How to make a enchanted sword in minecraft

The most powerful weapons available in Minecraft are enchanted swords. When it comes to surviving in any Minecraft world, they are an absolute necessity in any serious player’s first inventory slot.

More enchantments are being added to the game as it goes along to use on players’ swords. This is making them even more overpowered.

Here are the top five enchantments that players in any Minecraft world should make sure they have on their sword. Any PvP conflict or mob ambush will end with victory thanks to these enchantments.

Steps to Enchant the Diamond Sword
  1. Open the Enchanting Table. First, open your enchanting table so that you have the Enchant menu that looks like this:
  2. Enchant the Diamond Sword. In the Enchant menu, place the diamond sword in the first box. Then place 3 lapis lazuli in the second box.

Minecraft: Creating a 1000 Sharpness sword with commands

How to make a enchanted sword in minecraft

Any mob it strikes can be easily dispatched by a sword with such a high Sharpness level (via YouTube)

To obtain a sword with 1000 Sharpness in Minecraft, players must first have access to cheats or the command console.

This access can be obtained somewhat differently depending on whether they are playing in single-player or multiplayer worlds. Players only need to enable cheats and open their world to LAN via the in-game pause menu if cheats aren’t already enabled on a single player world.

On a multiplayer server, users should make sure that a different operator or server administrator has granted them the necessary permissions to use the command console. Nothing to worry about if cheats are enabled by default on their server.

In order to create a weapon with 1000 Sharpness in Minecraft, the standard syntax is “/give @p Enchantments:[id:sharpness,lvl:].”

The placeholders “” and “” can be changed to the item in question and the level of enchantment. For instance, a player in Minecraft might type the following command to summon a Netherite sword with 1000 Sharpness:

This command can also be used on other things that can be enchanted with sharpness, like axes.

The Sharpness level can also be increased. It can be entertaining to have an incredibly powerful sword or axe that can easily dispatch even the most terrifying mobs, even though players won’t notice much of a difference in Sharpness level past 1000 unless they are looking at their weapons damage numbers.

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How to make a enchanted sword in minecraft

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How do you make an enchanted weapon in Minecraft?

Simply set your tool on the enchanting table in the left slot and some lapis lazuli in the right slot to enchant it. Three enchantment options will appear to the right. It will cost 1 to 3 lapis lazuli and 1 to 3 player levels (earned through XP) to apply one of the enchantments.

How do you make a fully enchanted sword in Minecraft?

Create a diamond sword, then place it on a smithing bench to create a netherite sword. From there, combine it with a single netherite ingot. This will create a netherite sword. This method also applies to hoes, shovels, axes, and diamond picks.

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