3 Ways to Add Mods to Minecraft

Consider installing some mods if you are bored with playing the vanilla version of Minecraft on your server and would like to try something different. By doing this, you’ll improve the Minecraft experience and introduce something entirely new.

This guide will demonstrate how to add the Forge add-on and upload mods to an existing Minecraft server running on Windows, macOS, or Linux. To assist you in making a choice, we will also discuss the distinctions between Forge and mod launchers.

Adding Mods
  1. From the Minecraft launcher, enter the Installations tab at the top.
  2. Hover over your Forge installation, then press the Open Folder icon to the right.
  3. In the new window, locate or create the mods folder, then enter it.
  4. Paste the mod . …
  5. Once done, return to the MC launcher and press Play .

Installing Forge for Servers

The Server option is also required if you want to play a modded server with friends. Installing the server is relatively simple. Select a new directory by selecting the “Install server” checkbox and then pressing the “…” button. Choose a location to install the Forge server, such as your desktop, and then create a new empty folder there.

Keep in mind that even if you install a Forge server, you must also install the Client option. Players must use the same versions of Forge and Minecraft in order to connect to your modded Forge server.

Once Forge is installed, open the Minecraft Launcher. There is a menu of Minecraft profiles and versions in the bottom left corner of the screen. Select the “Forge” profile from the drop-down menu if it isn’t already selected. The below says 1. 14. Since I’m currently using version 4, it says 4, but yours will read 1. 12. 2.

With the Forge version selected, hit the PLAY button. Forge will now perform a quick initial installation and add any required files and folders to your Minecraft directory. This contains the crucial mod files, where we can subsequently drop files. We’re prepared to install some mods as soon as you reach the loading screen!

Navigate to the directory where you installed the Server files in the preceding step to start your server. Run the minecraft_server. jar file once, you’ll notice nothing will actually happen. Instead, some files will be generated. This includes the EULA. txt file, which you will need to open. Edit the line to read “eula=true,” save the changes, and then quit. Run the same file once more, and the server will launch.

Making your own Minecraft setup and installing virtually any mod you want is now the exciting part!

Find the Forge Mods Folder

First, open the’mods’ folder on your computer. This is where we will drop any files. There are two ways to access this folder from your default Minecraft directory.

  • Open up Minecraft with the Forge version loaded. There should be a “Mods” button on the home screen, next to the “Multiplayer” button. Select this, then click the “Open Mods Folder” button in the bottom left corner.
  • Alternatively, you can head to the folder manually. Open up your Start Menu and type %AppData% and hit ENTER This ought to take you to the AppDataRoaming folder. Open the . minecraft folder, then the mods folder. The overall directory is: C:UsersYOUAppDataRoaming.

Installing Your First Mod

So now we are in the mods folder, we can start downloading mods. One of the best places to obtain mods would be CurseForge, where there are tens of thousands available. There are other sites too, but CurseForge tends to be the most reliable. Find your own mods, or keep following along if you’re a beginner.

Let’s install the Iron Chests mod, it’s one of my favorites and is incredibly useful in any playthrough. It allows you to create chests from Minecrafts base metals such as Iron, Gold and Diamond which offer more storage space. Open the Iron Chests mod page, some mods will typically have a 1.12.2 download link on the right hand side under ‘Recent Files’, but Iron Chests doesn’t.

Therefor, press the ‘Files’ button located near the top of the mod information. Scroll down a little until you start to see a load of different versions, look for the first option which is compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2, found in the Game Version column. Press the Download button on the right, indicated by a down pointing arrow. Struggling a little? Take this direct download for Iron Chests 1.12.2.

After a few seconds, the Iron Chests . JAR file will begin to download. Unlike previously, we don’t want to open it. Rather, insert the JAR file into the mods folder that was previously opened. It must be put inside the mods folder in the server files if you are running a modded server. With the mod placed, restart Minecraft and/or your Minecraft server. You should be able to find it in the list of installed mods by opening the mods menu on the home screen once more.

You can now test the mod after installing Forge and its mods. Simply launch a fresh game in Creative mode to check for newly added blocks.

You might notice a difference straight away. A few arrows have been added above the interface where you switch between screens because the creative screen doesn’t have enough tabs. It’s possible that you must complete this in order to access the iron chests, as seen in the screenshot up top. Place these new objects now, interact with them, or enter survival mode to create them normally.

Installing additional mods from CurseForge and dragging them into the mods folder are your only remaining tasks. Each mod typically comes with a thorough description that includes recipes and usage instructions.

Here are some things to keep in mind when playing single-player or multiplayer versions of modded Minecraft.

  • You must have the proper mod version for your Minecraft version in order to play mods. Installing 1. 14. 4 mods won’t work with Minecraft 1. 12. 2, and can cause crashes.
  • Mod files must be installed into both the server’s mods folder and Minecraft’s mod folder when running a modded server. A player won’t be able to connect if their client’s mod folder and the server’s mods folder don’t contain identical files. Mods won’t function if you connect to a server with them installed but the server doesn’t have them. Similarly, using Forge mods on popular multiplayer servers will not work and may result in bans.
  • You should install mods when the server/Minecraft isn’t running. Installed mods won’t function until either the server or Minecraft have been restarted.
  • Some mods won’t work without ‘core’ files. Whether these are required is frequently stated in the mod’s description, and Minecraft will notify you if any dependencies are missing.

How To Install Forge Mods in Minecraft 1.12.2 (Install Multiple Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods!)


How do you open the mod folder in Minecraft 1.12 2?

You can find the mods folder on the drive where you installed Minecraft by clicking “users,” your Windows user name, “App Data,” “Roaming,” and then ” “. minecraft. You can create a folder called “mods” and drop your downloaded mods in it if there isn’t one already there.

Why 1.12 is the best version for mods?

This is because unless they are specifically ported to those versions, mods are incompatible with various versions. Basically, 1. 12 is the largest version with the greatest amount of mod content, so it keeps gaining popularity.

How do I install Forge Server 1.12 2?

How to Install Minecraft Mods ManuallyInstall Minecraft Forge. The most popular modding add-on is Minecraft Forge. Download the Mods You Want. The next step involves downloading Minecraft mods. Copy the Mod to the /mods Folder. It’s time to install some Minecraft mods. Check the Mod Installation.

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