How do you type the ‘§’ symbol (section sign) in Minecraft?

Entering the section symbol for text formatting in Minecraft appears to be impossible.

Other ANSI codes, such as ALT+5, which inserts a red club symbol into chat, function. I searched and couldnt find anything about this issue.

If it helps, I’m using a coolermaster MK850 with the aimpad disabled, but a standard wireless keyboard accomplishes the same task just as well. works everywhere except minecraft.

To find the § symbol on an Android device, first select the Number keyboard. Then select the symbols keyboard. Then hold down the ¶ key and then select the § character from the popup.

How to Get More Symbols & Special Characters! (PC/Mac)

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It looks likes you have two options:

There is an ALT Code you can try to type. To try it:

  • Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard
  • Using the number pad (it must be the number pad), type 2, then 1 (21). Make sure Num Lock is on.
  • Release ALT and it should type a §
  • On a Mac, it appears that if you type 6 while holding ALT, the sign will appear (ALT and 5 for an extended U). S. keyboards).

    The other way is to use plugins that replace the § with something else. Looking around, it seems CommandBook for Bukkit may work.

    Minecraft stopped the Alt code insertion a long time ago. At one point they allowed insertion of Unicode characters in command blocks, but that too was removed. The only way now is via external editors, such as NBTExplorer.

    There isn’t, in my opinion, any other way to insert section symbols besides using third-party editors or Bukkit plugins (Essentials v3 supports using & instead).

    On Windows 10, hold Alt and press 0167. If that doesnt work, try 21.

    I discovered that if you copy-paste a symbol into MC, it won’t display, but if you type a number or letter for formatting (e.g. g. paste and then 1) the no. /letter won’t appear, but anything you type after it will be formatted afterward.

    Minecraft prevents typing “§” characters into in-game text fields. In modern versions pasted text will automatically be filtered. Even on vanilla servers, sending chat messages with this symbol usually results in expulsion

    There are 4 ways you can bypass this restriction:

  • Client-side modifications (remove text field restrictions).
  • Server-side plugins and modifications (which for example replace “&” with “§”, or prevents players being kicked).
  • Server console (“§” can be used in commands).
  • External editors (for example, NBTExplorer).
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    Use the compose key to enter special characters in the terminal.

    Then you can use the compose key to type that special character.

    The character “§” is included in the below list

    The alternative is to type the Unicode character, as Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy suggested.

    The unicode character is available in this table

    Making an answer out of @SergiyKolodyazhnyys comment:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+u together.
  • Then press a followed by 7 (the UTF-8 code point of the § character).
  • Press Enter.
  • That should get you the §.

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    Using § without external editors[]

    Right now, using in commands without using external editors is possible. With the unicode combination “u00A7” when placing a sign with a click event, you can use “” in almost any command, allowing for things like colored entity names and scoreboard objective names. Should this be reflected on the page, or should a bug be reported instead? — CreepaShadowz (talk) 06:18, August 10, 2017 (UTC)


    How do I make symbols in Minecraft?

    Press Ctrl + Shift + u together. After that, press 7 (the character’s UTF-8 code point). Press Enter .

    How do you make special characters on a sign in Minecraft?

    Save this answer. Show activity on this post. Minecraft prevents typing “§” characters into in-game text fields.

    To try it:
    1. Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard.
    2. Type 2 and then 1 (21) using the number pad (it must be the number pad). Make sure Num Lock is on.
    3. Release ALT and it should type a §

    How do you make the double S symbol?

    Use the [Alt] key on your keyboard. (1) Press the numbers “0,” “1,” “6,” and “7” on the numeric keypad in that order while holding down the [Alt] key, then let go of the [Alt] key.

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