How to move a fullscreen game to the second monitor?

How to Move a Fullscreen Game Window to Another Monitor in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

How to move a fullscreen game to another monitor?

  • Right-click your desktop and choose Display Settings.
  • Click the Identify button to observe how the displays are numbered.
  • Scroll down to the Multiple-display section and click on the drop-down list.
  • Choose the number of the monitor identified in the steps before that you want to use to display the game.
  • This is a pretty simple solution, but it works. If you want more options while gaming on multiple displays, we suggest using the DisplayFusion software.

  • Launch League of Legends
  • Navigate to Display/Video Settings.
  • Look for Display Mode setting.
  • Change it to Window or Borderless Window and save changes.
  • Next, drag the game window to your preferred monitor.
  • Change the preferred monitor to primary, and set as priority.
  • For more information, we suggest checking our guide on how to open Steam games in windowed mode.

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    1.3 Set the second monitor as the primary monitor

  • Plug the second monitor to your computer.
  • Right-click your desktop and choose Display settings from the menu.
  • The Display Settings window will open next, scroll till you find Multiple Displays, and select the second monitor.
  • When you select the second monitor, a checkbox will appear labeled to Make this my main display.
  • Ensure you select the checkbox to finish up the procedure.
  • 4. Move a full screen game to a second monitor with keyboard shortcuts

    4.1 Use move window shortcut

  • Make sure that your game is running.
  • Now press Windows key + Shift + Left or Right arrow to move the window.
  • Your window should now appear on the second screen.
  • 2. Set the Second Monitor as a Primary Monitor

  • First, you will plug the second monitor you will be using on your computer.
  • Next, navigate to the windows menu by hitting the windows key.
  • When windows menu displays, you will see the search toolbar—type Display Settings.
  • Among the returned search results, you will see the Display Settings icon. Click on it to open a new window.
  • Select the Identify button to see how the displays are numbered.
  • Click the Identify button to observe how the monitors are numbered and select the monitor you want the game to display on.
  • Next, scroll down to find the Multiple Display option below.
  • Click on it when you see it. A checkbox will appear labeled Make this my main display.
  • Make sure to click on the checkbox to finish the procedure.
  • Why won’t my game run on the second display in fullscreen?

    Most applications, including games, will start on your primary monitor when you launch them. This is the default behavior on Windows, and it can’t be changed.

    If you want to start your game on a second display, you need to set it as your default screen, and it should work without any problems.

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