How to get to minecraft mini games

One of the most favored aspects of some of the largest Minecraft servers on the planet are original, well-made minigames.

Over the years, they have been a crucial component of Minecraft multiplayer, with hundreds of thousands of players taking advantage of special minigames servers each month.

Bedwars, block hunt, eggwars, TNT tag, murder mystery, survival games, draw thing, build battle, and a plethora of other games are some of the most played Minecraft minigames right now.

Minecraft minigame servers are always working to create fresh and innovative minigames to differentiate themselves from the competition. Players can typically find a large variety of distinctive and custom-made maps on the best Minigame servers. Additionally, they have characteristics that set them apart from one another.

Note that this list is not exhaustive and only expresses the author’s personal preferences. The list is also in no particular order.

DLC packs

The following list of Battle Map DLC Packs is current, with the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up being the only one available for the Nintendo Switch Edition:

  • Access to Battle Map Packs 1-4 is provided by the Battle Mode Pack Season Pass.
  • Battle Map Pack 1
  • Battle Map Pack 2
  • Battle Map Pack 3
  • Battle Map Pack 4
  • Chinese Mythology Mash-Up, which includes the Valley map, a skin pack, and a world from Chinese mythology
  • Halloween Battle Map
  • Festive Battle Map
  • Vault-Tec Battle Map Pack – Contains Capitol, Libertalia, and Atomics.

In Tumble, players attempt to make other players fall off of an arena by using snowballs, shovels, or other items to mine the ground below them, which is most like the popular “Spleef” mode on Java Edition servers. The Legacy Console Edition received Tumble on August 30 and August 31, 2016.

A Tumble game is split into three rounds, just like Battle. The goal of the game is to remove blocks from underneath other players in a last-man-standing fashion, causing them to fall. Players in the default Tumble mode use shovels to remove blocks on a single, sizable platform. There are also three smaller platforms for competition, snowballs, fireworks, and splash potions with the Levitation effect. A shovel, snowball, or potion immediately disintegrates all blocks. TNT is the only exception, as it serves as both a pitfall and an explosive that, when activated, can be used to destroy lower platforms.

On most platforms, a single game can accommodate up to 8 players, with the PlayStation Vita Edition allowing a maximum of 4 players.

  • Everyone has a shovel, one life, and one layer in the game “Shovels”
  • Snowballs, where everybody has snowballs, one life, and 3 layers.
  • Mixed, where participants can choose to play snowballs or shovels in the lobby.

Since TU58 and related updates, the “Custom” game type enables the host to modify the following parameters:

  • The number of lives
  • The number and size of layers
  • To destroy the map, pick one of the following: shovels, snowballs, fireworks, or levitation brews.
  • The spectator type
  • If spectators can slowly break blocks or not

Like in Battle mode, Showdown mode starts after a certain amount of time. Player names are shown during this period. When shovels are enabled, they are replaced with snowballs.

Various special events can occur in the Tumble mini game:

  • The time-limited Halloween Arena, which uses the Halloween 2015 Mash-Up Pack and adds specially themed layers, was first made available in TU58 and related updates. Around Halloween the arena becomes Halloween themed.
  • The Festive Arena was introduced in TU60 and equivalent updates. The arena and the layers adopt a holiday theme around Christmas.
  • In 2018, an Xbox 360 Edition-only event was held to commemorate the version’s sixth birthday. The Cartoon Texture Pack was used.
  • The arena and layers have a birthday theme around May 9 (the release date for Xbox 360 Editions).

In the minigame Glide, players fly through colored rings to accumulate points or attempt to complete the course in the shortest amount of time while donning an elytra. On March 29, 2017, Glide was added to the Legacy Console Edition. Glide currently features two different game modes:

  • Time attack: Participants try to complete a track in the shortest amount of time.
  • Score attack: By flying through colored rings that have been placed along the track, players compete to score the most points. Yellow rings award five points, green rings award three points, and blue rings award seven points.

Three rounds make up a Glide match, and the player with the best time or score at the end of any round wins. Each map has checkpoints with two beacon beams. The player has 3 hearts of health. When losing all 3 hearts of health you die. You lose one heart of health when you hit a wall, and you die instantly when you hit the ground. After dying, the player immediately respawns at the previous checkpoint so they can continue playing. Xbox One Edition, PlayStation 4 Edition, Wii U Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition, Xbox 360 Edition, and PlayStation 3 Edition all allow for a maximum of 16 players per game, while the PlayStation Vita Edition only allows for 8 players.

You can also play Time Attack and Score Attack in solo mode. When enabled, the match can be started with just one player. Although online play is not available, split-screen multiplayer is. Additionally, a match is split into one round rather than three. You can press a different button to teleport back to the previous checkpoint and a solo player can press a different button to restart the entire game. A ghost flies alongside the player’s best run in Glide, which is also recorded (as long as it is under 5 minutes), to provide feedback.

Similar to Battle, every DLC Glide track is missing from the Nintendo Switch Edition even though it is available as DLC for all other versions, including the Wii U Edition. This is still the case; the only tracks on the Nintendo Switch Edition that can be played are Cavern, Temple, and Canyon.

As of PlayStation 4 Edition 1. 90, the more recent “Minecraft Classic” pack replaced the maps’ original textures.

