How to make sure minecraft is using gpu

Let’s face it: you want Minecraft to run more smoothly by making use of the strong GPU that is installed on your computer. However, how can one force Minecraft to use a graphics processing unit? That is what this article is all about.

You can learn about the most practical solutions to the “Minecraft not using GPU” problem here. I’m confident that by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be well-informed about how to play Minecraft more effectively by using your dedicated GPU.

Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the context menu. On the Processes tab, look for Minecraft

Minecrafter (plural Minecrafters) (video games) A person who plays the game Minecraft. › Minecrafter

. Select it and check the GPU Engine column. It should read GPU 1 to indicate it is using the GPU and not the on-board graphics card.

Why is my GPU not being used in Minecraft?

Here are a few explanations for why your PC’s GPU isn’t being used by Minecraft:

  • Because of incorrect graphic settings.
  • You haven’t updated the graphics driver.
  • Dual graphic cards could also cause this issue.
  • The default graphics card is not the dedicated GPU, which you have chosen.
  • There is some bug in the installed version of Minecraft.

Is Minecraft CPU or GPU intensive?

Well, the popular Minecraft game isn’t GPU intensive. However, having a better GPU won’t hurt much. Notably, Minecraft is more CPU intensive.

Therefore, any computer with an integrated GPU can run Minecraft without any issues. There might be a few hiccups here and there, but they are very simple to fix.

Quick Tip

You should first try updating your drivers before implementing the next fixes. Fortunately, DriverFix is a specialized program that gives you a complete scan of your PC and identifies out-of-date drivers that could result in serious errors.

You can view your complete list of drivers and your results are displayed in a pop-up summary. From there, DriverFix searches its enormous database for the most recent iterations of your outdated drivers and promptly updates them to improve the health of your device.

How to make sure minecraft is using gpu

How do I fix Minecraft not using GPU?

  • Right-click the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Select Manage 3D Settings on the left of the window.
  • On the Global Settings tab, select the High-performance NVIDIA processor option.
  • To choose the NVIDIA GPU, more specifically for Minecraft, click the Program Settings tab.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Click Browse on the Add window.
  • Then open the Minecraft folder in the Add window.
  • Open Minecraft’s bin subfolder.
  • Select Javaw.exe in the bin folder.
  • Then click the Open option.
  • With the Javaw. Select the preferred graphics card for this program from the drop-down menu after choosing the exe path.
  • Select the High-performance NVIDIA processor option.
  • Press the Apply button.

Note: A context menu option called “High-performance NVIDIA processor” is available to users of NVIDIA laptops. Right-click Minecraft’s icon to open its context menu.

then choose the Run with Graphics processor context menu submenu’s High-performance NVIDIA processor option.

Select the AMD GPU

  • Right-click the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings.
  • Then click the System tab.
  • Click the Switchable Graphics tab.
  • To view a list of your installed programs, select the Installed Profile Applications option.
  • Click the Browse option to select Javaw.exe for Minecraft.
  • Click Javaw. exe to select the High-Performance option for the discrete GPU.

Select the High-Performance GPU via Settings

  • Open the Start menu and click on the Graphics Settings item.
  • If you purchased Minecraft from the Microsoft Store, choose the Universal app.
  • Click the Select an app menu to select Minecraft.
  • Click the Options button for Minecraft.
  • Select the High-performance radio button.
  • Press the Save button.

How do I fix Minecraft not using GPU on Windows 11?

The above solutions also apply to Windows 11 PCs. If none of the aforementioned fixes the issue, you can choose from the following more sophisticated solutions.

  • Reinstall Minecraft.
  • Reinstall the graphics driver on your PC.
  • Reset your PC.
  • Check for Windows updates.

Why is Minecraft barely using CPU?

Check to see if there isn’t a limit if Minecraft isn’t using enough CPU. Additionally, it might be a one-time issue, in which case restarting Minecraft might help.

If the issue persists, make sure you have enough RAM installed because Minecraft won’t function properly without it and won’t even barely use the CPU if you don’t.

Additionally, keep in mind that the GPU, rather than the CPU, is used to render graphics in video games. Therefore, as long as the game runs without any issues, a low CPU consumption in Minecraft is not a major concern.

On the other hand, if performance appears to be suffering, check the graphics settings and reset them to default, or reinstall Java.

How much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft?

  • Open the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click on the Installations tab.
  • Navigate to the Minecraft version with your mouse and select the 3-dot icon.
  • Select Edit.
  • Click on More Options at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will see a command beginning with -Xmx2G under the JVM Arguments field.
  • Change the text’s 2G to 4G, which will give Minecraft 4GB of RAM.

Therefore, that is how you can set up Minecraft to use a discrete GPU rather than the integrated one. When you play Minecraft, the graphics will run more smoothly.

Similar dual GPU graphics configuration options are available for other games as well.

How To Run Minecraft On Your GPU Instead Of Your CPU!


How do I make my Minecraft use GPU?

Select Manage 3D Settings on the left of the window. Choose High-performance NVIDIA processor from the Preferred graphics processor drop-down menu on the Global Settings tab to use NVIDIA GPU for all games. Click the Program Settings tab to more specifically choose the NVIDIA GPU for Minecraft.

How do I make Minecraft run on GPU instead of CPU?

Minecraft is being bottlenecked by your CPU or RAM. This will cause you to lag. It will appear that Minecraft is lagging because it is only using a small portion of your GPU, but if you have a GPU that minecraft doesn’t need the entire thing to run at your framerates cap (can be adjusted in the video settings menu),

Why is Minecraft not utilizing my GPU fully?

Right click on the desktop and select [NVIDIA Control Panel]. Check [Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area] after selecting [View] or [Desktop] in the tool bar (the option depends on the driver version). Mouse over the “GPU Activity” icon in the Windows taskbar to view the list.

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