How to Get Honey From a Beehive in Minecraft

We finally got bees after pleading with Mojang for months to update the Nether, dungeons, and caves. Yes — bees. Contents.

More than ever, the world actually requires the adorable little bumblebee, so adding the new mob should teach millions of Minecraft players to appreciate and understand what these tiny insects do for our planet.

But since it’s a game, Minecraft has some intricate systems. It’s crucial to understand how the new Minecraft bee interacts with the outside world, and this bee guide should provide you with all the information you need to use these adorable new mobs.

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In Minecraft, finding bees, gathering honey, and building a beehive can be incredibly helpful, whether it’s for accelerating crop growth or for a handy sweet treat. Here are instructions on how to make a beehive, gather honey, and locate bees in Minecraft.

Minecraft bees may only be a cute mob that was recently added, but they are capable of much more than that. After all, shaders are available to help with that.

In essence, bees enable you to gather honey, build beehives for them, hasten the growth of your crops, and provide you with some fantastic food ingredients. Even though that’s ideal, getting a beehive and gathering honey in Minecraft can be a challenging task. Article continues after ad.

In light of this, we’ve compiled all the information you require regarding the construction of a beehive and the collection of honey in Minecraft.

How to find bees in Minecraft

In a number of different biomes throughout Minecraft, bees are quite prevalent. Typically, they can be found in flower forests, oak and birch trees, sunflower plains near and/or around bee nests, and plains in sunflowers.

They automatically spawn and are not prone to unprovoked aggression. However, the bees will retaliate by poisoning you with their stingers if you try to take honey or attack any bees in the nest. Article continues after ad.

How to harvest honey in Minecraft

In order to obtain honey and honeycomb in Minecraft, one must take care and adhere to a few simple steps. To collect honey and honeycomb in Minecraft follow these steps:

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To collect honey in Minecraft:

  • Make an empty Glass Bottle (three Glass)
  • Find a full beehive
  • Right-click (or respective button) the full beehive

Bear in mind that before you can harvest honey, bees must have laid down five lots of pollen.

To harvest honeycomb in Minecraft:

  • Craft shears (two Iron)
  • Use the shears on the full beehive
  • Collect the honeycomb

How to make a beehive in Minecraft

Having a crafting table and the recipe makes it simple to make a beehive in Minecraft. Here’s how to make a beehive:

  • Put three wood planks in the top, third, and bottom slots of the crafting grid.
  • Then, place three honeycombs into the three middle slots.
  • And that’s it, you’ll have made a Minecraft beehive!

That is how you can locate bees in Minecraft, create a beehive, and obtain honey. Check out some of our helpful Minecraft guides while you’re looking for Bees or while you’re waiting for honey to be produced:

How to Harvest Honey and Honeycombs from a Bee Nest in Minecraft Version 1.15


How do you get honey from a bee nest in Minecraft?

The player places a glass bottle on the nest or hive to collect honey; the bottle then transforms into a honey bottle. When the player uses shears on the nest or hive to harvest honeycomb, three honeycomb items are dropped.

How long does it take for honey to come Minecraft?

The bee then returns to its nest or hive and produces honey. The bee must complete this task in about two minutes.

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