Mining is a key part of the Minecraft survival experience. Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran of the crafting world, understanding the basics of mining and how to best use the resources you find is an essential part of playing Minecraft. With the launch of Season 6 of Minecraft, there is a whole new set of blocks, items, and biomes to explore and exploit. As such, it is important to know the best techniques for mining in Minecraft in order to get the best resources available. This blog post will provide an overview of the changes in Minecraft Season 6 and some tips for efficient mining. It will also cover specific techniques for mining the various blocks, ores, and other resources found in the game. Through this comprehensive guide, you will be able to make the most of the resources available in Minecraft Season 6.

The vanilla world’s size is 750×750 blocks, but it can be increased by completing server-wide team-based tasks. The spawn town market’s vendors provide access to fundamental resources. Additionally, plugins that enhance numerous aspects of the base game, such as farming, combat, and more, have been added to provide a fresh take on the standard SMP experience.

We created a unique playing experience featuring custom landscapes spreading over 3,500 by 3,500 blocks, and dungeons featuring custom mobs, attacks, and puzzles Players could interact with different NPCs inside the spawn town to buy and sell goods or even send them on protracted quests. A unique mission system was introduced to encourage world exploration.

Returned From Season 3

Hermit YouTube Playlist
Keralis Playlist Webpage

Returned From Previous Season

Name YouTube Channel
xBCrafted Playlist Webpage

Whitelisted But Did Not Join

  • World Border: Located East at x=6,000 beyond the mining areas; this was broken by Xisumavoid using command blocks in the transition to 1.14.
  • Mob Heads: Every mob could drop its head (including 1.13 and 1.14 mobs).
  • 1-Player Sleeping: New improved advancement system by Plagiatus.
  • Silence Mobs: A feature to stop entities making sounds.
  • Rare Gems: Five different gems could be found in dungeon chests to trade with custom villagers who would give Hermits access to player heads and custom textured heads (ex. Chicken head, Grian head etc). The Gems did not generate anymore in 1.14.
  • Ender Dragon: Drops Elytra and dragon egg on death.
  • Shulkers : Drop two shells on death.
  • Custom Crafting : Stairs yield the correct amount for wood used. Any color wool can be dyed. Clay & Glass can be dyed from any colour, they can also be undyed with ice.
  • Wrench: A custom tool that rotates glazed terracotta/redstone components when building with it.
  • Custom Armour Stands: A book to manipulate poses and other features.
  • Gamerules

  • Max-entity cramming is default and fire spread is off.
  • WORLD TOUR! – How To Minecraft #26 (Season 6)

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