How to duplicate any item in Minecraft?

Anyone who has played Minecraft for a while is aware that diamonds are among the most expensive items you can find. A player with a full set of diamond armor equipped will be prepared to take on just about any mob in the game because diamonds are used to make some of the game’s most robust weapons and tools.

However, if you’ve already started looking for diamonds, you’ll already be aware of how challenging it can be to amass a collection of them. Article continues below advertisement.

Thankfully, some players have discovered methods to avoid the arduous grind of searching for diamonds by duplicating them. It takes a little while, and you must first find a diamond, of course. Here’s how to replicate diamonds in Minecraft if you’re looking for a shortcut to the tedious process of getting lots of them.

Q. Is duplicating in Minecraft cheating?

Yes and no. No, not in the literal sense, because you are not using a console command, but yes, because you are using a glitch to obtain your goal without having to continue farming the desired material.


  • Duplicate your most valuable gear: if you lose them to lava or the Void, you can just pull a backup from your backup chest! More specifically, you make a duplicate from your backup, so you can go through the entire process if you lose them again.
  • Duplicate Enchanted Books / Diamonds / Ancient Debris / Netherite Ingots / Emeralds: Once you have one, youll have an infinite amount by duplicating it. Again, it is important to leave some stock as backup; you never know if you need more.
  • Duplicate Enchanted tools / Blocks: Youll never have to worry about running out of your tool / block of choice, since you can just duplicate them as well. Duplicate in bulk for items/blocks that will be used in large quantities.
  • Duplicate Shulker Boxes (with items inside): theoretically you can duplicate both the shulker box and the items it contains, since that info is stored within the shulker box itself. Use this to duplicate blocks in excessive quantities.
  • Duplicate Enchanted Equipment: combined with a grindstone, you can farm an infinite amount of EXP by removing enchantments from duplicated enchanted gear. While a decent, safe and consistent method of getting exp, building an Enderman Farm is faster.
  • Griefing servers (not endorsed): Item duplication is sometimes used to inflate a servers economy by duplicating valuable items and distributing them to other players. This type of behavior is most notably used against pay-to-win servers that sell in-game items or other advantages for real money. This is considered cheating and can get you banned on the server in question. In addition, most duplication glitches are patched using third-party plugins.
  • If you happen to be a speedrunner, duplication if allowed can cut down a lot in your game time. One extreme example is the TAS Any% speedrun done in 29.19, complete with the dragon dead. Alt+F4 is usually used for this purpose.

    Step 3: Close Out

    How to dupe in minecraft

    A small “x” button will now be visible in the corner of your chest. Press this and youll return to your game.


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