Minecraft Player Creates Working Portals With No Mods

The Overworld, the Nether, and the End are the three “dimensions” available in the video game Minecraft. You’ll spend the majority of your time in the Overworld, which is where every game begins.

You must construct portals to access the other dimensions, or locate the pre-built portals strewn throughout the Overworld.

Introduction: MineCraft Portals! (with No Mods!)

How to make minecraft portals without mods

I’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, and one feature I’ve always wished I could create was teleports. ever since i found Single Player Commands, actually. It had a clever code you could use to teleport to specific locations, and you could even give those places names so you wouldn’t have to remember a bunch of numbers. Although useful, it was a mod and did not function on servers. Then, when Minecraft added the feature, you could use code to teleport to any location, including to other players.

But. you couldnt save waypoints. Additionally, remembering where you parked your house was not as simple as typing in a player’s name. additionally, you needed to be able to use server commands ie, be in creative mode, or an OP. As a result, players who participated in or ran servers where there was a survival mode could not teleport around. sometimes a good thing! but often inconvenient.

Does this mean that we crafters are no longer able to travel at our leisure? Not at all, as Minecraft recently received another addition. To many who have never used them, command blocks are a surprisingly unknown device, but they are strong and incredibly useful. Its purpose is to be a block that, upon receiving a redstone signal, executes a single line of code. lever, button, even a redstone torch. When combined with redstone circuits, you can make automatic dispensers, mob killers, mob spawners, timers, gamemode switches, and even alter the game’s fundamental rules, such as whether explosions destroy objects or not. and my favorite, teleport the player to a location!.

a word of caution if youre a server operator. these things can be dangerous. They are only usable by operators, but if you find one with something up their- er, They can even be used to revoke YOUR op rights, so if you decide to activate them on your server, make sure your ops are trusted. Direct control over the server program itself, however, still has the edge. ).

so lets talk about the setup shall we?

Step 1: Getting Ready for Instant Transmission.

so, the things youll need!

  • a command block. You can’t even purchase these from the creative mode window because they are so potent. The /only/ way to obtain one is by using console commands to spawn one in. use the command: /give player minecraft:command_block, where player is the player’s name and amount is the amount you want to give them. The player receives notch 1 command block by typing /give notch minecraft:command_block 1. Alternatively, you can omit a name and still receive the item.
  • a teleport destination, which is represented by a vector, a three-number variable (X, Y, Z). By going there and pressing F3 on your keyboard, which opens a statistics window with your location in it, you can find the place you want to teleport to. Copy the three numbers (the decimal places don’t matter), then press f3 once more to remove it.
  • youll also need some way to trigger the block. the best methods are those that reset. buttons, pressure plates, and tripwires all work well. however, even levers and redstone torches work. ill be using a pressure plate.

Are you playing on a server world? Then you missed something! Right, ready? Got somewhere you want to go?

You must go into your server properties file and set the enable-command-block setting to true because command blocks are disabled by default on servers as a defense against sneaky ops.

right then! were ready for warp speed!

Step 2: The Setup!

How to make minecraft portals without mods

How to make minecraft portals without mods

How to make minecraft portals without mods

How to make minecraft portals without mods

How to make minecraft portals without mods

actually USING a command block is honestly, cake. Slap one down first, then use your sneak command to position the plate atop the command block (the default is shift). tada!.

of course. its not very subtle. If you bury the command block with your floor, the wooden outline around it will be visible. how do you fix this? using some basic redstone logic. Every time a button, lever, pressure plate, or other device is pressed, the block it is mounted to is energized. This implies that it transfers power to any block that it contacts. So, to activate a command block, you can pretty much use a block of anything!

Sadly, there are only four stealthy pressure plates in the game, so there aren’t many. however, you can at least keep your flooring material a little bit more pristine.

Step 3: It’s All in the Numbers.

How to make minecraft portals without mods

How to make minecraft portals without mods

What comes next—you might be wondering—is the programming of your command block. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult; all of the codes in Minecraft are short, simple sentences with blanks. easy peasy!.

for command blocks, youll want this:

/tp [target player] x=X y=Y z=Z y-rot=YROT x-rot=XROT

To explain this, I’ll just paraphrase from the official Minecraft commands wiki.

Arguments target player (optional) Specifies the targets to be teleported. Either a player name or a target selector (@e may target objects other than players) must be used. If not specified, defaults to the commands user. Not optional in command blocks.

Target player specifies the destinations to which they will be teleported. Either a player name or a target selector (@e may target objects other than players) must be used.

