How to Move Villagers in Minecraft

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Players simply need to craft their boats and bump into the villager until they collide with a placed boat. Once the villager is popped into the boat, they can be whisked to their next destination. The player can then break the boat and allow the villager to disembark to their new location.

Boats and ice roads[]

Unexpectedly, one of the game’s fastest means of transportation involves a boat on solid ground. Boats on any type of ice block can be handled as easily as if they were on the water, and because the ice is so slippery, they can move at great speeds. The type of ice used can also affect how fast the boat travels; normal ice travels at the slowest speed, while packed ice travels in the middle and blue ice travels at the fastest speed. However, as the player needs a lot of ice, blocks to keep the boat on course, and other materials if they want to decorate the track, this may be the method in the game that requires the most resources and time to complete. Additionally, running into mobs—especially hostile ones—can be a significant risk.

Minecraft villagers are a big part of the game. They give players access to trades and a number of other features; protecting a village and establishing a community is always fun. However, since villagers cannot be attached to leads like animals can, moving them around is much more difficult. This article will outline the best techniques for moving villagers in Minecraft.

Using a boat is the simplest way to move villagers in Minecraft. When a villager is walking, construct a boat and place it in front of it. Drive it to the desired location once it has boarded the boat. Even though moving a boat on land takes some time, it would become the speediest mode of transportation if you had access to flowing water.

Although this method is fairly expensive as well, at least it is quick. Finding one or more zombies and being chased are the first steps. Keep running to the location you want them to be. and when you do, use a Splash Potion of Weakness to attack them. Feed the zombies Enchanted Golden Apples to cure them.

Basically, the interaction between Soul Sand and Magma Block while submerged is how this water elevator functions. While Magma pulls any underwater entity down, Soul Sand releases bubbles that lift any entity up. You have more air to breathe thanks to the bubbles that Soul Sand and Magma produce. To make this work, though, all of the water blocks in your elevator must be source blocks.

Actually, using the Nether portal is a simple way to teleport between bases. Every time a player travels through the Nether, they travel through the Overworld in the same direction for about eight blocks. This means that using the Nether portal along with any other form of transportation will speed up travel between bases in the Overworld by a factor of 8.


Llamas are notable for their capacity to form a convoy if the player is leading one of them. They spawn in mountains and savannahs. Llamas are better used as item carriers in single-player because they can be equipped with chests, with the amount they can hold being determined by a randomly generated stat. However, llamas cannot be controlled when mounted by any means. The player, however, could ride the llamas while one player leads if they were playing with other players.

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Can you relocate villagers in Minecraft?

Additionally, using a map editor or NBT editor, you can leash villagers, roving traders, and monsters other than those mentioned above.

Can you leash a villager in Minecraft?

Pushing a single villager into a boat that can be driven and then rowed (albeit slowly) over land is an easy way to move them over ground. By using a piston in the ground or by producing an upward bubble column, a boat can move upward.

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