How to make custom textures in minecraft

Users can include files in resource packs that alter or add their own custom textures, models, animations, music, sounds, user interfaces, and languages to change how certain things in Minecraft function or appear.

Creating a Texture Pack
  1. Navigate to the “Textures” folder. …
  2. Find a texture category that you want to edit and open its folder. …
  3. Open a texture in an image editing program. …
  4. Edit your texture. …
  5. Save over the image file. …
  6. Edit any other textures that you want to change. …
  7. Go back to the folder with the version number.

How to make a custom resource pack in Minecraft?

To create a texture pack in Minecraft, open the directory for the game. On windows, open the start menu and type %appdata%. After this, hit enter and open the . minecraft folder.

Step ) Extract texture pack files

The next step is to open the . minecraft directory, before opening the “versions” folder. Players should now access a folder inside of this one that bears the name of the version of Minecraft they wish to edit the texture pack for.

How to make custom textures in minecraft

Players need to open their preferred Minecraft version folder

Players should right-click the jar file they find inside this folder and select “copy.”

How to make custom textures in minecraft

The jar file for the desired version of Minecraft must be copied by players.

Players must now create a new folder inside the main . minecraft directory. This new folder can be named anything. The copied jar file should then be pasted inside of this folder.

Players must then perform a right-click on the recently pasted jar file and select the “extract to” option. “.

How to make custom textures in minecraft

Players must now select “extract to” from the context menu by right-clicking the pasted jar.

Step ) Open textures folder

Players must find the textures folder after everything has been extracted. You can do this by visiting assets –

Players can choose specific textures they want to edit from this textures folder.

Step ) Edit textures

Now, players can edit any texture they want by simply right-clicking the file and using any editing program to open it. Microsoft paint will do just fine in most cases, however.

Players must remember to save the updated changes made after finishing editing the texture as desired.

Step 5) Create pack.mcmeta file

Return to the folder that contains the base directory of the recently unzipped content (the folder that contains nothing else). A new file needs to be created inside here.

You can do this by performing a right-click inside the directory.

The following must be written inside the new text document:

How to make custom textures in minecraft

Players need to copy this format

For version 1, the pack_fomat number ought to remain at 7. 17, 6 for 1. 16, 5 for 1. 15 and so on.

Step 6) Save pack.mcmeta file

Now, save this file with the precise name “pack.” In Windows, select “All files” and enter “mcmeta” as shown below:

How to make custom textures in minecraft

Pack. mcmeta must be saved in Windows using the “all files” option.

Step 7) Compile the resource pack

Once the pack. After the mcmeta file was successfully saved inside, the final product needed to be assembled.

You can accomplish this by clicking the “assets” folder while holding down the “ctrl” key, and then clicking the mcmeta file while still holding down the “ctrl” key. The next step is for players to use their zipping program (7 zip or winzip, for instance) by right-clicking on either file and selecting “add to archive.”

How to make custom textures in minecraft

The final product needs to now be zipped

That’s it, players should be able to install the newly zipped file just like any other texture pack out there if everything has been done correctly.

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How to make custom textures in minecraft

How To Make A Texture Pack In Minecraft (Easy Guide) | Make A Resource Pack


How do you customize Minecraft textures?

Modify Minecraft Textures: Step-by-Step InstructionsDownload Texture Pack Zip File. Open Minecraft Game. From Main Menu > Options > Resource Packs. Open Resource Pack Folder & Paste . Check “Resource Packs” In Game To Find Texture Pack.

How do I add custom item textures?

Go to Finder>Library>Application Support>minecraft>Texture Packs, and drag your . zip in. By choosing the “mods and texture packs” button from the main menu of Minecraft and clicking on your pack, you can now use your texture pack.

How do you make your own resource pack in Minecraft?

How to make a custom resource pack in Minecraft?Step 1. ) Open . Step 2. ) Extract texture pack files. Step 3. ) Open textures folder. Step 4. ) Edit textures. Step 5) Create pack. mcmeta file. Step 6) Save pack. mcmeta file. Step 7) Compile the resource pack. Also Read: 5 best Minecraft roleplay servers in 2021.

What app makes Minecraft textures?

This gorgeous interface makes designing, creating, editing, and exporting your texture packs using premium tools as simple as ever. Texture Designer for Minecraft is a professional tool for creating Minecraft texture packs.

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