How to Get Unbanned in 2022

Health and fitness are crucial in the age of digitization. It is regrettable to observe players becoming more sedentary. This is where Pokemon Go had taken a great initiative. To play the game, players must physically move around their local area. Putting the gameplay aside, it is evident that numerous players have had their accounts banned. The guide that follows will assist you in restoring your Pokemon Go account.

There are two possible ways to unban your account. If you were given a soft ban, it is simple to get it lifted. You could have lifted the restriction earlier by spinning a few Pokestops. Now, the policy is changed. You are required to wait for a few hours before the ban is lifted. Players may occasionally have to wait for no more than a day. Only a few features, such as Pokemon collection and gym battles, are disabled while the soft ban is in effect. You can log in to the game as usual.

The second type of ban is troublesome. This is a permanent ban imposed on your account. There is no other way to get this ban lifted besides filing an appeal on the Niantic website. Follow the steps to appeal correctly.

Complete these steps, accurately fill out the fields, and then click the “Submit” button. You must now wait for Niantic support to review your application and contact you.

There is a widespread misconception about the use of VPN services. If you want to play online safely, you can use a VPN service. The restriction will only be applied if you attempt to change the GPS coordinates to a location other than where you are staying. Hopefully, following these instructions will enable you to quickly unban the Pokemon Go account.

To send a ban appeal, please submit a request through our web-based Help Center and select “Ban Appeal” from the dropdown menu.

3 importants rules for bypass BAN WAVE – Safe Spoofing Pokemon GO

Reasons To Get Banned on Pokemon GO

Due to a breach of its terms of service or player guidelines, Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, has the right to decide to ban your account.

Here are a few explanations as to why Niantic might terminate your account:

  • Cheating
  • Harassing other users
  • Creating inappropriate content or sending spam
  • Pokemon GO’s anti-cheat software is constantly being updated by Niantic, so trying to cheat won’t get you very far.

    The following are the behaviors that the software will pick up on and may result in a ban:

  • Using modified software while playing
  • Using multiple accounts
  • Sharing and selling your account
  • Adding a false location
  • Exploiting a game bug to win awards
  • Niantic considers any form of harassment unacceptable, and that includes:

  • Abusing, stalking, or threatening other players
  • Violating other players’ privacy
  • Impersonating Niantic staff or other players
  • Taking photos or videos of other players without their permission
  • Making and sharing inappropriate content is another way to have your account banned from Pokemon GO.

    Here are some examples to help you understand the kinds of content that are deemed inappropriate:

  • Spam email
  • Pornographic and sexual content
  • Hate speech
  • Can You Unban a Pokemon Go Account?

    Is it possible to unban a Pokemon Go account? is one of the most frequently asked questions.

    Yes, you can unban yourself from Pokemon Go, but it depends on a few different factors.

    For instance, your chances of getting your Pokemon Go account back if you were banned for using hate speech or racial slurs in your Trainer or Pokemon names are slim to none.

    On the other hand, you stand a much higher chance of success if you were restricted due to allegations of cheating (spoofing, emulators, and the like).

    You see, many bans are not issued properly from the beginning. Some mobile devices may have GPS issues that cause you to briefly appear in a different country before returning to your own. That can lead to a strike or even a ban. Additionally, Niantic occasionally disregards its three-strike discipline policy.

    When it comes to submitting a Pokemon Go ban appeal, there is a lot of leeway in that regard, especially if the ban was imposed as a result of a false positive.

    The bottom line is that you can get unbanned from Pokemon Go, whether you want your permanent ban completely lifted or just temporarily suspended.

    Thus, it’s definitely worth submitting a Pokemon Go ban appeal!

    Part 1: Why Does Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time Trigger?

    To prevent cheating, Niantic has been imposing soft bans on Pokemon Go players. Unless there are other violations like GPS spoofing or abusing a game bug, the program’s results won’t actually cause you to vanish, and receiving multiple strikes won’t result in account suspension.

    When using a spoofer to visit a new location, it is advisable to stay away from the following to prevent a soft ban:

  • Catch wild Pokemon.
  • Put Pokemon in the gym.
  • Feed berries to wild Pokemon.
  • Catch Shadow Pokemon.
  • Spin the Pokestop beyond the limit.
  • The severity and type of the crime committed determines the length of a Pokemon Go soft ban. For instance, playing Pokemon Go while riding in someone else’s car or other vehicle will result in a very brief penalty.


    How long do Pokemon Go bans last?

    How Long Is The Pokemon Go Soft Ban? Total DistanceWaiting Time800 KM 86 minutes1000 KM 100 minutes1250 KM 118 minutes1266+ KM 120+ minutes

    Is there a way to get unbanned in Pokemon Go?

    The duration of it is, well, permanent. However, if you are permanently barred from Pokemon Go, you can and should file an appeal because there is a chance that your ban will be lifted.

    Can you get permanent ban in Pokemon Go?

    Punishments: Your account will be permanently banned if you receive the first and second strikes and keep cheating.

    How do I get my Pokemon Go account back?

    We may be able to help you recover your login information by looking up your Trainer nickname if you don’t remember the email address or login service you used to log into Pokémon GO. I know my Trainer Nickname! If you need help finding your email address, please contact us and choose “Sign-in Issue” from the dropdown menu.

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