Following are the Glide maps that are currently accessible, with the Nintendo Switch Edition only allowing access to Cavern, Temple, and Canyon:

  • Cavern (Default): “Fly through the ancient catacombs of the Cavern!”
  • Temple (Default): “Enter the jungle at great depths and learn the Temple’s secrets.” “.
  • Yeti (Default): “Fly between the giants’ bones and down the icy glacier to find the yeti’s lost homeland.” “.
  • “Plunge past the pirate wrecks to find lost treasures,” says Kraken (Default). But beware: the Kraken awaits!”.
  • Share the skies with dragons as they soar above the epic landscape in this track that is based on Chinese mythology. “.
  • Be careful not to lose your sense of proportion as you glide through this oversized house and tidy up the competition, saying in shrunk (plastic), “Are you tiny or is everything else just really, really big.” “.
  • Body (Default): “Grit your teeth for a slimy fight on this unhealthy trip through the human body. A junk food junkyard! A vessel of viruses! A flotilla of phlegm! “.
  • Swoop over, around, and beneath the mighty, monolithic mobs that dominate the skyline of this out-of-scale track, according to the Mobs (Default) text. “.
  • Canyon (Default): “Take this Wild West express through the Canyons’ windswept strata, winding around stone arches, and frontier railroads to reach ancestral lands.” “.
  • Excalibur (Fantasy): “This fantasy Glide track is surrounded by castles and dragons.” To reach the conclusion of this Arthurian legend, you’ll need to possess some exorbitant flying abilities. “.
  • Greek mythology’s Icarus said: “Fly down the slopes of Mount Olympus, wind through the maze’s many turns, and leap into Hades.” Remember to pay the ferryman for safe passage!”.
  • Celts (Default): “Traverse a track inspired by Europe’s enigmatic past as you slalom through Standing Stones and marvel at mighty beasts.” “.

DLC packs

The current available Glide Map DLC Packs are as follows. None are available on the Nintendo Switch Edition:

  • Access to Glide Track Packs 1-3 and the Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack is provided by the Glide Track Pack Season Pass.
  • Glide Beasts Track Pack – Contains Yeti, Kraken, and Dragon.
  • Glide Giants Track Pack – Contains Shrunk, Body, and Mobs.
  • Glide Myths Track Pack – Contains Excalibur, Icarus, and Celts.

Ring blocks

The Ring Block, an exclusive block type found only in the Glide minigame, is available in green, yellow, and blue variations. These are used for the rings that players fly through.

  • Green Ring Block
  • Yellow Ring Block
  • Blue Ring Block

Official images

  • Battle & Tumble album cover.
  • Glide Mini Game album cover.
Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Gamerscore earned (Xbox) Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Nintendo
The Student… Win a public Battle mini game. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 25G Silver
…has become the master Win 3 public Battle games in a row. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 60G Gold
Tis but a scratch Take 100 damage in a round of a public Battle mini game. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 40G Silver
Cupid Kill 2 players in a round of a public Battle mini game using a bow and arrow. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 20G Bronze
Hunger Pain While starving, kill a player in a Battle mini game. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 20G Bronze
Mine! Open every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 20G Bronze
Underdog Win a Tumble game while on the lowest layer in a Snowball Tumble mini game. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 15G Bronze
Hotshot Hit a player with a snowball while falling into the lava. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 40G Silver
S-no Throw Win a single round of Snowball Tumble without throwing any Snowballs. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 40G Silver
Overlord Stay on the top layer while winning a round in a Snowball Tumble mini game. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 15G Bronze
Snowplough Push three players into lava using snowballs in a single public round. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 15G Bronze
Snow Storm Hit a single Player with 25 Snowballs in a single public round. Yes Yes Wii U, Switch 40G Silver
  • In high power, the golden apple is more uncommon than in ordinary.
  • Invisible mode allows players’ cameras to pass through obstacles. By switching to third person on Crucible, this can be used to see outside the map.
  • If timed properly or if the client or host is laggy, a player joining a fireworks game in tumble has a laggy “burst” shot that can send the player into the air.
  • When a player in the game Tumble still has lives left after all the blocks have been destroyed, they spawn on sponges, which they can occasionally fall through and die.
  • Pressing and holding jump while in the water while completing a course in glide postpones teleportation so that you can watch other players.
  • Super Smash Bros. includes four songs from Battle and Glide as background music. “Clockwork Crafter,” “Toys on a Tear,” “Dance of the Blocks,” and “Glide,” the latter three of which receive new arrangements, make up the Ultimate. [2].

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Can you play mini games in Minecraft?

There are several minigames available only in the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft. Minigames can be played alone, splitscreen on the same console, online, or locally with another console using an ad hoc connection.

Does Minecraft still have minigames?

All of the servers on the list above have a ton of minigames that will captivate players and keep them coming back for more. Players can try out a number of additional servers for minigames in Minecraft. Players must sign into the game in order to test out these servers.

What Minecraft server has mini games?

Hypixel. Hypixel, a true classic. With more than 150,000 players online at any given time, it is the biggest server on our list of Minecraft multiplayer minigame servers. Players who want to immerse themselves in the Minecraft community and play minigames with up to dozens of other players at once should use this server.

What happened to the Minecraft minigames?

Only the Xbox One version of minecraft had the minigames. There are no minigames in the Bedrock edition of the more recent version. Instead they have servers that acts as mini games. The Xbox One edition will say “Xbox One edition” under the name of Minecraft, so you can tell the difference by that.

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