How to Make an Automatic Piston Door in Minecraft (with Pictures)

You can create almost anything you can imagine in Minecraft. From castles to boats, you can create anything you want. But today, we’re going a little bit smaller, building a straightforward 3×2 piston door.

Piston doors are essential to any Minecraft build. They are easily customizable and give your build a nice automatic feature. Redstone is needed to build the sticky piston door, but don’t worry if you’re not very adept at it; this is the build for you. This tutorial will show you how to create a straightforward piston door with an understandable redstone layout.

You will need to gather some materials in order to construct a 2×3 piston door. Check out the complete list of materials below. Remember that this is only for the door’s basic frame; you can decorate the door area however you like. Have extra blocks on hand because you’ll likely want to add a front and floor area after constructing the door.

Normal pistons with a sticky coating adhere to any attached block. You need a regular piston and a slimeball to make them. These can be difficult to find at first. Slimes that are found in slime chunks and in swamp biomes will drop slimeballs.

You are responsible for the remaining decorating. To give it a Nether feel, the example above uses crimson wood, quartz, and netherite blocks, but feel free to use any material you like! If you decide to build this underground, you can use the existing ground as a foundation.

Sweet and Simple Minecraft 1×2

A 1×2 design (or a single door) is the most basic piston door configuration. This design opens and closes the door using sticky pistons, two-door blocks, Redstone, and a pressure plate or lever.

The sticky pistons are attached to the two blocks serving as the door in order for this piston door to function. The door closes when the sticky pistons are extended, and opens when they are compressed. All players need to do is use Redstone to connect the sticky pistons to the opening switch.

Place two sticky pistons two blocks from where the door should be to begin. Make sure the sticky side is facing the door location. Attach the two-door blocks to the pistons.

Connect the pistons to a lever using Redstone. Flip the lever so the pistons extend. Now that the door should be closed, players can simply pull the lever to open it.

This door device can be made quickly and easily with just a few simple materials. For instructions on how to construct this door using a pressure plate rather than a lever, watch the video up top.

Minecraft’s favorite – The 2×2

The 2×2 piston door is likely the most widely used type of piston door in Minecraft. It isn’t that much more complex than the original 1×2 design, and it looks cooler than the 1×2.

Redstone dust, four sticky pistons, two Redstone torches, four pressure plates, and a few extra blocks of the player’s choice are required to construct a 2×2 piston door.

Step #1 – Dig a hole

Making a 2×3 hole and digging down two blocks deep is the first step. Then, extend the hole 2 blocks in both directions on the long side, making sure that it is also 2 blocks deep. It should look like this.

How to make piston doors in minecraft

Beginning hole ( via YouTube)

Step #2 – Loving the Redstone

Fill each block with Redstone dust and place it along the hole’s bottom. Then on each of the wings, remove a single block and install a Redstone torch there. Players should choose a block to cover the Redstone torch with before adding Redstone dust on top of the block.

Step #3 – Covering the contraption

After filling in the remaining portion of the hole with the block of their choice, players should position 2 sticky pistons next to the block with Redstone dust on both sides. The sticky pistons should extend out immediately upon placement. Make sure the door blocks are positioned over the sticky pistons.

Step #4 – Add the switches

In order to allow access from either side, the door can be opened in the final step by adding pressure plates immediately before and after the door. The door ought to momentarily open when the player presses down on the pressure plates. Follow the Minecraft video above for further instructions.

The Minecraft flush door

The most difficult and frequently most desired Minecraft piston door on this list is the piston flush door. The flush door is unique because it blends in with the wall. Due to their excellent environment integration, these doors in Minecraft are the simplest to conceal. Due to the flush door’s complexity, players should pay close attention to the instructions.

Step #1 – Sticky Piston Placement

Setting up 2×2 vertical sticky pistons facing the wall is the first step in installing the flush door. After that, position 1×2 vertical sticky pistons facing the door and connect them to the other sticky pistons on the opposite side. Be sure to duplicate the design on the opposite side and leave two blocks for the door. Simply place another sticky piston on top of the 1×1 on one side, as shown.

How to make piston doors in minecraft

Piston design ( via YouTube)

Step #2 – Adding the block

The final step is for players to complete the square by attaching the door block to the empty space. The final piston contraption should look like this.

How to make piston doors in minecraft

Pistons with a block ( via YouTube)

Step #3 – Redstone Repeaters

After that, players should line the pistons’ exterior with stone bricks. Then attach 3 Redstone repeaters facing parallel with the pistons. It should look like this.

How to make piston doors in minecraft

Redstone repeaters placement ( via YouTube)

Step #4 – Connecting the Redstone

Then construct a stone brick staircase-like line going up, and make sure to also cover the tops of the pistons with stone brick. Connect Redstone from the repeaters crossing the staircase to the pistons all over.

Place Redstone repeaters over one of the pistons and at the top of the staircase. Players should right-click these repeaters 3 times. It should look like this.

How to make piston doors in minecraft

Repeaters and Redstone in Minecraft ( via YouTube)

Step #5 – Making it work

Then, close to the pistons, players should attach a lever to the side with Redstone repeaters.

Step #6 – Redstone Torches

Players should then enter through the entrance, dig down two blocks, and place two Redstone torches there.

The minecraft player needs to dig down one block and then advance one block. Two Redstone repeaters should be positioned here, facing the Redstone torches. The next step is for players to add Redstone dust to the repeaters, then add that to another Redstone torch. The side of the first stair block should have this final Redstone torch lit. It should look like this.

How to make piston doors in minecraft

Where to place the Redstone torch ( via YouTube)

The only thing left to do is pull the lever, then cover the flush door. The Minecraft door will open every time the player pulls the lever.

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How do you make a 3×3 flush piston door in Minecraft?

The 2×2 is a favorite block in Minecraft. To create a 2×2 piston door, players will require Redstone dust, four sticky pistons, two Redstone torches, four pressure plates, and a few additional blocks of their choice.

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