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Minecraft enthusiasts enjoy showcasing their collections and creations. Others choose the best Minecraft skins to stand out, while some, like me, build distinctive Minecraft homes to do so. However, what if you could create a copy of yourself to play as instead? Yes, you can customize your armor in Minecraft to look exactly like you if you know how to make it stand. This in-game dummy structure can be dressed in anything a player wants to show off, from armors to unique mob heads. Building an armor stand is the best way to show off your sense of style if you are playing on one of the best Minecraft servers. Having said that, there’s a lot to prepare first. In order to avoid wasting time, let’s learn how to create a Minecraft armor stand.

In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make an armor stand, place 1 smooth stone slab and 6 sticks in the 3×3 crafting grid.

Natural generation

Each outdoor armory in a taiga village has two armor stands, one with an iron helmet and the other with an iron chestplate.

Usage All different poses of armor stand.

Players can hold armor, mob heads, carved pumpkins, elytra, and other items on armor stands. Commands can be used to give them other items. Players engage the stand directly because it lacks a graphical user interface. Similar to banners or signs, armor stands can also be positioned in various directions. Because armor stands are entities, they can be propelled by pistons, pulled by fishing lines, and bounced by slime blocks.

If done on a bare spot, using armor on the stand places the armor there. On the other hand, when clicking on armor with bare hands, the armor is removed and placed in the highlighted hot-bar slot. Unless using the Bedrock Edition, it is impossible to take or place items from the armor stands.

A dispenser can be used to automatically place armor, mob heads, or carved pumpkins on armor stands.

By summoning them using the command /summon with NBT tags, armor stands can be further modified to have arms, pose, disobey gravity, dual wield, and other features.

Armor stands can be used to maintain scoreboard goals that are universal to the map, run commands, etc. in maps that heavily rely on command blocks.

The armor stand’s pose can be altered in Bedrock Edition by sneaking up on it and interacting with it (or pressing the Pose button on mobile devices) or by using a redstone signal. There are 13 possible poses. By interacting with the armor stand (or pressing the Equip button on a mobile device) while holding an object that cannot be worn, armor stands can also hold items.

No. Namespace ID Redstone power
0 animation.armor_stand.default_pose 0
1 animation.armor_stand.no_pose 1
2 animation.armor_stand.solemn_pose 2
3 animation.armor_stand.athena_pose 3
4 animation.armor_stand.brandish_pose 4
5 animation.armor_stand.honor_pose 5
6 animation.armor_stand.entertain_pose 6
7 animation.armor_stand.salute_pose 7
8 animation.armor_stand.hero_pose 8, 13 or more
9 animation.armor_stand.riposte_pose 9
10 animation.armor_stand.zombie_pose 10
11 animation.armor_stand.cancan_a_pose 11
12 animation.armor_stand.cancan_b_pose 12

Armor stands can fall and rest on non-full blocks like enchanting tables, snow layers, and slabs because they are entities and obey gravity.

When the stand is destroyed, any armor on it falls. Displays for armor include enchanted and all kinds of colored armor. On an armor stand, most enchanted armor has no effect, with the following three exceptions:

  • If an armor stand is pushed with a piston, Frost Walker produces frosted ice blocks on water as usual.
  • When pushed by water, Depth Strider causes the armor stand to move more slowly.
  • When a player strikes an armor stand holding thorns-enchanted armor, they could sustain damage.

Cacti do not harm armor stands, but arrows can break them. A firework or explosion-devastated armor stand does not produce any dropped items. When standing in both water and lava, armor is not destroyed by the lava.

Status conditions may have an impact on armor stands in Bedrock Edition. They play the player’s death sound, fall to their side, and vanish without dropping any armor stand items when killed by Harming and Decay splash/lingering potions, lava, fire, or campfires. An item or piece of armor is regarded as “naturally-spawned equipment” with an 8 if it is placed on an armor stand. 5% chance of dropping when the armor stand %22dies%22 from the Instant Damage or the Wither status effect Any weapon, tool, or piece of armor that is dropped will arrive in a severely damaged state because the game considers it to be “naturally-spawned equipment.” [1].

The stand wobbles slightly when being hit by the player.

The /summon command in Java Edition can be used to create an armor stand with arms. Using the /data command, it is also possible to convert an armor stand devoid of arms into a stand with arms. The commands are as follows:

  • The closest armor stand will become an armor stand with arms when you use the command /data merge entity @e[type=armor_stand,sort=nearest,limit=1] ShowArms:1.
  • summons a fresh armor stand with arms displayed by using the command /summon minecraft:armor_stand ShowArms:1.
  • /summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Rotation:[0. 0f], which will call forth a new armor stand facing the direction you specify (you must alter the “0 0f” to different numbers or it will face the same direction as a standard armor stand, for example, “90 0f” or “180. 0f”).

