How to make a Minecraft server on Windows, Mac, or Linux

One of the most played games in the world, Minecraft also has one of the most vibrant creator communities.

Have players joining your server follow the steps below:
  1. In Minecraft, click “Multiplayer.”
  2. Click “Add Server.”
  3. Enter a server name.
  4. Enter the server address. This will be your external IP followed by the port number: 25565 This will look like the address in the image on the right. …
  5. Click Done.

How to make a Minecraft server on Windows, Mac, or Linux

Making a Minecraft server, at its most basic, involves the following steps:

  • Install the latest version of Java

  • Install the latest version of the Minecraft server software

  • Configure your server & network

  • Start the server

  • Check that your server is accessible

  • Make a Minecraft server on your Mac

    Newer versions of MacOS includes Java by default. If you’re running an older version of MacOS (OS X), you may need to download the legacy version of Java from the Apple website.

    Create a folder to contain your Minecraft server files. The decision is entirely up to you; for example, you could make the folder on your desktop.

    Download the server software from the Minecraft website. It comes as a Java .jar file. Save it to the location you chose in the previous step.

    Open TextEdit. Set the format to plain text. Enter the following:

    (Replace {server file name} with the actual server file name.)

    Save the file as start. command in the same folder where the server’s . jar file is located.

    Open the Terminal and grant permissions for the new start. command file so it can be run. Type chmod a+x with a space after the command. Drag and drop the start. command file into the terminal window. Press Enter.

    Note: Port forwarding can be a security risk.

    If you’re just hosting a server for players on your local network, you don’t need to worry about port forwarding. If, however, you want to make your server accessible to the world, you’ll need to enable port forwarding on your router. (To learn more about port forwarding, check out for tutorials.)

    For detailed instructions on how to set up port forwarding for your device, consult the router’s documentation. For Minecraft, you’ll need to forward TCP port 25565.

    Additionally, you must enter the local IP address of your server as the Output IP or Server IP for the forwarded port. This tells the router which device to point at. Open the Terminal and type ifconfig to determine your server’s local IP.

    Double-click the “start. command” file you created in step 3. A Terminal window will open. When you launch the server for the first time, you probably see error messages. This is normal.

    Once the server is up and running, you can invite people to connect by sending them an invitation using either your local IP address if they are on your home network or your external/public IP address if they are not.

    You can find your public IP address by searching for “my ip address” on Google.

    To check if your server is accessible, enter your public IP address into the Minecraft Server Status Checker.

    How to create your own Minecraft server

    The first thing you must do is download the appropriate Minecraft server. There are two server types:

  • Vanilla. That is the classic implementation of the Minecraft server as offered by the developers of the game. Just like Realms, it has restrictions on modes and plugins, but it still allows you to create a more personal and unique experience, and save all the data on your PC or dedicated server.
  • Bukkit. This is a project created by enthusiasts who wanted to break free of Microsoft’s restrictions, and explore Minecraft’s unlimited possibilities with modifications created by third-party developers and fans of the game.
  • These two servers are both accessible online and are free to download.

    Vanilla is available on the official Minecraft website. To work with it, you must download Minecraft Server and launch it via the Java command-line interface.

  • Download and install Java
  • Open the command prompt of your operating system
  • For Windows: select the Start button and type cmd, you’ll see Command Prompt in the list
  • For MacOS: press Command – spacebar to launch Spotlight and type Terminal, then double-click the search result
  • Linux: press Ctrl+Alt+t keys at the same time
  • java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraftserver.1.17.1.jar nogui
  • The next step is to configure your server and figure out how to connect to it. What type of hosting you’ve chosen will determine the procedure.

    To create a Bukkit-server, you’ll need to download Forge and install it. Once it has downloaded, you’ll need to launch it and set up the parameters of the server.

    Your server needs a home in order to be reachable.

    If you have downloaded a server and run it on your computer, it will only be accessible while it is running on your computer. Close the command line while the Minecraft server is running or simply turn off the computer to put an end to your customized Minecraft world.

    Therefore, you require a computer that is always online and available to the players.

    To do this, you can hire a dedicated server from a general hosting company and host your game world on it.

    Once you have remote access to your rented server:

  • Download your chosen Minecraft server onto it
  • Start the server via the Java command java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraftserver.1.17.1.jar nogui
  • Set up your connection parameters, find the IP-address and ports to connect, etc.
  • We agree that it takes some effort to set up your own Minecraft multiplayer server, despite the fact that this is a very popular method for doing so.

    So let’s look at some other solutions.

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    Can you make an online Minecraft server for free?

    If you want to create more than two servers or allow more than 10 players, you can buy credits. As an alternative, you can run a free Minecraft server on your personal computer. You can do this for all versions of Minecraft.

    How do you make a Minecraft server online with friends?

    Open Minecraft and go into the “Multiplayer” tab. Towards the bottom, click on “Add Server”. Enter any name you like under “Server Name,” followed by the server’s IP address and port, and click “Done.” When you press “done,” you’ll return to the multiplayer tab where the server should now be listed.

    How do you make a Minecraft server online with Java?

    Your computer’s IP address is your server IP address in Minecraft. Since your game will serve as the server, others wishing to connect must point their games at yours in order to do so.

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