How to install minecraft java on windows 10

How to download Minecraft: Java Edition
  1. Visit the Official Minecraft website, link here.
  2. From the upper side of the page, select “Games”.
  3. Select “Minecraft” from the options available.
  4. Select “Get Minecraft”.
  5. Complete the payment process and the game will begin downloading.

Can I play Minecraft on Windows 11?

The compatibility of Minecraft with Windows 11 has not been officially confirmed by either Microsoft or Mojang. Additionally, the OS version is not mentioned in the game’s official system requirements. If the game isn’t compatible with the most recent platform, many players will undoubtedly prefer to continue using Windows 10.

But some players who have the game installed on Windows 11 say it functions flawlessly on that system.

So, rest assured Minecraft is compatible with the OS. You can also download Minecraft for free on Windows 11 if you recently upgraded to it to double-check that the game works on your computer. The Minecraft trial reputedly lasts about 90-100 minutes.

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How to install minecraft java on windows 10

What are the different Minecraft versions?

You can play two different versions of Minecraft on Windows. You can download a version of the game called Minecraft Java from the game’s website. That version of the game utilizes Java, which is preinstalled, as suggested by its title.

One benefit of Minecraft Java is that it offers more customization options than the competing version. Players can modify the game with downloadable mods. Additionally, players have the option to create their own skins rather than buying them from the Minecraft marketplace. Java Edition (Source:

You can download a different version of the game from the MS Store called Minecraft Bedrock. That’s a non-Java edition for Windows and consoles. Bedrock is the multi-platform version of the game.

It has the benefit of allowing cross-play multiplayer, which is good. It follows that you can play Minecraft Bedrock multiplayer on Windows alongside console players. Minecraft Java doesn’t support cross-play multiplayer.

Does Minecraft Java work on Windows 11?

The quick answer is that sure, it does work. It will work properly if you install Minecraft Java on Windows 11.

Remember to first download and install Java as this is necessary. For details on how to do this, click on the anchored link. Continue reading to learn more about the prerequisites for Minecraft and how to install it on a Windows 11 computer.

What are Minecraft’s system requirements?

It’s wise to review the system requirements before purchasing any game. Although the Java version of Minecraft has higher requirements, the game itself does not require a lot of system resources. The bare minimum system requirements for Minecraft Java are displayed in the screenshot below:

Your computer can run the Bedrock version of Minecraft if it satisfies the system requirements for Minecraft: Java. However, a PC with an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, such as those of the GeForce RTX 20 and Radeon RX 6000 series, is required to play Minecraft with ray-tracing graphics. In light of this, let’s examine how to download the Minecraft launcher for Windows 11 and play one of the greatest video games ever.

How can I get Minecraft for Windows 11?

  • You must first be logged into your Microsoft account in order to download apps from the MS Store.
  • Click the Start menu’s Windows 11 taskbar icon to open it, then choose Microsoft Store.
  • Search for Minecraft in the MS Store and choose the Minecraft for Windows Launcher option.
  • To try out the game without having to pay for it, click the Free trial button.
  • When the trial version of Minecraft has been downloaded and installed, click the Play button on the page in the Microsoft Store. As an alternative, you can look for and launch the app by typing “Minecraft” into the Windows 11 search box.

Get Minecraft Java Edition

  • Go to the Minecraft website in your browser and select Games from the top menu.
  • Select the Minecraft package.
  • Click the Try it free link.
  • On the Minecraft free trial page, scroll down to and click the Download Now button for the Windows operating system.
  • Click the Save button to begin the download process after choosing a location to save the Minecraft Java installer. You can download Minecraft Java on Windows 11 using this method.

Install Minecraft: Java

  • To install Minecraft: Java, select the File Explorer taskbar button in Windows 11.
  • Double-click the MinecraftInstaller file in the folder where you downloaded the Minecraft installer. msi file to open the setup wizard.
  • Choose a folder to install Minecraft: Java on by pressing the Change button after clicking the Next button in the setup window. You can also simply stick with the default directory listed in the path box as an alternative.
  • Select the Create a shortcut on the desktop checkbox.
  • Finally, click the Install button to confirm.
  • If any UAC confirmation prompts appear, choose Yes, and then click the Finish button.
  • Open the Minecraft Launcher window by clicking its desktop shortcut.
  • Create a new Microsoft account if you don’t already have one by clicking the link in that window that says “Create a new Microsoft account.”

Is there a freemium Minecraft edition?

You cannot download and install a freemium version of the Minecraft game on Windows 11. However, the original 2009 version of Minecraft is playable online. In celebration of Mojang’s tenth anniversary, the game’s browser version was made available.

Minecraft Classic is the game in its earliest form. It includes only 32 blocks to build worlds with. You can play that Minecraft game as much as you like with no time restriction.

Additionally, remember that while playing Minecraft in a web browser is simple, you will need one that uses fewer resources. Check out the top browsers for Minecraft and choose one.

There is no denying that Minecraft has become somewhat of a phenomenon. The game’s memorable blocky graphics, open-ended gameplay, and intricate crafting system are all beloved by millions of players worldwide.

If you encounter such problems, don’t hesitate to read our post on what to do if Minecraft failed to authenticate your connection. In addition, if you run into problems with Windows 11, look at how to fix typical Minecraft errors in Windows 10.

What are you waiting for? You can enjoy Minecraft on Windows 11 just like you can on other PC platforms, so why wait? Install and download Minecraft at the very least to access the free demo. Share your feedback with us by leaving a comment in the section below and letting us know if you found this guide to be helpful. Thanks for reading!.

How To Download Minecraft On PC | Install Minecraft Java Edition


Can I install Minecraft Java Edition on Windows 10?

Java version 8 or Windows 10 (and higher) are both compatible with desktop and laptop computers. Minecraft for Windows can be installed from the Microsoft Store. Minecraft: Java Edition can be installed from our website.

How to install Minecraft Java Edition for free on Windows 10?

To get started quickly, go directly to the purchasing page. Click BUY MINECRAFT after deciding on your operating system and choosing Minecraft: Java Edition. To create a new Microsoft account (MSA) or sign into an existing Microsoft account and complete your purchase, follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I get Java for Minecraft on Windows?

You don’t have the latest version of Java. Before you can play Minecraft on a device running the Java edition, you must install the necessary Java files. Minecraft might not launch if your Java version is outdated or missing.

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