How to Enable Hardcore Mode for your Minecraft Server

Games are more fun when you are fighting for your life, regardless of the genre, because who doesn’t love a good challenge? The same is true for Minecraft. The Minecraft Harcore Mode will be examined in this article. Learn how to play hardcore mode in Minecraft PS4/Xbox/PE. Let’s dive right in:

Minecraft is a very popular game, no doubt. With popularity, comes collaborations. Numerous mods and DLCs for Minecraft have been made available, allowing players to experience various scenarios and narratives on the game’s distinctive interface. Ben 10, a DLC based on the same-named television program, is one example.

If you’re not familiar with the show, Ben 10 centers on the adventures of a young boy who discovers a unique watch. Ben can change into ten different aliens using the Omnitrix, and each one has a special set of abilities. One of the biggest crossovers in Minecraft history was made possible by incorporating the television show into the game. You can find the DLC in the Minecraft Marketplace. Here is a Q&A with the developers that you can read:

It is normally impossible to toggle Hardcore mode once the world has been created, though it is possible to use external programs such as NBTExplorer to change it by setting the hardcore tag to either 1 (hardcore) or 0 (normal). However, it is possible to enable cheats through the Open to LAN feature in the pause menu.


  • On your Multicraft Panel, navigate to Files > Config Files.
  • On the Config Files page, select Server Settings.
  • Set the option hardcore to true.
  • Once set, at the bottom of the page, click the Save button.
  • Restart your Minecraft server for changes to apply.
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    How to activate hardcore mode on your server is covered in the following video tutorial:

    Hardcore mode is a Java Edition exclusive variant of survival. The world is locked to the Hard difficulty in this mode, and players cannot respawn after dying. The only options on the death screen are to switch to spectator mode or go back to the main menu in Minecraft.

    Players Can Spectate The World After Their Death

    Once your life is lost, a game-over screen will appear. One choice is to end the program and restart it at the title screen. The alternative is to simply observe everything as a spectator. This enables you to take one final look at the world before you are physically prohibited from doing so. Instead, you act like a ghost, wholly invisible and capable of flight It’s quite a eerie experience, but a wonderful way to gain a larger perspective on the advancements you made before passing away.

    Spectator mode is convenient for multiplayer sessions. Before the developers added spectator mode during version 1. Once every player had lost a life, the game would permanently delete the entire world. You can now explore the globe in spectator mode while watching your friends struggle to survive without you.

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