how to place sheet rope zomboid

PZ Walkthrough Part 5: Barricades, Sheet Ropes, and Sledgehammers (Tutorial)


They can be crafted by right-clicking a sheet and selecting “craft sheet rope”. Two sheet ropes are required per story, for example putting a sheet rope out of a window on a two story building requires two sheet ropes. The player can interact with the sheet rope by right-clicking on a window (that does not have a sheet covering it) and can either remove the sheet rope or climb up/down depending on what your position is.

What is a Sheet Rope in Project Zomboid?

First of all we will talk a little about what the sheet rope item is. The sheet rope is an item that can only be obtained through the crafting system in Project Zomboid. The object is literally how it sounds. It is a rope that is made from sheets. The player can use this sheet rope to create a way to get up and down from heights in Project Zomboid. For example, if the player finds themselves trapped up on a two-story building they can use the sheet rope to get down to the ground floor without suffering fall damage.

how to place sheet rope zomboid

While the player does have the option to simply leap out of the window, there is a health mechanic in Project Zomboid. Falling from certain heights is likely to cause bad damage to your character. This can include broken bones, fractures and cuts. the sheet rope completely minimizes this risk by creating a rope that can be climbs down to the ground level. The sheet rope can only be attached to window frames on levels over the first story. As seen in the tool-tip for the object when in the player’s inventory, you will need a hammer and nails in order to attach the sheet rope to a window.

How to Craft a Sheet Rope

Crafting a sheet rope is rather easy and straightforward in Project Zomboid. you will not need to read any books or have skills in anything. First, select the crafting icon on the left of the screen which looks like a hammer and ruler. This will open the crafting menu. Under the General tab you will find the recipe for crafting the sheet rope. You can use basically any piece of clothing in the game to craft your very own sheet rope. For example in the below, you can see I can take a pair of socks and craft them into a sheet rope.

how to place sheet rope zomboid

Once you select the craft option, your character will take their time and make the sheet rope. It will go straight into your character’s main inventory. As there are so many different items that can be used to craft a sheet rope, I won’t go into them all right now. Check the crafting menu to see them all. It also does not matter what kind of condition the clothing is in that you are making a sheet rope from. They can be wet, bloody or dirty. This will not change the quality of the sheet rope at all once it has been crafted. That is all there is to getting a sheet rope in Project Zomboid.


How do you hang a sheet rope in project zomboid?

The sheet rope allows the player to descend out a window to ground level, without taking any fall damage, using 1 sheet rope per floor rappelled along with a hammer and 1 nail to secure it (regardless of the number of floors the sheet rope will cover).

How do you use a sheet rope in the escapists?

When you craft Sheet Rope, head to a window in the building that doesn’t have Sheet Rope on it. Interact with the window with right-click to start climbing. If your character has the “weak” trait, they won’t be able to climb the Sheet Rope.

How do you attach rope to a window?

Used to descend from rooftops by left clicking the edging that surrounds the rooftop. (Note that you do not actually click in any of the spaces between the edging). Degrades by 50% each use. In The Escapists 2, the Sheet Rope is used to descend 2 floors, no matter if it is the roof or not, and never degrades.

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