how to fix enhance pointer precision automatically enabling or disabling itself in windows

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Since Windows XP, a “feature” called mouse acceleration has ruined our intent. Who knows why it is turned on by default, and it’s even more mysterious why it’s called “enhance pointer precision.”

However, if you disable it, you’ll notice right away that the mouse moves more steadily. This could give you the advantage you need to advance in Overwatch or CS:GO. This tutorial shows you how to disable mouse acceleration in almost every game and operating system that requires it.

When mouse acceleration is enabled, your cursor moves farther when you move the mouse quickly.

While this feature is helpful for making the most of a small mouse area, it can be problematic for activities like gaming that call for precise mouse movements.

When mouse acceleration is disabled, the movement of your mouse and cursor follow a 1:1 ratio with no regard to speed.

Theoretically, this increased consistency enables you to more effectively train your muscle memory. Most professional gamers disable mouse acceleration for this reason.

You must disable mouse acceleration in both the operating system and the game’s settings if you want to completely avoid it. Find your relevant instructions below.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle title=”Windows 10″ _builder_version=”3. 20. Step 1 is to type “mouse” into the Start Menu. Go to Mouse Settings.

Note: Although these screenshots are from Windows 8, the instructions still apply to Windows 7.

Step 1a (optional): Type the following command and press Enter to check your current mouse acceleration settings.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle title=”CS:GO” _builder_version=”3. 20. Step 1: Navigate to settings by clicking the cog icon in the main menu.

Black Ops 2 players have also reported mouse acceleration due to Razer Synapse. Closing Razer Synapse before you launch your game fixes this.

Step 4: Open Fallout4Prefs. Add the same line under [Display] in the ini file located in the Fallout 4 installation folder (C:Program Files [x86]SteamsteamappscommonFallout 4Fallout4).

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”Fallout: New Vegas” _builder_version=”3. 21″]Step 1: Open Fallout_default. ini in the Fallout New Vegas installation directory (C:Program Files [x86]Steamsteamappscommon).

The line “bDisableMouseAcceleration=False” in GameUserSettings. ini caused players to believe Fortnite had mouse acceleration. However, Michael Noland of Epic Games confirmed in a Reddit comment that “FN:BR does not support mouse acceleration or smoothing.” ”.

Unfortunately, mouse acceleration is not the cause of the erratically moving the mouse you experience in Monster Hunter World. The game’s mouse input is inaccurate because it was designed for game controllers. We suggest playing with a game controller.

It took us a while to realize what was happening. To stop Windows 10 from syncing your mouse settings, head to Settings > Accounts > Sync Your Settings. Disable the “Other Windows settings” option here. Windows won’t attempt to sync the mouse settings on your PC in the future.

How to Fix “Enhance Pointer Precision” Automatically Enabling or Disabling Itself in Windows

How to turn off Pointer Precision in Windows 11/10

Observe these steps to disable Pointer Precision in Windows 10:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click open Mouse settings applet
  • Click Pointer Options tab
  • You will see the option Enhance pointer precision.
  • Uncheck the box
  • Click on Apply and exit.
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    What is Enhance Pointer Precision?

    In the Windows operating system, improving pointer precision is also known as accelerating the mouse. And understanding it is a bit of difficulty in itself.

    But if we had to put it into plain English, it’s a feature that keeps track of how quickly you move your mouse and makes adjustments automatically.

    Technically speaking, as you move your mouse, your cursor moves farther and its DPI (dots per inch) rises. On the other hand, the DPI decreases and the distance traveled by your mouse cursor when you move the mouse slowly.

    Therefore, if you enable the Enhance Pointer Precision option, Windows will automatically change your DPI. As a result, the feature facilitates your workflow so that you only need to move your mouse a tiny bit faster or slower, and the distance your pointer covers may significantly increase or decrease.

    Should you turn off Enhance Pointer Precision while playing Games

    The acceleration differs between mice and is also affected by the screen resolution. Games use resolutions that are unique from those of a typical screen. Due to these factors, gamers find it challenging to determine how quickly or slowly to move their mouse on the mouse pad in order to take advantage of the options offered by the game they intend to play.

    Many gamers prefer to disable the Enhance mouse pointer feature because it makes slow mouse movements very smooth, which causes the pointer to move too slowly when making quick reactions for close mouse distances.

    Gamers can have more control over their mice and other pointing devices by disabling pointer precision. You might be out of sorts for a day, but you will quickly adjust to the mouse pointer’s new, constant speed. This is why gamers prefer to turn pointer precision Off when playing games, as doing so gives them full control of the mouse pointer and enables them to play the game more effectively without letting Windows tack on its own calculations.

    The process for improving pointer precision in Windows 11 is identical to that used in Windows 10. Many people are interested in learning how to turn off this feature because it is turned on by default.

    Disable Enhance Mouse Pointer Precision in Windows 11

    Any of the methods listed below can be used in Windows 11 to disable “Enhance Pointer Precision.”

    Let us talk about them in detail.

    The settings in Windows 11 differ slightly from those in Windows 10 Therefore, use the instructions provided to change mouse settings if you are unsure of where to start.

  • Open Settings by Win + I.
  • Click Bluetooth & devices > Mouse.
  • Go to Additional mouse settings from Related settings.
  • Click on the Pointer Options tab.
  • Now, untick ‘Enhance pointer precision’ and click Apply > Ok.
  • Now, restart your computer and enjoy a better mouse.

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    You must disable the feature from the Control Panel if you have multiple mice and want to remove it from one of them. Follow these instructions to remove Enhance Pointer Precision from Control Panel.

  • Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
  • Change your View by to Small icons.
  • Click Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on the mouse on which you are trying to change the settings, and click Mouse Settings.
  • Click on the Pointer Options tab.
  • Now, untick ‘Enhance pointer precision’ and click Apply > Ok.
  • When you use that mouse, you will notice the difference in perceived pointer precision if you do this.


    How do I permanently disable Enhance pointer precision?

    Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision
    1. Click the “Start” button.
    2. Type in “Mouse” without the quotes.
    3. Click on “Mouse & Touchpad settings”
    4. Click “Additional Mouse Options”
    5. Click the “Pointer Options” tab.
    6. Un-check the option “Enhanced Pointer Precision.”
    7. Click “Ok” to save your changes.

    Should Enhance pointer precision be off?

    The consensus on this one is clear. Turn it off. Every single professional player has this turned off. Here is a quick guide on how to disable Windows 10’s enhanced pointer precision if you’d like to.

    How do I turn off Enhance pointer precision in Windows 10?

    Click Additional mouse options in the right navigation pane of the Mouse window. In the Mouse Properties window, click the Pointer Options tab. Deselect Enhance pointer precision. Click Apply.

    Is Enhance pointer precision on by default?

    Windows Enhance Pointer Precision is a feature that has been available since Windows XP and is automatically enabled.

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