How to get buried treasure in minecraft

Shipwrecks, Buried Treasure Maps, and Buried Treasure begin in the Aquatic Update. Lets explore how to find Buried Treasure in Minecraft.

Buried Treasure spawns in beach biomes randomly and are easiest to find using a buried treasure map which can be obtained from a shipwreck or ocean ruins. A useful thing to know is that buried treasure always spawns at chunk coordinates 9 ~ 9.

How To Find Minecraft Treasure Maps

Only shipwrecks and ocean ruins contain hidden treasure maps. Shipwrecks are underwater structures that resemble sunken ships. When exploring shipwrecks, it is best to exercise caution because some of them may contain mobs like drowned spawning. Additionally, shipwrecks will spawn in a variety of different positions. For instance, in the image above, you can see a shipwreck that is ice-bound and on its side. They may also partially spawn on land or buried in sand.

You can find up to three chests with a variety of loot inside each shipwreck. You must find the map chest in order to receive a treasure map. This chest will be found in the lower section of the ship, though they are not labeled. There is a 100% chance that a map chest containing a map of a hidden treasure will exist.

Similar to shipwrecks, you can find ocean ruins underwater. They are a little less common than shipwrecks, and they can be very dangerous to navigate. These buildings, which resemble an underwater village, are found in ocean biomes. Chests brimming with treasure will be hidden within the structures of an oceanic ruin. In these chests, you have a 43 percent chance of discovering a map to a hidden treasure.

In general, searching shipwrecks for a hidden treasure map is a better option.

How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Take a look at the map of the hidden treasure now that you have it. If you are not standing close to the treasure, you will see outlined land masses with orange striped ocean. The map will become more colorful as you get closer to the hidden treasure. You can see that the map has been partially filled in in the image above. These treasure chests are typically located on or near the coast.

Even though it’s uncommon, you might stumble upon a chest in the ocean’s middle. If so, make sure your armor is enchanted with respiration and aqua affinity so you can reach the ocean’s depths without drowning. The treasure will be located at the red X. Although it might be challenging to locate this place precisely, there is a tip that you can find below.

Finding Treasure With Chunk Borders

The center of the chunk will always produce buried treasure. When playing, the world is divided into invisible chunks called Chucks. Fortunately, pressing F3 G will quickly enable chunk borders. Doing so will display all chunks.

Turn on chunk borders and look for the chunk’s center blocks as you approach the X on the map. Gather your rewards once you’ve reached the treasure chest by digging down.

How To Find Treasure In Minecraft Without A Map

Sometimes you might not have the patience to search for maps and just want to get to the treasure. While this may take a bit longer, its not impossible. The good news is that most locations where maps can be found, such as coastal regions, shipwrecks, and the ocean floor, can also be used to locate hidden treasure. The buried treasure will specifically spawn on Beaches, Snowy Beaches, and Stony Shores.

However, since hidden treasure won’t appear on the map when you are close by, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. The treasure may be covered by blocks that match its surroundings, such as sand or gravel, depending on where it is. However, since generation is random, any suitable block material, such as ore-filled blocks, could cover the hidden treasure. You should therefore be on the lookout for any suspicious mounds or groups of blocks that seem out of place.

Depending on the version of Minecraft you are using, there are also certain locations where you can find hidden treasure. If it’s the Java Edition, the treasure can be found at chunk coordinate 9 of 15 of the X/Y axis, and it will be facing east. The coordinates on the X/Z axis change to 8 of 15 when playing the Bedrock Edition.

What To Expect In Treasure Chest Loot

The buried treasure chests will have a variety of loot. The likelihood of finding each potential loot is listed below.


Chance to Find

Heart of the Sea


Iron Ingot


Gold Ingot


Cooked Cod


Cooked Salmon


Leather Tunic


Iron Sword




Prismarine Crystals




You can see that your chances of discovering every treasure are fairly good. It might be challenging to determine if a chest has been looted if you are playing on a server with other players. Fortunately, every buried treasure contains a Heart of the Sea. This implies that if it is missing, the chest has already been looted.

Heart Of The Sea

The Heart of the Sea can only be found in buried treasure chests. A Heart of the Sea is incredibly rare and can be used to create a conduit, so while they initially may not seem important, keep them.

Similar to beacons, conduits are crafted objects that offer a range of underwater benefits. You will have underwater water breathing, night vision, and haste if a conduit is nearby. Additionally, conduits will attack hostile mobs that are nearby.

To make a conduit, you will need the following materials.

  • One Heart of the Sea
  • Eight Nautilus Shells

Nautilus shells are also a bit difficult to obtain. They cost five emeralds from the Wandering Trader, but they will only give you five. Shells are always dropped when a drowned mob dies and have a 3% chance of being held. Finally, it is possible to catch nautilus shells while fishing, but it will take some time and they are a rare item.

Thats all there is to know about buried treasure. Dont forget to gather your loot and construct a conduit.

How To INSTANTLY Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft!


How far down is buried treasure in Minecraft?

Buried treasure, according to many players’ accounts, generates about 40 blocks below the surface. Although it’s also possible to find these chests at higher or lower elevations due to the way the game constructs the terrain.

Why can’t I find buried treasure in Minecraft?

Before you find the chest, you’ll probably have to look around a bit. Additionally, in my experience, treasure chests are typically located 5 to 10 blocks below ground. The chest will still contain the items if you blow it up with TNT if all else fails.

Is buried treasure always in sand?

The Beach biome is where they most frequently appear, though they can occasionally be found there as well as in the various Ocean biomes and Stony Shores in the Bedrock Edition (but never Rivers). They always have at least one block, typically Sand (although this can vary depending on the biome), on top of them, as their name suggests.

What is the fastest way to find buried treasure in Minecraft bedrock?

But in order to find the buried treasure in Minecraft, most players have to dig up the entire area around the X. The majority of it is buried in beaches, but occasionally you might also find it below the ocean’s surface. Usually, it is covered by either sand or gravel blocks.

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