How to make a mob farm minecraft

Mobs are living entities that spawn almost everywhere in Minecraft. Due to their much lower light level requirement (seven or lower), common hostile mobs spawn more frequently than passive ones.

In Minecraft, most enemies that are killed by a player or a tamed wolf drop items. Some of the dropped items may be useful to the former. When built properly, a hostile mob farm can produce a lot of items because they frequently spawn.

How to make a mob farm in Minecraft

In Java or Bedrock as well as either version of Minecraft, you can construct a mob farm. And while you can play in Survival, Creative, Adventure, or Hardcore modes, doing so will require a significant amount of time and resources.

Simple advice: You might want to switch to Creative mode to construct the mob farm before returning to Survival or Adventure

To build your mob farm, youll need:

  • At least 25 complete stacks of cobblestone (totaling 1600 units)
  • One full stack of trapdoors
  • Four hoppers
  • Four treasure chests
  • Four slabs of any material
  • Two buckets filled with water
  • Torches (optional)
  • Scaffolding (optional)

A “full stack” refers to 64 units of an item. Additionally, using cobblestone isn’t required; any solid block will do, but it is quick and simple to gather.

Building the mob grinder

I’ll begin at the mob farm’s base and work my way up. The “mob grinder” that injures and traps the enemies you spawn will be built first.

1. Dig a 2×2 hole in the ground. It only needs to be one layer deep.

2. Put your four treasure chests in the hole with their fronts facing the same way. Two chests that are placed next to one another in the same direction will combine to form one “large” treasure chest.

3. Place your four hoppers on top of the treasure chests. When placing them, be sure to crouch; otherwise, you’ll keep opening the treasure chests.

4. Place your slabs on top of the hoppers. Again, youll want to crouch while you do it.

Now that you’ve completed it properly, you should have a three-layer mob grinder.

Next, well build the well and bridges.

Building the well

This area will house enemies in low health until you arrive to kill them.

Quick tip: This part requires building high in the air. We advise using scaffolds to safely climb up and down the structure if you aren’t in creative mode.

1. Build walls around the mob grinder, rising up 22 blocks into the air, using your cobblestone blocks (or whatever sturdy material you choose). Make sure the wall is positioned two blocks above the grinder and is wider than the grinder as well.

2. After constructing your wall, climb to the top and construct 2×8 bridges on each of its four sides.

3. Enclose each of these bridges with a two-block-high wall.

Now, well build the structure that automatically spawns enemies.

Building the spawner room

It may appear that enemies only appear above ground when it is dark out. But in reality, they’ll spawn anywhere it’s dark, including tiny caves and even dimly lit homes.

Here, we’re going to construct a sizable space that is completely dark. This will deceive the game into thinking that our mob farm is a cave and spawning monsters inside of it.

1. Create broad flat platforms to connect your bridge walls with the cobblestone.

2. Give each platform a wall that is two blocks high, and then construct a roof one block higher over everything.

3. Head inside the structure once the roof is constructed and the wells and bridges are completely enclosed. To gain access, you might need to momentarily break a portion of the roof.

In your spawner room, zombies, skeletons, and other enemies will first appear before you can kill them.

Dropping them down the center well is how you’re going to kill them. They will suffer severe damage when they strike the slabs you placed at the bottom, leaving them with only one or two hearts of health. A few attacks will eliminate them, leaving you with the loot.

(Unfortunately, you must deliver the killing blow.) The enemies won’t drop XP or as many items if you make the well taller so they fall into it and die immediately. ).

But to accomplish this, we must devise a means of driving them into the well. This is where the trapdoors and water buckets come in.

Quick tip: You might want to use torches to light the spawner room while you’re working in there. This will help you see what youre doing better.

4. Place your trapdoors over each of the bridges using your traps. For each bridge, you’ll need 16 trapdoors—8 on each side.

5. Make sure your trapdoors are open so that when you walk on them, you will fall through. Enemies in Minecraft will easily walk into opened trapdoors and fall through them because they perceive them as solid ground.

6. Put running water in your buckets against the wall and at the ends of your bridges. The water should flow down the bridges and stop right at the edge of your well if you spaced it properly. Keep the water from flowing down the well so that the enemies won’t suffer fall damage.

Youve now built a fully functional mob farm. If you used torches, destroy them, then depart and seal up any holes.

Putting on the finishing touches

There are a few steps left after you have a mob farm.

First, set up enough torches to illuminate the large flat area on top of the mob farm. This makes it so that mobs spawn inside the farm rather than on top of it.

Next, make an “AFK room. You can wait in safety here while the enemies spawn and inflict harm on one another.

The spawner room is technically 128 blocks away from your AFK room. But the best position for it is high in the air, about 80 blocks above the farm’s roof. Going so high into the sky means that the only place where mobs could possibly spawn is in your spawner room.

Scaffolding is essential here if you’re not in creative mode because it makes it easy to climb up and down Utilize the scaffolding to ascend 80 blocks from your mob farm’s center. Make a tiny room for yourself there using any material once you arrive.

How to use your mob farm

It’s likely that mobs have already begun to appear in your spawner room. Climb out of your AFK room after waiting at least five minutes, then return to the bottom of the mob farm.

On top of the stone slabs, if you constructed it properly and waited long enough, you will find several enemies clumped together. Only their legs should be visible, which will be barely visible.

Swing a weapon at their legs once you’ve amassed enough foes to kill them. They should only take one or two hits each.

You can gather XP orbs from the mobs’ other drops, such as armor and weapons, which will be sucked into the treasure chests below. Feel free to access the chests whenever you want and collect the drops.

Return to your AFK room and carry on with this process there for as long as you like.

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How do you make a simple mob farm in Minecraft?

Building the Mob Spawner Basement At the base of the tower’s interior, dig a two-by-two six-block-deep. When mobs spawn at the top of the tower and fall into it, this will create a large hole at the bottom of the tower, which will direct them into it. Add four hoppers to the bottom of the hole.

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