How to make the best sword in minecraft

The most powerful weapons available in Minecraft are enchanted swords. When it comes to surviving in any Minecraft world, they are an absolute necessity in any serious player’s first inventory slot.

More enchantments are being added to the game as it goes along to use on players’ swords. This is making them even more overpowered.

Here are the top five enchantments that players in any Minecraft world should make sure they have on their sword. Any PvP conflict or mob ambush will end with victory thanks to these enchantments.

To make a netherite sword, craft a diamond sword and put it on a smithing bench. From there, combine it with a single netherite ingot. This will create a netherite sword. This process also works on diamond picks, shovels, axes, and hoes.

Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments

It’s important to note how the enchantment system functions in the vast world of Minecraft. Enchants are essentially extra benefits that can be added to various items, including the axe, crossbow, bow, sword, armor, and others. Each enchantment works differently.

For instance, the crossbow’s “Piercing” enchantment damages enemies before it pierces them. Compared to the “Multishot” enchantment, which allows you to fire three arrows simultaneously rather than just one, this is quite distinctive.

But creating an Enchantment Table is a requirement for enchanting. Additionally, the game’s Lapis Lazuli component is required to enchant certain materials. Depending on the enchantment and the item you’re attempting to enchant, the amount of this component will vary. Lastly, you will need Experience Levels as well. You earn experience points by tampering with the world of Minecraft, taking down adversaries, crafting, mining, and smelting.

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However, you must place “Bookshelves” all around the Enchantment Table in order to raise your Experience Level. “The more bookshelves you have, the more experienced you are.”

The following background shows a dozen bookcases positioned around the Enchantment Table.

How to make the best sword in minecraft

Therefore, you must first complete the prerequisites in order to apply the best sword enchantments in the game. Without further ado, let’s get right to the purpose of the article since we’re fairly certain you’ve covered everything.

  • Be advised that the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment only works with the bow and not the sword or axe.

Sharpness – Best for Overall Melee Damage

How to make the best sword in minecraft

Many people can easily dispatch NPC enemies with a sword, but if you’re up against human enemies, you’re going to need an edge. A regular Netherite sword in Minecraft causes 8 base damage. Accordingly, enemy hordes will take three hits before they fall to the ground. Sharpness is the best option if you want to increase your melee base damage. Simply put, it’s one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft to dispatch anyone in your path quickly.

As stated earlier, you need Experience Levels in order to apply enchantments. This parameter determines the level of your enchantment. The highest level of the Sharpness enchantment is 5. Your melee damage increases by a factor of 0 with each level. 5.

Therefore, while wearing the Sharpness enchantment, you can increase base damage up to a maximum of 11. A weapon with the buff in question dispatches mobs in two strikes as opposed to the two hits required by a regular Netherite sword in the game.

In multiplayer settings, this can give you the advantage you need to prevail. You can have a fairly balanced sword in your arsenal that won’t let you down any time soon if you combine it with the other enchantments on the list that follow this one.

Unbreaking – Best for Durability

How to make the best sword in minecraft

In Minecraft, tools, armor, and other items do not last forever. Each entity in the game that can be used by players has a certain level of toughness. If you continue to use that item for too long, it will undoubtedly break. It’s good to know that most game items can be repaired, especially Diamond swords, which are top-tier. Although they are a level higher than the latter, Netherite swords aren’t particularly abundantly renewable items. They are helpful when mining blocks like melons, cobwebs, pumpkins, and others, but you still need to use them sparingly.

This is where the Unbreaking enchantment enters the picture, performing the action implied by its name. Although it has a similar end goal to the Mending perk, which has also earned a spot later in the article, there is one key distinction that distinguishes the two.

You can gain experience in the game, also known as XP points, by killing enemies and mining farms. Your experience points won’t be used by the Unbreaking enchant to make your weapon more durable.

Instead, it will merely lessen the likelihood that your sword’s durability will be compromised. That is how Unbreaking will fulfill its obligation to give players a definitive Minecraft experience.

The maximum level of this enchant goes up to III. Sporting the highest level of Unbreaking will make you eligible for a 70% chance of no durability reduction This makes this benefit one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft that can help you maintain your favorite weapons over the long term.

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Sweeping Edge – Best For Sweep Attacks

How to make the best sword in minecraft

Minecraft can get pretty extensive. There are numerous ways to enjoy this block-based IP and play the game. Additionally, this is what made it the most lucrative video game franchise ever. The point we’re trying to make is that you’re going to need all the assistance you can get when you’re out and about in a hardcore map that’s teeming with enemies. That’s where Sweeping Edge comes in—a blatantly obvious perk that increases your sword’s sweep damage.

