How to get adventure maps on minecraft pe

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing New Custom Maps in Minecraft PE
  1. Players first need to download any File Manager from Playstore.
  2. Now open the Download folder and find the . …
  3. Hold and press on the .mcworld file and select the option “Open with”
  4. Various applications will be shown, choose Minecraft.

How to download Adventure Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

How to get adventure maps on minecraft pe

Remember that the majority of them have specific installation requirements before browsing this list. To ensure that they function properly, you must adhere to the instructions.

Outlast: The Chase MCPE Adventure Maps

Based on RedBarrels’ game of the same name, Outlast: The Chase You will feel like you are in hell in Outlast.

In this Minecraft PE adventure map, other victims and you awaken inside a cell. Like you, they too suffered through the horrifying horror of this location. You have a lot of challenges to face here, and ominous creatures will try to kill you.

The best course of action is to flee and hide because you won’t be able to fight them.

The thrill of this map and quizzes will appeal to you if, like me, you enjoy horror films. I enjoy making this, so I hope you all enjoy it.

This is the Multiplayer Update!

How to get adventure maps on minecraft pe

F.e.a.r (Horror) by Last Warning Minecraft Pocket Edition Adventure Maps

You’ve heard that a large treasure is hidden in an old house in the forest. However, there is a very unsettling ghost inside the house who guards the treasure and forbids anyone from entering. Do you subscribe to this popular superstition? If not, try to learn more about it.


How to get adventure maps on minecraft pe

REDEMPTION is a horror and mcpe adventure map that makes extensive use of blocks to advance the plot. Don’t change basic game settings and don’t cheat. This is the official version. Custom textures and unique behavior packs are included with the original map.

Twitter: @Gijx_Team

You wake up in a wooden house, alone.

You seem to be thinking hazily about something all the time, but it feels like it’s running away from something.

Is it a repetition of the past or a new decision in the face of human nature?

How to get adventure maps on minecraft pe

The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure]

We’re going to introduce you to one of the most well-liked adventure maps for Minecraft: Java Edition today. This map is called the Orphanage.

The textures and some map features are the same because this is a port of that particular map, but some other features have been redone and are probably not as high quality as on the Java version of the map. The conversation contains a story about it, so make sure to read it for that. It contains some jumpscares, so be careful.

Creator: omerci (Original Java Map) Ported by: danieldeak70

You are on the drive home. It was raining heavily with thunder sounds. Outside in the dark, you feel more hungry and sleepy. Suddenly your car is out of gas. You have no choice but to exit the vehicle and walk down the road in search of a gas station or a helping hand.

You eventually come to a gate where you can see a large building. The weather outside gets colder, and you might find someone nearby who can give you a place to stay for the night.

How to get adventure maps on minecraft pe

Tomb Crafter 5: Sphinx

Finally released is Tomb Crafter 5, and this time it is called Sphinx. Yes. This time, your adventure takes place in Egypt, where you investigate the historic pyramids and, of course, the magnificent Sphinx statue.

All credit goes to minecraftstyler777.

More Adventure Maps for Minecraft PE

Below is a list of other Adventure Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that you may want to explore.

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How do you get adventure maps on Minecraft?

Although you can download Minecraft maps for any version of the game, you’ll need to use a computer to make your adventure map. Create a new world. Click Singleplayer, click More World Options. , select the type of world that you want (e. g. , Superflat), and click Create New World. Save and exit Minecraft.

How do you get custom maps on Minecraft PE?

Open mcpedl and download the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft maps. com (visit) in the browser of your choice. The “Maps” option can be found in the top menu on the website. You have a variety of map options to choose from on the following page. Once the map page loads up, scroll to the bottom.

How do you get adventure maps on Minecraft bedrock?

Minecraft Adventure Maps – Download and Play for Free!

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