The coordinates to teleport the targets to are specified by x y z. Y must be at least 0 and x and z must be between -30,000,000 and 30,000,000 (exclusive, no commas). To specify a position in relation to the target’s current position, use the tilde symbol.

y-rot (optional) Specifies the horizontal rotation (-180. 0 for due north, -90. 0 for due east, 0. 0 for due south, 90. 0 for due west, to 179. 9 for just west of north, then 180 for a complete turn. 0). To specify a rotation in relation to the target’s previous rotation, use the tilde notation.

x-rot (optional) Specifies the vertical rotation (-90. 0 for straight up to 90. 0 for straight down). To specify a rotation in relation to the target’s previous rotation, use the tilde notation.

still confused? figures. Okay, in plain English, but why is reading explanations of code always so formal and stuffy?

your variables are target player location and rotation. rotation is completely optional. The player will be facing the same way they were when they started if they are left out. When we were gathering supplies earlier, we dug up a value called location. In the code, it would be entered as 50 93 -2001. x=50 y=93 z=-2001 CAN be stated, but it is not necessary in this case. as for target player, that one has some special rules. If this is to be a community teleporter, there has to be a better way. You COULD make it work with a player’s name, but then the teleporter only works for the named player! and there is!.

There are things called target selectors, which are general types, in minecraft commands. @p, which stands for “the nearest player,” is the one we’re interested in. Unless someone is mining under your command block, this will insert the name of the player who stepped on the plate, who is always the closest, into the code.

Consequently, let’s take note of that address and enter it. In my case, the code is /tp @p 813 11 -405.

Step 4: Flaws…..

How to make minecraft portals without mods

It does occasionally happen that a horse will step on your trigger plate and send you flying across the sky. As long as your portal is operational, I suppose you’ll just have to deal with unexpected, impromptu vacations.

Just kidding! Let’s discuss the cause of the issue before describing how to resolve it. our code, “.

/tp @p 813 11 -405″ says this. “Teleport the closest player to this location when the command block receives a signal,” This means that if a hoofed non-player entity (or /any/ entity) triggers the block at random including items if those work for your particular plate. Even if a player is 2,000 blocks away from the block, the game locates them and teleports them to the landing zone. (which is technically impossible because the plate and the command block cannot be triggered in the first place if the closest player is 2000 blocks away.)

We could try setting the target selector to @e, which includes players, cows, creepers, wild horses with stumbling hooves, and arrows among other entities in the code. yes arrows. theyre entities too!.

this means that the trigger-er gets targeted. but it also means that you do. This is not progress. well, we can restrict the selector to a certain number. maybe that will fix this mess.

“/tp @e[c=1] 813 11 -405”

Now that the issue has been resolved, only the mischievous horse is teleported. erm. In your mage’s study, did you really want to dump a pony?

what to do now. Considering that @p already only selects the closest players, we are unable to use the count argument to teleport players. We must find a way to reduce the teleporter’s range so that you won’t be yanked out of your obsidian bathtub.

The radius argument instructs the block to only pull results from within a specified distance, which is useful in this situation. perfect, right? our code now looks like this:

“/tp @p[r=2] 813 11 -415

We increased the radius to two because if you choose to bury the command block underground, the command block won’t be able to detect you at a radius of 1. Now it will only work if a player activated it or was extremely close to it when it was triggered, teleporting only the player who is closest to the location.

welp looks like thats all, i hope yo- wait. whys there a next button down there? theres MORE? D:

Step 5: Tick Tock Tick Tock

How to make minecraft portals without mods

How to make minecraft portals without mods

Why the pressure plate, you object, “if you can just tell it to pick a radius? Can’t we just trigger the portal repeatedly and walk into the range?”

You would be right, pressure plates are now unnecessary because their primary purpose was to localize the portal. which we did with code. If you could somehow trigger the block, you could remove it.

with a clock circuit, for instance. This is a straightforward (or deceptively complex) section of redstone wiring that generates an endless, evenly spaced pulse. This can be used to activate dispensers of arrows, flashing lights, or in our case, the block that repeatedly checks for people to teleport.

The simplest clock I’ve ever seen consisted of two repeaters feeding each other end to end while being set to the same wait period, with a line coming off one of the ends to power your gadgets. The trick, however, is setting it off. You may have tried this alone and found it to be incredibly frustrating because it should work but just doesn’t. Normally, one would place a redstone torch next to this and hope it would turn on. and it does. but it stays on, and doesnt pulse. This DOES imply that you have created a redstone torch! six times the space requirements. efficiency!.

