How to make a cottage in minecraft

Minecraft cottages are compact, comfortable houses that can be constructed in any survival or imaginative world. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made to be simple to assemble.

There are numerous excellent designs available, regardless of the use case for a cottage. This helpful guide will highlight not just one but five excellent options for those looking to build a particularly good Minecraft cottage.

How to Build a Cottage in Minecraft

The basic measurement we’ll use for our cottage is as follows:

Use a slab of jungle wood for the floor, and when you’re finished, it will resemble this:

Make two four-block-long pillars out of white terracotta at the corners of the cottage’s front side. To make a shape like this, carry out the same procedure again to make eight, ten, and twelve long block pillars:

13-block long pillars should be placed in the middle gap, and the exact same procedure should be followed at the back wall.

The walls of the cottage should be four blocks long, and the remaining walls should be two blocks long.

Use dark oak wood planks to cover the roof and arrange them as follows:

Dark oak wood planks are used to join the roof’s two sides, and dark oak wood stairs are then used to cover the roof.

Head to the other side of the cottage and build a stair-like elevation by laying two layers of jungle wood slabs on the ground. Additionally, apply the spruce to all of the wall’s corners to create a unique design.

Cover the roof of this structure with dark oak wood stairs, and the windows should be made of glass.

Create three 2 X 1 gaps in the wall on the front side to make the window, and then make a 2 X 2 gap to make the doorway.

Here, the dark oak fence and wood slab with birch door are used to create the following overall design:

Make a window at the top of the cottage, and then decorate as we did before. When you’re finished with the front side, it will resemble this:

Create the same hut-like shape that we did earlier at the backside. This shape comprises three, five, and six blocks.

Build a wall and fences around the cottage’s perimeter out of stone and brick. Create the upper boundary with dark oak fencing and the lower one with a stone brick wall.

To give the cottage’s interior a more calming appearance, you can decorate it with various flowers and lanterns.

To create the shape shown below, we extended the chimney to four blocks from the top of the roof and placed the campfire there using brick walls.

Create a small garden at the cottage’s back using bone meal. You can design anything you want in your cottage, so use your imagination as you please.


So this is how simply building a cottage in Minecraft works. We have used different materials to make the cottage. However, you can use other materials besides those mentioned above. Please visit our website to learn more about Minecraft if you enjoyed this guide.

Minecraft | How to Build an Aesthetic Cottage


How do you make a simple cottage in Minecraft?

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