GTA Online Players Outline Desire For Giant Plane In Next DLC

Comparison of the Cargo Plane and Titan GTA 5 Vehicles side by side Find out the differences between two or more vehicles by comparing all the features, specifications, statistics, and information displayed side by side for each one.

How to get the cargo plane in GTA 5 Online [NEW]

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online

The Cargo Plane is a large military 8-engine cargo aircraft. It is mostly based on the Soviet Antonov An-124 Ruslan, with the engine configuration of a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress and main landing gear taking influence from the Antonov An-225 Mriya, with an extra pair of wheels.

The vehicle has very large main landing gear assemblies, each of which is made up of 8 sets of double wheels, as would be expected from its name and appearance. White serves as the primary color on airplanes, and blue serves as the secondary color. The primary color covers the entire fuselage, while the secondary color is used for accents around the nose, winglets, engines, empennage, and top of the fuselage as well as stripes running down the middle of the aircraft.

Ron claims that it has a wingspan of 200 feet in Minor Turbulence, but the model’s actual wingspan is 320 feet, and the overall length is 295 feet. This gives the aircraft a circumference of more than 1200 feet (365 meters).

Its interior consists of a sizable cargo area and various utility items (such as lockers, boxes, and other items) close to the ramp. There are numerous green platforms built into the floor that are intended to carry vehicles without sliding, as well as four rows of 28 seats on the sides (intended for the cargo staff, though they serve no function other than decoration). Yellow spinning lights and the main lighting units, which are only turned on when it is working, cover the roof. The roof has an orange on-board overhead crane that is supported by two rails and is a common tool for loading heavy items into the cargo bay. Along with two side doors (which open when the player exits the aircraft, despite the character not using them), the front of the aircraft has an orange access ladder that provides access to the cockpit. More cargo can be seen in the noses compartment up front, along with a small, useless ladder. The player must place a Dozer in front of the plane and then raise the scoop under the cockpit to lift the front section up in order to open the functional front cargo door on the aircraft.

Two computers in the cockpit display images of a military operation (an area encircled by two jeeps and a truck), and a green screen displays a portion of the Los Santos map. Additionally, it has several lockers, including one marked “First Aid,” two inoperable fire extinguishers, additional inoperable seats, and two main seats where the pilots sit to operate the aircraft.

The Cargo Plane lacks proper entering/exiting animations because it is not intended to be obtained during normal gameplay; instead, when entering, the player character will endlessly run into the plane before the game teleports them to the cockpit, and when exiting, the player character will typically clip through the aircraft. The player has two options when leaving the aircraft: glitch out or stay in the aircraft. The player can walk through the fuselage and land next to the aircraft by moving the control stick to the left. They can enter the cockpit by moving the stick forward or backward.

The aircraft’s registration number is RF-LS9130, where RF stands for the Russian Federation and LS stands for Los Santos.

The Cargo Plane’s interior and cargo area are more detailed in the upgraded version, and the access ladder now looks slightly damaged.

Public Liberty Online newspaper

“Merryweather’s domestic expansion plans may have exposed them to an unexpected foe: The U S. Air Force. The fact that military jets shot down a cargo plane carrying Merryweather agents and weapons suggests that perhaps things aren’t as peaceful between the two as the government would have us believe. Our doubts about private sector security are being fully realized. “.

  • Ron Jakowski – “Great to have you back, Trevor. The dream team! And Ill get you that gasoline.
  • Lester Crest – “Hope youre enjoying your vacation, idiot. I hear Mexico is lovely at this time of year?
  • @pickledanyan2 – “whole place gone mad either im dreaming or I just saw a cargo plane shooting rockets at an old crop duster plane
  • @dontelford_ff – “Shudder to think what would have happen if the army hadnt gunned down that cargo plane. Proud to be an American. And scared.
  • A recent Reddit discussion on this topic featured players of all types outlining their ideal flying fortress goals.

    Although there are already a variety of helicopters, jets, and even a blimp available in GTA Online, it appears that some players are still dissatisfied with the available options.

    Whatever you want to blame it on, GTA players have their sights set on purchasing a cargo plane. It could be the age-old maxim that “bigger is better,” or it could just be an increased nostalgia for classic features that bring back pleasant memories of single-player experiences.


    How do you get the cargo plane in GTA 5?

    Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online both include the fixed-wing Cargo Plane. It is the second-largest controllable vehicle in the entire series, by overall length, after the RUNE Kosatka.

    Is the cargo plane in GTA Online?

    Vehicle Speed Online $
    Cargo Plane 8.5 $0
    Cuban 800 8.5 $240,000
    Duster 7.5 $275,000
    Dodo 7.5 $500,000

    How much is the cargo plane in GTA Online?

    The Cargobob can be found in the following places for GTA Online players as they level up: At Level 22–32: Los Santos Airport Los Santos Hospital.

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