how to open outside cable box?

How to take off a terminator lock from cable box.

How to take off a terminator lock from cable box.

In twist anti-clockwise to unscrew then you’ll feel the grip. As you unscrew the actual bolt itself this is the retaining bolt that locks the box very simple.

Question: How To Open Outside Cable Box

How to Remove Coax Cable Lock (Detailed Instructions) Step 1: Insert tissue paper between the lock and the cable. Start by inserting tissue paper between the cable lock and the coax cable. Step 2: Add a pen cap clip inside the tissue. Step 3: Press the pen cap & remove the lock.

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Cable companies tend to run wires straight inside to televisions inside the home. They then caulk the holes to seal them from the outside. If this is the case, simply peel away at the caulk with a knife until the cable breaks free. Pull or push the remainder of the cable through the hole.

How to Use the Key to Open a Comcast Cable J Box Inspect the outside of the box. Insert the metal end of the cable termination tool into the opening in the center of the “keyhole.” Ensure that it is fully inserted. Grasp the handle end of the cable termination tool and turn it clockwise. Warning.

Place the metal end of the termination tool over the lock so that the lock and tool fit tightly together. Twist the handle of the tool until you feel the lock moving. If one direction does not work, try twisting in the other direction. Remove the lock and pull away the front panel of the box.

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