How to make minecraft pe less laggy

How to fix lag in Minecraft Pocket Edition

You must set up your video settings in order to eliminate lag in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Turn off screen animations, beautiful skies, smooth lighting, and fancy graphics in your video settings.

Additionally, you must choose the smallest render distance (6 chunks).

These video settings must be disabled because they are lowering the game’s performance.

If you leave them on, your game might lag.

Hence, you’re compromising performance over graphics.

Due to their outdated processors, older devices typically experience MCPE lag.

You can also use a more modern device if you want to improve the game’s performance.

Here’s how to fix lag in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

Tap on “Settings”

How to make minecraft pe less laggy

Firstly, you need to open Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Upon entering the game, you will see a few buttons.

This includes “Play” and “Settings”.

You must disable certain video settings in order to decrease the lag in Minecraft PE.

You must go to your video settings in order to do this.

Tap on “Settings” to go to your settings.

Turn off screen animations

How to make minecraft pe less laggy

After you’ve tapped on “Settings”, the settings page will open.

On the settings page, you’ll automatically land on “Accessibility”.

On the left sidebar, you’ll see multiple settings.

This includes “Accessibility”, “Controller”, “Profile”, and more.

After reaching the “General” header, continue to scroll down the left sidebar.

Under the “General” header, you’ll see a “Video” setting.

Tap on “Video” to go to your video settings.

You’ll find a number of settings in your video settings, such as “Brightness,” “Camera Perspective,” “HUD Opacity,” and others.

You’ll notice a “Screen Animations” setting above the “HUD Opacity” setting.

First, you must disable the “Screen Animations” setting.

When you switch between UI or menus, the “Screen Animations” setting will start an animation.

Hence, turning it off will boost the performance of MCPE.

Turn off some video settings

How to make minecraft pe less laggy

You must scroll down to the video settings after turning off the “Screen Animations” setting.

Once you’ve scrolled down, you’ll see 4 settings.

This applies to the “Render Clouds,” “Beautiful Skies,” “Smooth Lighting,” and “Fancy Graphics” options.

The “Render Clouds” option enables the graphics of the clouds if it is enabled.

The colors of the sun, moon, clouds, stars, and sky are provided by “Beautiful Skies,” and the lighting is improved by “Smooth Lighting.”

Finally, “Fancy Graphics” improves the game’s graphics.

However, these settings make the game run slower.

Turning off “Render Clouds,” “Beautiful Skies,” “Smooth Lighting,” and “Fancy Graphics” will help Minecraft Pocket Edition run more smoothly.

After you disable those settings, the game will lag less or not at all.

Set render distance to 6 chunks

How to make minecraft pe less laggy

Scroll down your video settings and turn off “Render Clouds,” “Beautiful Skies,” “Smooth Lighting,” and “Fancy Graphics.”

Your video settings will have a “Render Distance” slider at the bottom.

You can adjust the game’s render distance using the slider.

The number of chunks that are discernible from a distance is determined by the render distance.

Any chunk beyond your render distance will have a fog fading it.

The higher the render distance, the more the lag.

On the other hand, lag decreases as render distance increases.

Technically speaking, the higher the frames per second (FPS), the lower the render distance.

Hence, you need to reduce the render distance.

Because it is the smallest, set the render distance to 6 chunks.

Then, exit the settings and start playing the game.

This time, Minecraft PE should function much more smoothly and lag should be minimal.

Why is my Minecraft so laggy in Pocket Edition?

Your video settings are too high, which is why Pocket Edition of Minecraft is so sluggish.

Additionally, it might indicate that you’re connected to a server with little RAM and a lot of traffic.

You might experience lag if a server has insufficient RAM because it cannot handle the traffic.

The server’s owner must upgrade its hosting package to address the lag.

By implementing the advice in this manual, Minecraft PE should stop stuttering.

However, try restarting your device if the game is still lagging.

The game may lag if you’re using an outdated device because of its outdated processor.

Video settings are mainly responsible for the lag.

Consequently, you must disable some of them in order to lessen game lag.

You’ve mastered the technique for resolving lag in the iOS and Android versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)!

The same solutions can be applied to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition’s lag.

How to STOP Lag in Minecraft PE


Why is my Minecraft so laggy PE?

Your video settings are too high, which is the most frequent cause of the lag. The game may lag if your video settings are too high because your device can’t handle it. This is usually the case with older devices. You must set up your video settings in order to lessen the lag.

How do you make Minecraft PE run faster?

The settings that will have the biggest impact should be adjusted first. Decrease resolution. The number of pixels the game is rendered in depends on resolution. Reduce render distance. Set the render distance slider between low and medium to increase FPS. Turn off Vsync. Turn on fullscreen mode.

How do I make Minecraft less laggy?

This might be caused by background programs running or just a lack of processing power to run the game smoothly at your current settings. You can use the debug menu, which is accessible by pressing F3, to check your frame rate in Minecraft: Java Edition.

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