The easiest way to get Mending enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game full of surprises, and one of the many things that makes it so great is the ability to enchant your tools, weapons, and armor using mending books. Do you want to know how to get mending books in Minecraft? How to obtain mending books in Minecraft will be covered in this guide.

Obtaining. Mending is a treasure enchantment; it can be obtained from jungle temple, stronghold, and ancient city chest loot, fishing, raid drops‌ [BE only], or trading with a librarian of any level.
  1. Fishing – Mending enchantment books can be fished up from water sources just like fish in Minecraft. …
  2. Looting Chests – Mending enchantment books can be found in Dungeon Chests, Temples, End Cities, and most other kinds of chests found around the map.

How Does Mending Work in Minecraft

Experience orbs are dropped in the game from specific actions like breeding, killing enemies, and breaking specific blocks. Mending is directly related to collecting these experience orbs. Your in-game gear with mending enchantment has its durability restored each time you gain experience.

The following guidelines serve as the foundation for how Minecraft’s mending system operates:

  • This enchantment repairs the items when they are in players’ hands (main or offhand) or their armor slots. In other words, mending only repairs equipped items.
  • It ignores the items that are already at their maximum durability.
  • Each experience orb point repairs two durability points.
  • Lastly, if there is no item left to repair, the experience orbs get added to the player’s experience level as usual.
  • If you have more than one item equipped with the mending enchantment, the game randomly chooses and targets one. You can’t control its choice, but it follows these rules:

  • Irrespective of their level of damage, the selection doesn’t prioritize any item. However, mending does ignore items that are at their full durability.
  • While experience is getting collected, it only goes towards one selected item. So, even if there is experience left over, it won’t go towards repairing another item. Instead, Minecraft adds all leftover points to the player’s experience bar.
  • What Does Mending Do in Minecraft

    Mending fixes your items and increases their durability, as the name implies. They will still lose durability when used once more, but you can easily regain it by applying the mending enchantment. Every item in Minecraft that has durability can have this enchantment applied to it, making it one of the most prevalent in the game.

    You want to safeguard your labor of love after spending hours in Minecraft enchanting your armor and weapons.

    If you are unable to locate a librarian, capture a lone villager and set up a lectern next to them. This will turn them into a Librarian. Break and place the lectern several times until the librarian offers a book for mending, and then trade with them to secure their trades.

    Fishing is a slow but very simple process that is a great way to catch some mending books. This technique can be improved by enchanting your fishing rod with the Lure enchantment and Luck of the Sea, which will shorten the time between each catch and increase the likelihood of finding treasure. This technique works well for gathering books that need repair, but it takes time.

    One of the best enchantments in Minecraft is mending, which uses the experience you inevitably gain from playing to increase the durability of the object it is applied to. A “treasure enchantment” is one that, unlike other enchantments, cannot be acquired from the enchantment table.

    In your entire Minecraft world, there are treasure chests full of mending books. Chests in buildings like mineshafts, end cities, woodland mansions, and dungeons may contain Mending books, making exploration rewarding.

    How to Get Mending Enchantment in Minecraft Survival – Easiest Method


    What is the easiest way to get mending in Minecraft?

    Mending in Minecraft can be found most easily by trading with a Librarian Villager. The Librarian Villager in Minecraft is the best source of Mending enchantment. Librarians are arguably the most useful villager in the game. They are able to distribute any kind of treasure enchantment book, such as Mending.

    How rare is it to get mending?

    Q. According to tests conducted by players of the game, the likelihood of finding an enchanted book with a mending enchantment is exactly zero. 8%.

    How do I get a mending librarian?

    A lecturn is made of a bookshelf and four wooden slabs. The object should transform into a librarian if you place it next to the villager. Check the trade by clicking on it. Players can even determine whether or not it’s a book.

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