How to download the origins mod minecraft

One of the most well-known standalone mods for modern Minecraft is called Origins. For those who are not familiar with the mod, it lets players choose a unique origin when they first enter a new world. Each of these origins completely alters the game’s atmosphere. Some origins, for instance, grant players a permanent elytra or additional inventory space.

For many players, the mod is a must-try because it offers such game-altering features and abilities. Here’s how users can install the mod, determine which mod loaders they require, and ensure that the mod is functioning as intended.

Installing Minecraft Origins mod

The Minecraft Origins mod currently has nine origins. Players can play as other entities using these mods, but there are a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

Players can teleport farther and without pearls with the Enderian Origin, but water damages them and they are wary of pumpkins.

How to download the origins mod minecraft

Players can take on the role of Enderman in the Enderian Origin (via Minecraft).

Players can breathe underwater, see underwater, and break blocks as if there isn’t any water present thanks to The Merling Origin. It increases swim speed and players will not sink. However, breathing underwater only lasts a certain amount of time.

Players can walk through solid blocks and turn invisible using the switchable Phantom Origin. Additionally, it makes them hungry after a while and makes them burn in the sun. They also only have three hearts.

The Elytrian Origin naturally gives elytra wings to players.

Every 30 seconds, they can be fired into the air. Double damage will be dealt while in flight. It only accepts chain or weaker armor, and it is more vulnerable to kinetic damage.

Additionally, there are options for Arachnid, Feline, Avian, Blazeborn, Shulk, and Human Origins. They also have various pros and cons to using them.

Origins are also now data-driven. Players can modify their favorite Origins by adding or removing powers, preventing some Origins from being used on a server, or creating new Origins by combining existing powers.

To install this mod, it can be downloaded here. The 1.17 version is currently available. It is a Fabric mod, so it requires the Fabric Loader and the Fabric API to work.

Make sure the Minecraft client is closed. Search for “Go to Folder” or a comparable option, then type “/Library/Application Support/minecraft” into the box. Drag the Minecraft Origins mod into the mods folder.

Minecraft should now be successfully modified. If not, try relaunching the program or repeating the procedures.

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How to download the origins mod minecraft

How to Install The Origins Mod For 1.18 Mincraft Quick & Easy


How do you install the Origins mod in Minecraft?

Minecraft Origins Mod Server InstallationNavigate to your Apex Server Panel. Scroll to the “JAR File” section, then search for Fabric. Download the customized Origins and Fabric API mods. Go to “FTP File Access” on the left after stopping your server. Login, then access your “mods” folder.

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