How to Draw Minecraft Characters: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

How to draw Minecraft Characters. Images from the video game Minecraft

Step by Step Directions for a Minecraft Drawing
  1. Draw a rectangle.
  2. Add two rectangles for the arms.
  3. Draw a square head, slightly to the right.
  4. Draw the side of the square head.
  5. Add the side body and line for the legs.
  6. Draw the face and side hair.
  7. Add lines for the clothes.
  8. Add a simple cubed background.

Complete Minecraft drawing in just 9 easy steps!

In the well-known video game Minecraft, players construct and destroy a variety of blocks in three-dimensional environments.

Despite having been created in 2011, the game continues to appeal to players of all ages as well as young children.

The extreme popularity of Minecraft has created a huge demand for a free Minecraft drawing tutorial. You’ve asked for it, so we delivered.

How to draw minecraft stuff step by step

Finally, we give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a Minecraft, simplified into 9 easy steps with pictures.

Grab your pencil and paper so we can start drawing!

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How to Draw Minecraft – Let’s get started!

Draw a box starting at the top of your paper with a dimension at the top. To start, sketch a flat square shape to represent the box’s front.

Next, on the box’s upper corners, draw an upward diagonal line that points in the same direction.

Draw a horizontal line connecting the two endpoints of the two diagonal lines we just drew to complete the figure.

The ability to draw straight lines is crucial for drawing a Minecraft character, so feel free to use a ruler if necessary. This will help you draw even lines perfectly and easily.

Step 2 – Outline the Character’s Head and Torso

Create your character’s upper body by sketching an upright rectangle directly beneath the head.

Draw a brief vertical line down, then a brief horizontal line to the right, on the lower right corner of the body, just before the horizontal line and vertical line intersect.

Continue doing this until you have two figures that are the same size and shape.

If drawn correctly, it should resemble a set of two steps leading down. This pattern should be included because it is one of the things that makes Minecraft characters stand out the most.

Keep in mind that the body’s width should be slightly smaller than the head’s width.

Step 3 – Afterwards, Draw the Character’s Legs

Draw a vertical line parallel to the torso’s outline on both sides to create the legs. Next, connect the vertical line’s two endpoints by drawing a horizontal line from the bottom up.

Then, divide the left leg from the right leg by drawing a vertical line across the lower body of your character.

Step 4 – Next, Draw the Character’s Pair of Arms

On each side of the upper body, draw an extended standing rectangle shape. This creates your character’s left and right arms.

The tops of both arms should have dimensions added, as this gives the impression of depth and makes your drawing appear three-dimensional, as Minecraft characters should.

Step 5 – Outline the Shirt Your Character is Wearing

On the upper portion of both of your character’s arms, draw a vertical line. This depicts the shirt’s sleeves that your character is sporting.

Therefore, where you draw the line will depend on how long or short you want the sleeves to look.

Step 6 – Then, Outline Your Character’s Trousers

On the lower portion of each leg, draw another vertical line. It resembles what we drew in the previous step quite a bit. But this time, these lines define the hem of the pants.

Similar to the shirt, you can adjust the length of the pants to suit your preferences.

Use the example as a guide and put the line at the bottom if your character would rather wear long pants. If not, feel free to draw a hem on the top portion.

Step 7 – Draw the Hair of Your Minecraft Character

Simply trace the hairline at the top of your character’s head to create the hair.

You can choose to draw the hair similarly to how we did it or come up with a distinctive hairstyle. Either way, we’re sure your drawing will turn out beautifully!.

Step 8 – Now, Draw the Eyebrows and the Nose

We will now begin rendering your character’s facial features in this stage. Draw two curved or arched eyebrows on either side of the face to start.

Try to make the eyebrows as even and straight as you can.

Let’s start drawing the nose after you’ve finished drawing the eyebrows. To create your character’s nose, just draw a simple rectangular shape with rounded edges.

If you’re feeling particularly imaginative, why not experiment with various shapes to produce a distinctive nose structure?

Step 9 – Complete Your Character’s Facial Features

Draw a rectangle shape beneath each brow to create a pair of eyes to finish the look. The iris is then drawn as a tiny square inside each eye.

To create a dramatic effect, shade the entire iris while leaving a tiny dot inside un-shaded!

Then, add a broad smile to your character’s face by drawing a horizontal line with vertical lines at both ends at the bottom.

After drawing a character from Minecraft, it’s time for the most enjoyable part—picking out colors and adding them to your drawing!

As you can see in the illustration, the complexion of the character was created using a custom skin tone color. Then, we used a lighter shade of blue to color the shirt and a darker shade of blue to color the pants.

Characters in Minecraft come in a wide range of colors. This provides you with a wide variety of color choices for your drawing!

How to draw minecraft stuff step by step

5 Tips To Make Your Minecraft Drawing Even Better!

Show off your artistic side as we offer some suggestions to improve this Minecraft sketch.

This Minecraft drawing we made features a fairly typical character. You can give Minecraft characters any appearance you can think of, so you can change a lot of little things.

Simple examples of these would be the specifics of his hair, clothing, face, and other features. The character’s appearance can change dramatically with even minor adjustments.

What are some changes you could make?

Then you can give them a companion to explore with once you’ve finished customizing this Minecraft illustration. You can create a second unique character by following the instructions in the guide and making a few minor changes.

You can add as many characters as you want to the page; you’re not limited to just two.

You can also make this character more unique by giving them objects to hold or play with. Minecraft is filled with ideas for various accessories!.

Draw the well-known Minecraft pickax in his hand if you want an iconic choice. Alternately, you might include some blocks made of various resources or other priceless materials.

What other items besides those from the game could you use here?

To make it easier to learn, we chose a fairly simple pose for this Minecraft sketch. You could alter his pose once you’ve perfected the design and made your changes.

To do this, one only needs to raise their arm or simulate walking. To highlight the adventure he is on, try some more animated poses.

You could use these breathtaking locations as the backdrops for this Minecraft drawing since the game is all about exploration.

You could represent any biome you want, whether it’s snowy terrain or a harsh desert, because pretty much every biome you can imagine can appear in the game.

What background would you choose?

Your Minecraft Drawing is Complete!

This step-by-step Minecraft drawing tutorial is sure to have been a lot of fun if you enjoy playing the game.

To hone your artistic abilities, this guide gives you complete freedom to alter your drawing’s colors.

We learned how to draw a human in Minecraft in this tutorial. There are a lot of other characters in Minecraft.

Let us know which Minecraft character you’d like to learn to draw next, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your requests.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your finished project and post it to our Facebook and Pinterest pages once you’ve finished.

We’re excited to see your incredible Minecraft drawing!

How to draw minecraft stuff step by step

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