How to Get Minecraft Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X

There are many things about Minecraft that people love, but graphics are not usually one of them. The incredibly adaptable and dynamic building game selected a more understated yet appealing aesthetic to better complement its gameplay mechanics. Having said that, there are many ways to enhance the appearance since it was first introduced in 2011 even though the blocky aesthetic will never go out of style. The most impressive visual update you can make to Minecraft is ray tracing, which is superior to graphics packs and shaders. Contents.

One of the most recent and striking visual advancements in video games in recent years is ray tracing. This system focuses on improving the realism of light sources, which by itself can make a game appear to be much more recent than it actually is. Everything just feels more realistic, including reflections, shadows, and world lighting. However, it isnt something thats on by default. Here’s how to test out ray tracing in Minecraft whether you’re using a PC or an Xbox Series X or S.

Go to Settings in Minecraft. Then, select Advanced Video. Click DirectX Ray Tracing. Enable it.

How To ENABLE Ray Tracing In Minecraft Xbox Series X / S

Is There Minecraft Ray-Tracing on Xbox?

Technically, there is, but you have to take a few extra steps, which are listed below. The Xbox Series X|S version of the game, Minecraft Preview, features ray-tracing.

Ray-tracing is still absent from the game’s standard, retail version.

But given that it was present in the Preview build, it’s likely that the feature will soon be added to the Xbox Series X|S game’s standard build. When it becomes accessible in the game’s full version, not just the Preview build, we’ll update this post.

Turning Ray Tracing On and Off

Ray tracing is incredibly easy to use on a gaming laptop or PC. Typically, all you have to do is toggle it on or off in the graphic card’s general settings. However, there is currently no universal switch for ray tracing available for Xbox Series X users. The graphical settings must be changed if you want to turn ray tracing on or off.

Each game has a unique menu, and some may not have the setting listed as a separate option. For these games, you must select a graphics setting preset from a variety of options. If a game uses this kind of selection and supports it, you’ll need to figure out which one activates ray tracing.

In conclusion, gamers cannot universally enable ray tracing on their Xbox Series X console. They must launch a game that is compatible with the feature and turn it on from the graphics menu.

Doom Eternal

Ray tracing is currently supported in the most recent installment of the venerable Doom franchise, according to a July 2021 update for all platforms, including the Xbox Series X. Pure ray tracing is used in Doom Eternal, which can tax GPUs. Doom Eternal runs at 1800p60 when enabled, a higher resolution than the default 1080p60

Doom Eternal can only support ray tracing on the Xbox Series X, similar to DMC 5 Special Edition.

Ray tracing is indeed demanding on GPUs and CPUs, necessitating framerate and resolution drops for fluid gameplay. When you activate the feature, there might be slight frame drops and stuttering, though the developers always work to reduce their occurrence.

Overall, ray tracing is slowly becoming more accessible, and we can even see some games receive updates like those listed above. Newer titles that will release on the Xbox Series X may also be compatible with ray tracing, though the list isn’t growing too quickly.


Can you ray trace Minecraft on Xbox Series X?

On the Xbox Series X|S, players can access ray tracing either by joining a multiplayer game with a PC that has the required ray tracing packs installed and the feature turned on, or by creating a new world and navigating to the “Ray tracing” toggle in Settings.

How do you get ray tracing on Minecraft Xbox?

How to Turn Ray Tracing On or Off?
  1. Go to Settings in Minecraft.
  2. Choose Advanced Video.
  3. Click on DirectX Ray Tracing.
  4. Enable it.

Can you turn on ray tracing in Minecraft Xbox Series S?

Although ray tracing is technically available for Xbox Series X/S users, it is still in a preview stage, so in order for it to work, you must take both the preceding and following steps on a PC. Create a Minecraft world on your computer and enable ray tracing.

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