU: any graphics card that supports OpenGL 1.3 API and VBOs
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher, OS X 10.9 Maverick, or any Linux distribution from 2014 onwards
  • RAM: 4GB, at least DDR3 1600 MHz
  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to install and use Minecraft mods if your PC’s specifications are below their suggested minimum requirements.

    Steps for Adding Mods to Minecraft

    Minecraft Forge only works with Minecraft Java edition so ensure that is the edition of Minecraft you are using before proceeding. The first step is to download Minecraft Forge.

    If you’re looking to get mods for Bedrock edition (consoles and Windows 10) then you can go directly to the Minecraft Marketplace and download them. However, most of them will need to be purchased.

    Download the Forge version that corresponds to the version of Minecraft you have installed. At the time of writing, version 1 is the most recent. 16. 4, so that is the example we will be using. It’s okay if your version is different.

    You may also see two options for downloading: the most recent or recommended If you don’t, you might encounter bugs with the most recent version. We advise downloading the installer from the recommended section.

    Be careful in this section. If you don’t have an ad blocker installed, the website has advertisements that might trick you into downloading something you didn’t intend to. The middle of the screen might display an advertisement informing you that your download is ready. Do not click that one.

    When the advertisement has finished, click the sizable red “Skip” button in the top right corner.

    Forge-(version you are using) is the name of the file you are looking for. jar”.

    So, in our example, it would be called “forge-1. 16. 4-35. 1. 0. jar”. Delete any additional downloads that do not resemble this one and install the appropriate section instead. Here is a gif that will demonstrate how to download the right file.

    How to download minecraft mods 2019

    Can You Make Your Own Minecraft Mods?

    Yes! You absolutely can make your own mods. There are a handful of ways this is done such as using MCreator or Java Development Kit (JDK). While downloading mods that other people have created is a great experience, being able to make and deploy your own is rewarding in its own right.

    No, you do not have to restart your game if you download a mod and later decide you do not like it. However, depending on the mod, it may change the way you play. The only difference you will notice after uninstalling a texture pack is how the game looks. But if you install a mod that adds new blocks, use those blocks to construct something, then uninstall the mod, you’ll notice that some of your world is missing. Before installing another mod, it is advisable to uninstall the current one first and observe how it affects your game.

    Minecraft: How To Install Mods! [2019] UPDATED TUTORIAL IN DESC!


    How do I download Minecraft mods?

    Choosing a mod you want, clicking its name will take you to its page where you can download it. Open the Files tab to view the versions. To the right of the version you want, press download. Downloading the most recent update for your version of Minecraft is recommended.

    Where can I safely download Minecraft mods?

    You can download mods from many different sources, but we suggest Minecraftmods. com because it’s generally safe for all users.

    How do I install Java mods?

    Using mods in Minecraft: Java Edition Double-click the . jar file that downloads to install Forge. Via websites like Curse Forge, Java Edition mods can be found everywhere. Simply select the desired mod, click “download,” and then transfer it to your mods folder.

    Can you download Minecraft mods for free?

    Finding and installing quality mods can be difficult because they are widely available and free. The newer version is simply called Minecraft. It works with Windows 10, Xbox One, mobile devices like phones and tablets, and more.

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