How to find dungeons in minecraft 1.14

Great seed for fans of exploring caves and abandoned mines. It allows you to find 10 chests in the dungeons right around the spawn point right away. They will assist you in obtaining a lot of beneficial materials and items, giving you a great head start on surviving. A deep ravine that leads into the dungeons can be used to enter them.

In five locations near the mob spawners, all of the chests are concealed. Use these coordinates to find them:

Find a canyon that will allow you to descend into the depths without digging if you want to reach them without using any tricks. It is located at -260 ~ 160. A good village can be found at the coordinates -176 672.

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Dungeons are tiny rooms with a monster spawner and up to two chests made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. Finding a dungeon without a chest is unlikely but possible. A dungeon can occasionally be discovered without a monster spawner as well. There are times when a dungeon generates its chests in a way that results in a double chest. Dungeons generate with either a zombie (50% chance), skeleton (25% chance), or spider (25% chance) monster spawner The room’s monster spawner is always in the middle, and chests can be found all around the room’s walls (large chests can connect with the short side against the wall). Each block of the floor has a 25% chance of being cobblestone and a 75% chance of being mossy cobblestone

It is possible for mobs to spawn outside the walls of a 55 dungeon that is surrounded by air because the horizontal range for spawning mobs is 4 blocks from the monster spawner.

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Each dungeon chest in the Java Edition is filled with items from 3 different pools, distributed as follows:

Each dungeon chest in the Bedrock Edition contains items selected from three different pools, distributed as follows:

  • The quantity of this item in stacks (or, for unstackable items, rolls) on any given roll.
  • The weight of this object in comparison to other objects in the pool
  • The likelihood of discovering any of these items in a single chest is a.
  • The typical number of items per chest, calculated from a large number of chests.
  • The typical number of chests the player should look through to find any of this item is a b
  • All enchantments, including treasure enchantments (aside from Soul Speed and Swift Sneak), are equally likely, and any level of the enchantment is also likely.

Data values

Configured feature Identifier
[No displayed name] monster_room
Feature Identifier
[No displayed name] [No ID]

Issues relating to “Dungeon” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

  • Although the “Generate Structures” world creation option listed “Villages, Dungeons, etc.,” there is a contradiction in Java Edition. Dungeons generate even if the option is set to “OFF,” despite the fact that they are intended to only generate when the option is turned “ON,” as two examples.
  • A gravel ore feature fallen into a dungeon.
  • A rare instance of a dungeon generating in midair.
  • A spider dungeon.
  • A chest in a dungeon that is open, revealing loot.
  • A zombie dungeon.
  • Loot reveal.
  • A dungeon next to a cave.
  • Skeleton monster spawner in badlands mineshaft.

Surface dungeons

  • A caved in surface dungeon.
  • A surface dungeon.
  • Dungeons can rarely be found open to the surface.
  • A dungeon found under a frozen ocean.
  • A dungeon found in the water.
  • Two surface dungeons right next to each other.
  • A surface dungeon in the PC Gamer Demo Edition.
  • Dungeons generated underneath sand tend to cause cave-ins.
  • A zombie dungeon at ground level.
  • A dungeon on the surface.

Multiple dungeons

  • In a mineshaft that has been cleared to display all 7 monster spawners, there are five dungeons and two cave spider monster spawners nearby.
  • a double dungeon, with the second’s entrance located along the first one’s wall.
  • A double dungeon with three chests.
  • A triple dungeon.
  • Extremely rare double-decker dungeon.
  • A dungeon in a dungeon.
  • Triple dungeon around the village.

Odd generation

  • A dungeon intersecting with an abandoned mineshaft.
  • a stronghold’s end portal room leads to a dungeon.
  • Dungeon generated aside the chest chamber of the temple. One chest was overwritten by the dungeon wall.
  • A dungeon distorted by a desert temple.
  • A dungeon with lava spilling into it from a spring.
  • A dungeon distorted by a cave system.
  • A dungeon that’s flooded as a result of sand falling on the bottom of a river
  • Igloo basement encroaching on this dungeon without a single jail nearby
  • A dungeon intersecting with a mineshaft at bedrock level.
  • A mineshaft’s dead end was connected to a dungeon.
  • A dungeon with a waterfall flowing into it.
  • A desert temple’s dungeon generation without the monster spawner and chests
  • A dungeon with no chests.
  • A double chest dungeon.
  • A dungeon intersecting a mineshaft.
  • A zombie dungeon that generated in a stronghold.
  • A dungeon, mineshaft and stronghold are in one area.
  • Floating dungeon without a floor.
  • With a geode underneath it, the dungeon generates a chest on top of smooth basalt.
  • A mineshaft-crossing dungeon that materialized, with one of the chests being replaced by a minecart chest.
  • A dungeon intersecting with an underground water lake.
  • Another dungeon intersecting with an underground water lake.
  • A dungeon next to a mineshaft.
  • Another dungeon next to a mineshaft.
  • – Even when the option to generate structures is disabled, dungeons still generate.
  • – resolved as “Works As Intended”

How to Find a Dungeon in Minecraft (All Versions)


Can you locate dungeons in Minecraft?

In the overworld, dungeons are generated structures that can be found at any layer. They mostly consist of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone, and they only typically spawn next to caves. Treasure can be found here, and killing the spawner that lives in these dungeons grants a respectable amount of experience.

Where is the best place to find a dungeon in Minecraft?

In any desert, you should search for a 5×5 hole in the ground. Simply remove the sand from a hole like this one to check for any nearby moss-covered cobblestones. This, in addition to chests or a spawner, is a surefire indicator that you have found a dungeon.

What coordinates are dungeons in Minecraft?

Dungeons generate naturally in the Overworld of Java Edition in any biome. Each chunk makes fourteen attempts to create underground dungeons in the ranges of y-coordinates 0 to 320 or -58 to -1, with varying degrees of uniformity for each altitude range.

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