Java Edition: For entity-dependent sound events, armor stands use the Friendly Creatures sound category.

Data values

Armor Stand Identifier Form Translation key
Item armor_stand Item item.minecraft.armor_stand
Armor Stand Identifier Translation key
Entity armor_stand entity.minecraft.armor_stand
Armor Stand Identifier Numeric ID Form Translation key
Item armor_stand 552 Item
Armor Stand Identifier Numeric ID Translation key
Entity armor_stand 61

Item data

  • tag: The items tag tag.
  • EntityTag: Saves entity information that is used when creating an entity. See Entity Format.

Entity data

Armor stands are associated with entity data that includes the entity’s various properties.

  • All entity data tags, excluding LeftHanded, DeathLootTable, DeathLootTableSeed, NoAI, Leash, CanPickUpLoot, and PersistenceRequired, are common to mobs. DisabledSlots: Bit field allowing to disable the placement, replacement, and removal of armor elements For instance, the value 16191 or 4144896 prevents the installation, relocation, and replacement of any equipment. These can be found using the bitwise OR operator. If true, ArmorStand is invisible, though the items on it still display. Invisible: 1 or 0 (true/false) If true, ArmorStands’ size is set to 0, it has a small hitbox, and interactions with it are disabled. Marker: 1 or 0 (true/false). May not exist. If NoBasePlate is true, the base beneath ArmorStand is not displayed (1 or 0). Pose: Rotation values for the ArmorStands pose. Body: Body-specific rotations. : x-rotation. : y-rotation. : z-rotation. Head: Head-specific rotations. : x-rotation. : y-rotation. : z-rotation. LeftArm: Left Arm-specific rotations. : x-rotation. : y-rotation. : z-rotation. LeftLeg: Left Leg-specific rotations. : x-rotation. : y-rotation. : z-rotation. RightArm: Right Arm-specific rotations. : x-rotation. : y-rotation. : z-rotation. RightLeg: Right Leg-specific rotations. : x-rotation. : y-rotation. : z-rotation. If ShowArms is true, ArmorStand will display full wooden arms (1 or 0). If false, interactions with the hand item slot’s place and replace buttons are also disabled. Small: If true, ArmorStand is considerably smaller, about the size of a young zombie.

Disabled slots

Binary Integer number Result
2^0 1 Disable adding or changing mainhand item
2^1 2 Disable adding or changing boots item
2^2 4 Disable adding or changing leggings item
2^3 8 Disable adding or changing chestplate item
2^4 16 Disable adding or changing helmet item
2^5 32 Disable adding or changing offhand item
2^8 256 Disable removing or changing mainhand item
2^9 512 Disable removing or changing boots item
2^10 1024 Disable removing or changing leggings item
2^11 2048 Disable removing or changing chestplate item
2^12 4096 Disable removing or changing helmet item
2^13 8192 Disable removing or changing offhand item
2^16 65536 Disable adding mainhand item
2^17 131072 Disable adding boots item
2^18 262144 Disable adding leggings item
2^19 524288 Disable adding chestplate item
2^20 1048576 Disable adding helmet item
2^21 2097152 Disable adding offhand item

Note that Zoglins now have attack armor stands, so this video is out of date.

  • The first of the armor stand.
  • The first of armor stand crafting recipe.
  • Armor stands in the 1.8 poster.

The bug tracker is used to maintain issues with “Armor Stand.” Report issues there.

  • Rendering issues can occur when using certain blocks and items with armor stands. Searge claims that this is because entities’ transparent rendering is not yet supported. [4][5].
  • A version-exclusive armor stand model for the Bedrock Edition has posable arms.
  • Redstone is used to switch the stands and reverse the poses, beginning with the can-can pose.
  • The stand always assumes the honor pose when placed within three powered redstone dust. If they are not placed four blocks apart, repeaters also switch from the stand to the honor pose.
  • Using external tools, armor stand spawners can be placed.
  • The bottom of the armor stand texture contains JAPPA, Chi Wong, and Searge’s secret signatures.
  • Armor stands in various positions with various armor.
  • Armor stands can wear blocks on their heads. This is accessible with commands such as /item.
  • All armor stand poses as seen in Bedrock Edition.
  • An entire set of netherite armor on an armor stand.
  • – The resolution of “Armor Stands with Slime Block rendering entities behind them” was “Wont Fix.”
  • – The issue “Armor Stand wearing a Skull and Holding Stained Glass causes Graphical issues” has been marked as “Wont Fix.”

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Can you craft an armor stand in Minecraft PE?

Place three sticks in each cell of the first row of the crafting area’s first row before beginning the Armor Stand Crafting Recipe. Afterward, insert a stick into the center of the middle row’s cell. Last but not least, set the smooth stone slab with a stick on either side in the middle cell of the bottom row. And voila!.

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