The advantage that this enchantment gives you is nothing to sleep on, despite the fact that players may not initially find it appealing. In Hardcore Mode, you are confined to a map on a difficult setting, and if you die, the game is effectively over.

Players with experience will be aware that there is no room for respawns and that you only get one shot here. Due to its wide range of effects, Sweeping Edge quickly distinguishes itself as one of the best Minecraft sword enchantments.

When you have the Sweeping Edge enchantment on, it will be simpler for you to slash away Creepers if you find yourself in a tight spot. For instance, the Sweeping Edge perk will only require 2-3 strikes to kill a row of three enemies if a standard Netherite sword with no equipped enchant requires 4-5 sweeps.

This enchantment should be among the top contenders for completely succeeding in everything you encounter in Minecraft. You can level up to III with this buff, so for the best results, make sure you have the necessary experience levels.

  • Last but not least, it’s crucial to understand that the Sweeping Edge enchantment is currently only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft. There are plans for the perk to appear on the Bedrock Edition as well, but those are things for the future.

Knockback – Best for Pushing Enemies Away

How to make the best sword in minecraft

A situation-specific enchantment called knockback has the potential to be very effective when used properly. While playing Minecraft, a variety of situations may arise, one of which may require you to avoid getting too close to hostile creatures.

Use the Knockback enchant to put a lot of space between you and the enemy when you don’t want to pick a fight and want to avoid getting into physical fights. Even though this perk isn’t the most lavish of them all, as we already mentioned, it can be useful in some situations.

The maximum level that Knockback can reach is II. The first level moves the opposition 3 blocks away from you, while the second and highest levels separate the two sides by 6 blocks.

Additionally, the enchant’s effects are slightly amplified when you attack while sprinting to provide more knockback distance. To remove armor stands, you can actually use this enchantment if you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition. The Bedrock version of the game, however, belies this claim.

The rest of the scene is basically clockwork. Using the anvil or the enchantment table, you can apply the knockback enchantment to your sword. Knockback is the best Minecraft sword enchantment for the job if you’re playing in Survival Mode with friends for fun and swearing not to engage in violence.

Fire Aspect – Best for Elemental Damage

How to make the best sword in minecraft

Fire Aspect is yet another outstanding sword enchantment in Minecraft that allows you to defeat your opponents. Another less-discussed benefit of dealing damage while wearing the Fire Aspect perk is the confusion it causes for the target of the blows. We’ll get to this shortly. The other player’s screen bursts into flames, creating chaos and leaving them disoriented and at your mercy. Keep in mind that this is obviously best suited for Player vs. Player (PvP) settings as you consider this.

Even though Minecraft is created digitally and in 3D, if we concentrate on certain aspects (excuse the pun), it can actually become quite realistic.

Food consumption in Survival Mode is discussed in order to reduce hunger and hunger saturation points. Moving forward while using this crucial entity will not benefit you in the game, so you must be cautious. The good news is that Fire Aspect forces any mob that typically drops raw meat to drop cooked meat instead.

You don’t want your character to get food poisoning while playing Minecraft because eating raw meat can cause this. You don’t need to cook the food you drop because the Fire Aspect enchantment magically does that for you.

Lastly, the maximum level of this perk is II. Any opposing mob receives 4 seconds of burning from the first level, while 8 seconds are dealt by the second level. Consequently, the damage ranged between 3 and 7 depending on the enchantment’s level.

There’s no reason to pass up what happens to be one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft since elemental damage is always a useful quality to have in any multiplayer game.

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Looting – Best for More Drops (Duh)

How to make the best sword in minecraft

In order to build your character and have the best loot possible, you must play the game of Minecraft. You mine, scavenge, and craft only in order to obtain better loot and to improve your own appearance, sensation, and performance. The latter claim is convincingly supported by the Looting enchantment. If you’re searching for the best game items, it’s definitely a buff to keep an eye out for.

There are a variety of common, uncommon, and rare drops in the game, as is well known. Killing mobs without Looting equipped on your sword will give you a 50% chance of receiving drops The loot might be uncommon or common. Although you can significantly change the odds in your favor and force the game to give you more frequent and uncommon drops when you have this perk equipped.

