How to place command blocks in minecraft

When activated by redstone, a command block is a special type of block in Minecraft that can be used to run console commands. These blocks are very helpful for simple tasks requiring only a few commands as well as for large adventure maps requiring a multitude of different command block-triggered events. Your creativity will be your only constraint when it comes to creating command blocks. This manual will explain how to access command blocks as well as what each block’s various settings and configuration options actually do.

Place a command block on the ground in a location near your player character. Open up the command block interface. Set the Block Type to Repeat. Set the Redstone to Always Active.

Steps to Use a Command Block

The command block must be set down on the ground before you can program it and use it. It’s crucial to remember that placing the command block on the ground requires Creative mode.

Place your pointer (the plus sign) on the block where you want to place the command block once you are in Creative mode. The block should turn highlighted in your game window.

Right click on the mouse to place the command block.

You should now see the command block on the ground.

Add a Redstone Device

A redstone device must then be added next to the command block. To activate the command block, use any redstone tool, such as a lever, pressure plate, or button:

One block should separate the command block from the redstone device. The command block won’t be activated if the redstone device is too far away from it.

For the purposes of this illustration, we’ll use a lever and position it one block to the right of the command block.

Select the lever in your hotbar. then put your pointer (the plus sign) where you want to put the lever on the block.

The lever ought to now be visible on the ground next to the command block.

Program the Command Block

The next step is to program the command block. This means that when the command block is activated, you will add a command that will be executed.

Place your cursor over the command block in front of you with the plus sign up, then click the right mouse button.

This will open the command block’s programming console.

Type your command in the “Console Command” text box.

In this example, we have entered the following command:

When you’re done, select the Done button after entering the command.

The game window’s lower left corner will display the message “Command set: xxx,” where xxx is the command you just typed.

Activate the Command Block

You can use the command block whenever and as often as you like now that you’ve programmed it. Simply activate the redstone device that is affixed to the command block to activate it.

In this example, the redstone device is a lever. As a result, you would turn the lever to activate the command block.

To activate the command block:

  • You must toggle the lever if the redstone device is one.
  • You must press the button if the redstone device is one.
  • You must stand on the pressure plate if the redstone device is one.

Place your pointer on the lever and right-click the mouse button to turn the lever.

The lever will move, and a message with the command that the command block executed will show up in the lower left corner of the game window. To activate the command block again after using a lever in this example, you must toggle the lever back.

You’ve just mastered using a command block in Minecraft, congrats! Its just that easy!.

Here are some command block programs that you can try:

Tip: How to Use Command Blocks in Minecraft


How do you place a command block in survival?

How to change the world or realm settings so that Command BlockEnable cheats are enabled Turn on Creative Mode in your world or Realm settings. Place the block where you want it by typing “/give [your username] command_block” in the chat box.

Why can’t you place a command block in Minecraft?

Due to the command blocks’ strength, a few prerequisites must be satisfied before you can use them in your server. You must first enable command blocks in the server settings directly. Second, in order to place the block, you must be OP on the server and in creative mode.

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