How to join a friends minecraft world

Games are best played with friends. But when they attempt to enter their friend’s Minecraft world or the other way around, players of the game run into problems. It is extremely frustrating for users to be greeted with the error message “Unable to connect to world.” This guide will assist you in resolving the issue if you are encountering the same error or any other problems when attempting to join your friend’s Minecraft world or when your friend attempts to join your Minecraft world.

The error message does not clearly define the problem. Neither, it suggests any solutions. The issue is not just restricted to a single platform; users are left wondering, “Why can’t I join my friend’s Minecraft world?” Users of the PS4, iPad, or Xbox One have reported it. Thank goodness, there are workarounds, and one of them might be effective for you as well.

How to add friends in ‘Minecraft’ and invite them to your world

  • Create a free Microsoft account if you don’t already have one; Xbox users will already have one. Your Microsoft account is required for crossplay. You’ll also need an online subscription if you’re using a console, such as Xbox Live or Nintendo Switch Online. When the code is sent, have another device nearby, such as a phone or computer, so you can quickly link your Microsoft account. Emma Witman/Insider .
  • Launch “Minecraft” and select “Sign in with a Microsoft account” after creating your Microsoft account. To sign in and connect your Microsoft account to the game, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Launch your game after selecting an existing world or making a brand-new one. Open the in-game settings window once the world has loaded.
  • Navigate to the far-right and select “Invite to Game. ” Select “Invite to Game. ” Emma Witman/Insider .
  • Choose the “Find Cross-Platform Friends” option from the menu on the following screen. Choose “Invite Cross-Platform Friends”; depending on the console you’re using, this screen will look slightly different. Emma Witman/Insider .
  • Choose “Add Friend” after finding your friend using their gamertag or Minecraft ID. If you had a negative experience, you can also report or block them using this screen. If typing complex gamer tags on your console controller isn’t ideal, you can also add friends on any platform using the Xbox One app. Once youve found the right person, select “Add Friend. ” Emma Witman/Insider .
  • Select the friend by checking the box, then click “Send 1 Invite.” “.

Your friend will soon be dropped into your “Minecraft world” if they accept your invitation now; all you have to do is wait. And going forward, they’ll show up under “Online Friends” whenever they’re online. “.

Observe that some content is exclusive to a certain system; for instance, only Nintendo Switch users can use the Mario items made by Nintendo. You can only play with friends who have the same system if your world uses these.

How to Allow Friends to Join Minecraft World (Turn Multiplayer On!)


How do I join my friends Minecraft server?

Invite a Friend Using GamertagsIn Minecraft, select Play. The Realm you want to invite your friend to should have an Edit button next to it. Select the Members button. Choose the Find friends button if you are not friends already. On your Friends list, click the Invite button next to your friend’s gamertag.

Why can’t I join my friends Minecraft world be?

Re-adding your friend is effective because Minecraft stores friend information remotely rather than locally. You will therefore have the same friends list regardless of the gaming device you use. Try to join your friend’s world after removing them from your list, adding them again.

How do you join someone’s world?

Hit your character’s icon in the top left corner to access the pause menu, then choose Friends from the list of options. Go to the second tab in the Friends menu. Input the UID number of your friend. Send your friend a friend request, then wait for a response.

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