How do you install .zip mods into Forge

Even though playing vanilla Minecraft on its own can be a lot of fun, adding mods is one of the many ways to change up the gameplay. Mods have almost limitless potential, from interesting items to completely new dimensions. Mods need to be installed on your own computer as well, whether you want to play with friends on a server or explore by yourself in single-player. But since you also need to have Minecraft Forge installed, it’s not as simple as just pasting some mod files. There are numerous launchers and ways to run mods, which may be confusing for new players. In order to fix this, we developed this Apex Hosting tutorial to walk you through the setup procedure.

To function, some mods need to be installed alongside other mods. These are frequently listed in the mod description or are accessible via the Relations tab at the top of the page. Download the compatible version if a dependency is listed, just like before.

You usually can just put the . zip file into the /mods folder. If the mod doesn’t load properly, than unzip the file and look for a . jar file.

Introduction: How to Install Mods for Minecraft Forge

How to install zip mods for minecraft

This article will explain how to set up mods created using the Minecraft Forge API.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Already Installed Minecraft Forge.

Download and install Minecraft Forge. Readmore: Minecraft Forge

Step 2: Download a Mod for Minecraft Forge

How to install zip mods for minecraft

Download a mod for Minecraft Forge from this link Minecraft Forge, the Minecraft Forums or anywhere else!

Step 3: Locate the Minecraft Application Folder

Locate the minecraft application folder.

  • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata%. minecraft and click Run.
  • Open finder on a Mac, click Go while holding down ALT, then select Library from the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for minecraft.

Step 4: Place the Mod You Have Just Downloaded (.jar or .zip File) Into the Mods Folder

How to install zip mods for minecraft

Place the mod you have just downloaded (. jar or . zip file) into the Mods folder.

Step 5: Choose Your Minecraft Mod Version

How to install zip mods for minecraft

The mod should now be installed when you launch Minecraft and click the mods button.

Help you Find Minecraft Mods and download:

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So I downloaded my zip file (my mods come from, they in zip file and idk why) and I put in my mods folder. The mod is 1.16.5 and forge is also 1.16.5 so idk why it doesn’t work. Help pls?

I placed the mod in the mods folder, but a language object is missing, it says.

I can’t seem to find my mods folder. Do I need to make one from scratch, or is there already one there?

search %appdata% then click .minecraft then mods and paste

Right click, create a folder, then name it mods

how do i create one?

ummm. you dont. he was joking. Try reinstalling Minecraft on your system if you don’t have that.

how do i activate mod

How To Install a modpack From a Zip File in Windows


How do I install a .zip file in Minecraft?

Here is a clearer explanation if the above instructions weren’t clear to you: Download Zip or . Rar saved file and unzip. Search for your . minecraft folder in your programs folder. Look for the “saves” folder. created a new save folder and copied all content from the unzipped file into it (session)

How do I unzip a mod?

Follow these simple instructions to download and set up mods for Minecraft on your Android or iOS device: Go to the App Store/Google Play Store Look for “AddOns for Minecraft PE (MCPE)”. Open the App after installation. Select the desired mod and select “Copy to Minecraft. “.

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