The maximum level of this enchantment is III. This indicates that uncommon drops will have a 34 chance to appear compared to a regular Netherite sword. Basically, the enchantment works by increasing the number of times a drop will attempt to occur. That sounds a bit off, so let us explain it.

Whenever you cut down a mob, there%E2%80%99s a 50% chance you%E2%80%99ll get loot out of it The looting enchantment will attempt to yield a drop of the enemy’s blood one more time if the precalculations predict that you won’t. Even though it’s still possible that you won’t receive any drops, having two chances rather than just one is much better.

Smite – Best for Undead Mobs

How to make the best sword in minecraft

The living and the inanimate abound in the world of Minecraft. A significant number of undead enemies make the game more interesting and fun. If you want to have the best chance of winning when fighting a horde of zombies or skeletons in the game, you should equip Smite on your sword. To deal with inanimate objects, this is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft.

Imagine yourself strolling through a challenging game map on a sunny afternoon. Up until you see a horde of skeletal withers charging at you with full force, everything is amusing. You have two options: either leave the area of conflict or hold your ground while drawing your Smite-encrusted sword.

You’d better believe that from that point forward, only one thing can happen, and it won’t be your character’s demise. The following notable foes can also be smitten mercilessly by this enchant:

  • Zombies
  • Zombie Villagers
  • Withers
  • Zombie piglins
  • Zombie horses
  • Strays
  • Drowned
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Phantoms
  • Husks
  • Zoglins

Smite’s one significant drawback is that it cannot be combined with the aforementioned Sharpness enchant. It is customary (and wise) to offer swords with a variety of potent enchantments.

Players frequently choose Sharpness as their default enchantment to balance and increase the damage that swords deal in equal measure. However, it’s best if you dive in prepared with the powerful Smite enchantment if taking care of the undead is your primary objective.

The maximum attainable level of this enchant is V. Each level lets you deal an additional 2. 5 damage to enemy mobs.

As a result, using Smite V on a Netherite sword with 8 base damage will allow you to deal 20 damage. 5 damage effortlessly. This is an undeniable advantage that eliminates the undead from your field of vision like day and night.

Bane of Arthropods – Best for Insect Mobs

How to make the best sword in minecraft

The old definition of “bane” is something that kills, specifically a poison. Being the bane of arthropods requires doing something noteworthy to incite the opposition, which is fortunately what this epic Smite enchantment is doing.

Arthropods, which are essentially insects, spiders, centipedes, and even scorpions, are present in contrast. Therefore, when you combine the two terms, it becomes crystal clear what this enchant is meant to achieve, doesn’t it?

You’re going to need all the assistance you can get when fighting those menacing creatures in your typical Overworld biomes if you want to dispatch any eight-legged foe quickly. When circumstances like that arise, Bane of Arthropods’ actions in the best sword enchantments in Minecraft are readily apparent.

Spiders, cave spiders, endermites, and silverfish are simple adversaries to defeat when you have this perk ready to go wild. Just remember to keep the enchantment with you at all times for the best results.

The Bane of Arthropods can only ascend to level V. Attack damage doubles every level, by a factor of 2. 5. If you have a Netherite sword and have upgraded your enchantment to the highest level, you will deal at least 20 damage. 5 damage per hit.

The enchant also applies Slowness to your enemy, which slows down their movement speed, as a bonus. The Bane of Arthropods’ strength determines how long the effect lasts.

Simply put, Slowness is an extra benefit that few other enchantments at the moment provide. For the best chances against enemy mobs, you’ll definitely need this enchant when exploring caves and beehives.

Mending – Best for Durability Using XP

How to make the best sword in minecraft

In the Unbreaking section, we already discussed how you won’t always have access to tools, armor, and weapons. You must keep an eye on the durability of your useful items because they will eventually wear out with continued use. Fortunately, some of the top Minecraft sword enchantments can make that possible for us without much effort. What remains now that we’ve already discussed Unbreaking is Mending. Another clever enchant with a different mechanism from its similar counterpart

Unlike Unbreaking, Mending restores your sword’s durability by using experience points you’ve earned.

Here, the price is equal to one experience point for every two durability points. It doesn’t matter where you got the experience from. The best sword in Minecraft will always be ready for use thanks to the Mending enchantment, whether it was used for killing enemies, working on farms or crafting items.

It can be difficult for newcomers and casual players to focus on this enchantment at first. For straightforward instructions, it is advisable to look at the How to Find Mending in Minecraft guide. With an enchantment this good, you can’t really go wrong, but wait until you read the next entry.