You must create a straightforward setup next to your clock in order to turn it on. find a block that touches the redstone wire connecting the two repeaters, but not underneath it. now move another block away and dig. One more, you’ve dug a channel that is directed at your clock circuit. Place a redstone torch in one of the holes closest to your circuit and a piece of dust in the other. You’ve just powered a block nearby your circuit. One more torch, placed on your powered block, will complete this puzzle. The torch will fill your clock with power before being extinguished by the block below.

If all goes according to plan, your clock should be ticking at an insane rate (speed can be changed using the four tick controls on the repeaters, allowing for almost a full second of waiting at its highest setting). you can extend this with extra paired repeaters!).

Connect this source to your command block, then enter the new, invisible teleport area with confidence.

Step 6: Now Where Did I Put That Portal….

How to make minecraft portals without mods

What could possibly be better than that, then? I believe that cove- what, still not good enough? okay, okay. i still have some tricks i can show. well, tell about. This instructable is lacking in pictures, isn’t it? 😛

Okay, so you have your portal, you’ve automated it, and it is entirely silent. but if you use this on a second story room, you now have a large (relatively speaking) circuit and a block that needs the floor to be three blocks thick in order to conceal the command block.

What if there was a way to move the portal away from the obstruction? can we do that? yep!.

You can instruct the command block to look for the closest player from a specific point as easily as another vector. The portal has been moved entirely to another location, which can be anywhere in render distance, and best of all, the radius argument still functions with it. (It CAN go further, but if it isn’t loaded into the game, it won’t do anything, will it? :P)

the new code looks like this:

/tp @p[x=790,y=4,z=-587,r=2] 813 11 405

An important reminder: The arguments [] box CANNOT contain any spaces. it fails every time without explaining why. which is quite frustrating!.

Remote teleportions like this can only function if the command block is in a loaded chunk, which I should have mentioned earlier. Either it needs to be close to the loaded world spawn (http://www minecraftforum. void-world/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/1537579-function-1-8-perma-loaded-spawn-chunks), or the block must be within the player’s render distance. (They needn’t necessarily be able to see it; all the game needs to do is load it.) ).

Step 7: You Can Do MORE With Portals? O..O

I made this really cool dirt portal door, but if I went and changed your code so that the radius was larger, people get poofed before they even go THROUGH it! T-T!! You cry, “But I don’t Want My Portal to Be Round!

alright, we can fix that. you can also define portals by volume instead of radius. You can choose any square shape for your poofin area, then, because of this. You should always use positive arguments because the volume arguments are additions to the location of your portal. the portals location will always have the lowest numbers. (This is crucial, especially if you’re not altering the portal’s location in code.) because of the fact that this requires that your command block be in this lowest vector location. This means that if your two points are 400, 4, 80 and 400, 10, 85, respectively, the commandblock/coordinates must be 400, 4, 80, and the volume argument must be how far away from that point it is. As a result, the volume for those points would be dx=1,dy=6,dz=5 (I always put at least a 1 if it’s zero).

the code without numbers looks like this now:

/tp @p[x=X,y=Y,z=Z,dx=DX,dy=DY,dz=DZ] X Y Z

I’ve created a dirt portal that is absolutely incredible. What code should I use?

/tp @p[x=762,y=4,z=-586,dx=4,dy=5,dz=1] 813 11 -405

tada! you now have a flat portal. You can even move it away from command blocks like in the step before this or create a cube portal if you so desire. notice that we no longer have an r= radius argument. this is due to the fact that radius and volume are two distinct types of the same thing and do not interact.

Step 8: It’s Mine, Not Yours!

How to make minecraft portals without mods

You don’t want just ANYONE to sneak into your secret lab, so how about limiting its use to someone who has the key?

We are capable of doing this as well, but it requires a different setup. You will require two command blocks, so add a comparator leading away from the command block to your clock circuit. A comparator is similar to a repeater but uses redstone to perform some math. however, if a commandblock is successful, it outputs a signal. stick another on the other end and youre set. and copy your teleport code over to the new block. You’ll also need a dragon egg, which is necessary because it’s a rare item that prevents cheating by other players by keeping them from obtaining it. The system would implement checks for an item’s type and name. Therefore, players could simply go get a hoe, rename it on an anvil, and have their very own key if you used the fabled golden hoe of superkey. (However, they would still have to speculate on the name of the key) XP).

now we could use a new code, called testfor. this is an incredibly complicated, and powerful, bit of code. Its complexity stems from the fact that, in contrast to most Minecraft commands, a LOT of different things can be plugged into it. but. Despite being designed specifically for this, it doesn’t appear to work. It does, of course, but I can’t figure it out, and looking for documentation is challenging. luckily theres a much simpler code we can use! /clear. in the past, clear would remove an item (or everything. ) from a players inventory, which isnt what we want. The second zero should be changed to the number of tickets you want to charge for (unless you want a ticket system! However, you can now set the number of objects to remove to 0, in which case it will only search the player’s inventory for the specified item.

