How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

Players of the Pocket Edition of Minecraft may encounter some difficulty setting up a server because of the menus’ different layout from that of the main game. Setting up a server is essential for those who want to play this version of Minecraft with friends. Learn how to set up a server in Minecraft PE by reading on!

Connect to your server.
  1. Open Minecraft PE.
  2. Tap Play.
  3. Tap the Servers tab.
  4. Tap Add Server.
  5. Enter a name for the server in the “Server Name” text box.
  6. Enter your server’s address in the “Server Address” text box.
  7. Enter your server’s port number in the “Port” text box.
  8. Tap Play.

See how to make your own Minecraft server on the Pocket Edition with our detailed guide here!

Since the release of Pocket Edition, many players have continued to search online for information on how to create a server in Minecraft PE. In fact, purchasing a Realms subscription through the MCPE application is the safest and simplest way to do this. However, if they do not already have one, players must open an Xbox Live account.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a free way to create a server in Minecraft PE, the Aternos or Server Maker apps would work well.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed overview of two approaches using Aternos and Realms.

#1: How to make your own server in Minecraft Pe using Aternos

Here is the first method for setting up your desktop Minecraft server. Check the 12 steps below!.

1. Open Aternos website on your computer at this address here.

2. Click on Create Your Server. For informational purposes, it is the blue button in the page’s middle.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

3. Enter a username. Any name you want to use to represent yourself on the server should be entered in the textbox labeled “Choose a username.”

4. At the bottom of the page, click “I agree,” then “Next.”

5. Enter a password and an email address. Fill out all of these corresponding fields:

  • Email — Enter an email address which you have access.
  • Enter a different password for this site than you did for your email address.
  • Retype Password — Re-type the password in.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

6. Signup by clicking the button at the page’s bottom. You will then be taken to the Alternos dashboard.

On the following page, you will see a warning if you are using an ad-blocker. You have the option to either click the “Continue with adblocker anyway” button or to disable the adblocker and reload this page.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

7. Clicking the Software button on the left side of the screen in Minecraft PE is the next step in creating a server.

8. Click Win10/MCPE on the right side of the page. Then, choose to Reinstall the application.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

9. It will install PocketMine as an add-on for the Aternos server after you select Yes, Reinstall. Afterward, click on the Server tap.

10. In the website’s center, select Start, and then select Connect to bring up a pop-up window.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

11. Note the port number and server address. Players will see both of them in a pop-up window.

Additionally, they are all necessary for understanding how to create a free Minecraft PE server.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

12. Connect to your server. Follow these steps to connect to your server and begin playing:

Start Minecraft PE.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

Then, enter a name for “Server name” and your server’s address for “Server Address.”

The final step is to enter the port number for your server in “Port” and begin playing.

#2: How to make your own server in Minecraft PE using Realms

Using Realms is another approach that addresses your concerns about creating a server in mobile versions of Minecraft. As cellular data will not function with this method, make sure that you are connected to wifi.

Additionally, you can install Minecraft Pocket Edition using this method on both Android and iPhone devices.

Keep in mind that the game must be installed on your device with the most recent update.

1. Sign in to your Minecraft game. Players should proceed to the following step if they see their Xbox Live account name there instead of skipping this.

2. When prompted, enter your email address as your Xbox Live login information, tap Next, and then select “Let’s play.”

3. In the top-left corner of the screen, select “Play” and then tap the “Worlds” box.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

4. Tap Create New. Its at the top of the Worlds page.

Choose “Create New” and then “New Realm” on top. Afterward, click “Create New Realm”.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

5. Name your Realm by entering the “Realm Name” box. You can opt for any name you want.

6. Choose a tier.

You and ten other players will be hosted by the Realm by default. If players want to host a cheaper server for a large group of friends, select “2 Players” from the “Tier” drop-down menu.

And then, check the “I Agree” textbox.

How to make a minecraft pocket edition server

7. Click the “Create” button. If prompted, don’t forget to enter your Touch ID, passcode, or payment details.

8. When prompted, select “Subscribe” to create a Realm with the name you specified.

Players can actually cancel their Realms subscription whenever they want. Select “Subscription” and “Manage Subscription” by tapping the pencil icon next to the Realm. Follow the on-screen options to cancel the subscription.

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How to Make a Server for Minecraft Pocket Edition


How do you make a Minecraft server for free?

the following instructions to have users join your server:open Minecraft and select “Multiplayer “Click “Add Server. “Enter a server name. Enter the server address. Your external IP address will be listed here, followed by the port number 25565. This will resemble the address shown in the right-hand image. Click Done.

Does Minecraft Pocket Edition have servers?

On the Minecraft Pocket Edition application, press the Play button. Navigate to the Servers tab. On the Servers tab, press the Add Server button. Enter your Server Name, Server Address, and Port.

What is my IP address for Minecraft PE?

How to set up a Minecraft serverStep 1: Install/Update Minecraft. Step 2: Install/Update Java. Step 3: Download Server . Step 4: Create a Minecraft Server Folder. Step 5: First-Time Startup. Step 6: Restart the Server. Step 7: Create an Automatic Script.

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