How to open inventory in minecraft classic

2 – Pick block. “2” will add a duplicate of the target block to your Hotbar while in Creative mode.

E – Opens and closes your inventory. You can see every available building block in creative mode by doing this.

The chat window is opened with a / already typed. This is handy to quickly enter commands.

F1 – Toggles the interface visibility. This is handy when you want to take a screenshot.

F5 – Changes your player perspective. Toggle between the options of First Person, Third Person Rear, Third Person, and First Person again.

If these keyboard settings are non-intuitive, you can change them. Additionally, you can see how to use a controller or a touch interface for navigation or change any or all of the following settings:

Main Hand and Off Hand

Your Main Hand is the hand that is controlled by the Left Mouse Button. If you prefer to use your left hand, you can change this in the Options screen. By selecting an item from the toolbar with keys 1 through 9, you can put it in your Main Hand.

Your Off Hand is your other hand. Press “F” to switch items between your dominant hand and off hand, or use the Shield Slot on the Inventory screen to do so.


  • If you want to click outside the Minecraft window, open the inventory (e g. without pausing the game, look something up on this site
  • Changing the “Drop” button to something farther from the movement keys is a good idea because it lowers the possibility of accidentally dropping items into lava.

If there is a middle button, pressing it will select the block that your crosshairs are pointing at as the target.

  • If you have that block type in your inventory, this will select it in Survival Mode.
  • If you have that block in Creative mode, it will select it; otherwise, it will add it to your Toolbar.

To select items in your Toolbar, use the mouse wheel (if you have one).

Pressing 1 through 9 will add whatever item your mouse is over to that slot on your toolbar if your inventory window is open.

Esc Show the menu (this pauses a single-player game).
F1 Hide the interface.
F2 Take a screenshot.
F3 Open the debug screen.
F5 Change the view to one from behind or in front of you.
F8 Toggle mouse smoothing.
F11 Full screen mode.
T Open the chat window.
/ Open the chat window and type / to begin a command.
TAB See list of players (Multiplayer only) or suggest commands in chat window.

To take a cleaner screenshot, press F1 to remove the toolbar, etc. from the screen.

If you want to appear in the picture, repeatedly press F5.

Press F2 to take a screenshot.

TIP: The F keys on some laptops can also be used to adjust the brightness and volume. In this instance, holding down a key marked “fn” or “function” will make your F key functional.


Minecraft Part 2 – Classic Minecraft Controls (read the description)


What are the controls for Minecraft Classic?

Moving around MinecraftW – Move forward. A – Strafe left. S – Move backward. D – Strafe right. CONTROL – Sprint. SPACE. SHIFT. 1 – Attack/Destroy.

How do you turn on your inventory in Minecraft?

Fortunately, the command used to turn on keep inventory is very straightforward. Players must either open the chat and then type a forward slash or press the forward slash button to open the chat and automatically type a forward slash. From here, players must type “gamerule” without the quotes.

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