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Curse of Vanishing – Best for Loot Prevention

How to make the best sword in minecraft

There will be no less than a case of shock and awe in the final item on this list. Most people consider the Curse of Vanishing enchantment to be a notorious perk, but few realize the value of this tiny champion.

It’s not your typical damage-increasing enchant that you can use to slay mobs as you go about your business. It’s something more suited to Player vs. Player (PvP) conflicts that enables you to prevail despite defeat. Didn’t get that, did you? Let us explain.

The primary goal of the Curse of Vanishing is to stop your loot from dropping when you die in multiplayer mode at the hands of an enemy player. Anyone who is even remotely interested will not spare the drops you leave on the ground.

Therefore, if you have already decided to march into battle, get ready with this enchantment first to eliminate any possibility of sharing. Why not dispose of your hard-earned loot and leave the area without caring? There is no reason why your rival player should be able to use it up.

The Curse of Vanishing can be upgraded up to level I, so you won’t be doing that. If you don’t already have the game’s Java Edition, you can purchase it through trading. However, in other versions of Minecraft, you can only obtain the enchantment through fishing and chest loot.

In the single-player mode, avoid using the enchant on the hardest setting. Curse of Vanishing is useless because it prevents you from respawning after death.

Advantages Of Using Sword Enchantments In Minecraft

It will be very difficult for you to defeat swarms of enemies and mobs in Minecraft if you have not enchanted your sword. Furthermore, killing mobs and griefers without any enchantments on your weapon takes a very long time. As a result, applying enchantments to your bows and swords will make it easier for you to defeat enemies. The following are additional benefits of enchanting your sword in Minecraft.

  • Collecting resources is a crucial part of Minecraft. Additionally, building houses, mining ores, and felling enormous trees are all central to the game of Minecraft. They will drop materials like gold nuggets, sticks, or even iron ore when fighting the mobs.
  • Additionally, having some of the best sword enchantment will help you loot the mobs and monsters in Minecraft so that you can level up quickly. Use enchantments on your gear and weapons if you don’t want mobs to invade your Minecraft home.
  • Your chances of triumphing over numerous foes rise if you’re using some of the best sword enchantments. There is a greater chance to deal critical hits to enemies the more potent your enchantment is.
  • Additionally, you won’t need to worry if you damage your weapon because the sword will repair itself.
  • It should be noted that you can only use a maximum of 8 enchantments on bows and swords. You can use an enchanted book to raise the level of your sword’s enchantment.
  • A sword can be enchanted with ten different types of magic, and the performance of a sword is greatly influenced by its sharpness.

When you’re using the appropriate weapons and enchantments, Minecraft can become incredibly enjoyable. Should you ever have the opportunity to enter one of these scenarios, the developer has created various versions of these benefits for it. The best Minecraft sword enchantments are equipped and ready for use by a smart player because they have anticipated any disaster and prepared for it beforehand.

This article discussed the most powerful game buffs that can transform your character from zero to a hero. Try each of the enchantments on the list and conduct your own experiments to determine which combinations will enhance your performance the most. If you used this guide to create the best Minecraft enchanted sword, please let us know in the comments section. For now, happy gaming!.

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow to Make the Best Enchanted Diamond Sword in Minecraft?

By using the Enchantment Table and applying enchants to it, you can enchant the best sword in Minecraft. The best sword in Minecraft is the Netherite with five equipped enchantments. What Are the Best Enchantments for a Sword in Minecraft?.

Applying the top enchantments to it, such as Unbreaking III, Sharpness V, Looting III, Mending, and Sweeping Edge III, will enable you to create the best enchanted diamond sword in Minecraft. How Do You Get the Best Enchantments in Minecraft?.

In Minecraft, the enchantments Sharpness, Fire Aspect, Looting, Sweeping Edge, Knockback, and Smite are the best ones for swords. Use Sharpness for a great overall experience.

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What is the best enchantment for a sword in Minecraft?

Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments (2022)
  • Looting.
  • Unbreaking.
  • Mending.
  • Curse of Vanishing.
  • Knockback.
  • Sharpness.
  • Smite.
  • Bane of Arthropods.

How do you make a god sword in Minecraft?

To create a weapon with 1000 Sharpness in Minecraft, use the standard syntax “/give @p.” This command can also be used on other things that can be enchanted with sharpness, like axes. The Sharpness level can also be increased.

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