/clear @p[x=762,y=4,z=-586,dx=4,dy=5,dz=1] dragon_egg 0 0 {display:{Name:”Stargate Code”}}

Go ahead and change your dragon_egg’s name to “Stargate Code” and enter the void. poof!.

Step 9: Devious Diversions

How to make minecraft portals without mods

What else can you make with this? Well, using the same portal, you could create a system that transports you to various locations based on the key you possess. or you could impose fees on users of the portal system. or even experience. alternatively, you could create a mob grinder that teleports every mob drop above a waiting hopper.

What if there was a portal that teleported you to your location but teleported anyone else who tried to use it to a dungeon that was waiting for them?

This is actually quite simple; all that is required is a revision to our previous system. What we’re going to do is modify the portal so that it teleports everyone to the dungeon. and after that, we’ll create a second teleporter and use comparators to make that one disable the first if it detects the right key.

Set up a portal first, as we did before, and point it at your dungeon. If the first command block doesn’t contain a command that can fail, the comparator will remain on indefinitely and won’t cause a teleport. To determine whether there is a player inside your portal, the simplest solution is to have this command block use the testfor command.

Hook a comparator to another comparator, then hook that to another command block by sticking a comparator out the side. this block will hold your /tp code. If you don’t use the same parameters as your testfor code, strange things might happen, such as teleportation when you aren’t inside the portal or a smaller portal than the check radius.

the second set of cubes, make another teleport system. This one will be the same as the one we made in the previous step. with one addition. In this system, add a second comparator to a different side of the first command block and pipe its output into the side of the first set’s second comparator. This will enable the second teleport circuit to shut down the first one if its conditions are satisfied (having the right key in your inventory!) when the two teleport circuits execute simultaneously because they run on the same clock.

Step 10: The Boundless World of Portals! (.. Is Yours to Figure Out..)

I believe that should help you understand how to teleport anywhere. There are numerous uses for them and a variety of things you can do with them, including things I haven’t yet covered. but by now, you’ve probably experimented with them on your own and learned how much fun coming up with new code combinations is. so im going to let YOU create the next one.

hope that you had fun and learned something too!

I’ve loaded the save world I used to create this tutorial as one last aid, so you can go in and check things out if you need to.

How to make minecraft portals without mods

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It’s entertaining; I designed it as a trap that causes you to teleport to a mountain when you step on it.

does is work on minecraft pe too???

I haven’t tried anything because I’m new to Minecraft. How do we set up servers? No, I’m not new.

Alternatively, you could enter the command tab by doing /give (then pressing Tab until your name appears). If you dont get it, leave a comment!.

To obtain a command block, type /give [player_name] minecraft:command_block as they have updated some of the commands.

it is soooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can use the /testfor like thus e. It will test for the player xXhydra_Xx and tp him, which is me. Type /tesfor xXhydra_Xx in a command block, add a comparator facing out of it, and then add a repeter going towards the tp cmd block.

Tripwires attached to command blocks with the /tp @p command was what I had in mind, but string placement is challenging due to string’s unpredictable behavior when hitched. still, buncha words, buncha bigger ideas:D (by the way, if you don’t understand, that was meant as a compliment). :P).

It had absolutely nothing to lack, making it the best ible I’ve ever read. Spammed the vote button for ya. ;p.

thank you. ^.^ i hope i didnt leave anything lacking…

i did indeed. Edited step 6 to demonstrate that the command block needs to be loaded in order to work

There are only the ender nether and the over world as portals, uh-oh. :-D.

lol. Since you can’t see it, but a portal is merely a doorway that transports you to another location, what else is it? and with some careful construction, you could definitely make it LOOK like it took you somewhere completely different, like the bottom or the end. :P.

How to Turn ANYTHING INTO A PORTAL in Minecraft! (NO MODS!)


How do you make a simple portal in Minecraft?

On the ground, arrange four blocks in a row. Then, stack four blocks on either side of the row. In order to connect the pillars at the top, use your final two blocks. By rounding the corners, you can create the same portal using only 10 obsidian blocks.

Can you make your own portal in Minecraft?

Place four obsidian blocks on the ground as the first step in creating your Nether Portal. Step 2: Place four blocks of obsidian on top of the left block that is currently on the ground. This creates a column of five blocks. Step 3: Place four obsidian blocks atop the currently lying right block.

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