Cactus Farming in Minecraft: How to Make & Use Cactus Farms

You can create a Cactus Farm in Minecraft to provide players with an endless supply of cacti. You’ll never run out of cacti again thanks to the fully automated nature of this quick and simple farm!

A cactus block may be placed only on sand, red sand or another cactus block. A cactus breaks itself (and drops as an item) if any block with a solid material, or lava, occupies any of the 4 horizontally adjacent blocks. It also breaks if on the sand and the block above is water or lava.

Q. How do you make Green Dye in Minecraft?

A. You can create green dye by melting cacti in a furnace if you have any on hand. A cactus farm should be close by if you want to produce large quantities of stained glass, concrete, or wool because you will need the green and lime dye.

Q. Can Cactus destroy itself when it drops in Minecraft?

A. If you break a cactus from the middle, it will definitely self-destruct. Although it may be alluring to do so since you would not need to replant it, breaking the middle stalk will unavoidably result in the destruction of some cacti. Break the base and replant it if you want to continue being effective. If you want to prevent the lava from spreading, you can also keep a cactus as an item destroyer.

All you have to do is add a timer between each input to fully automate your farm. You could do this with redstone clocks. The 5 minute despawn time of blocks with wooden pressure plates can be used to create a clock that sends a signal once every 5 minutes by adding a signal inverter between the pressure plate and whatever it needs to be connected to.

Although redstone could be made even more compact, we’ve built two rows of pistons and cacti in the example below, which is about as compact as you can get. When we pull a lever, the pistons will advance, causing the piston arm to reach any cactus block that is higher than the cactus base. This cactus block will pop out when the piston arm reaches it because cactus blocks cannot be placed next to other blocks. Any additional cactus blocks will collapse as well because they are no longer supported.

In order for the cacti to grow, you must create a zigzag pattern; however, you cannot create a checkerboard-style field, as shown below, because you won’t be able to access the cacti in the middle without risking injury from the cacti on the outside.

The majority of the crushed cactus blocks will fall into the water below, where they will be carried by the current to any location you choose for collection. Nevertheless, a lot of the cactus blocks will either be destroyed by colliding with other cacti or by falling right on the edge of the sand block. Sadly, this is a cost associated with (semi-)automatic farms.

Instead, we use a path every two blocks wide row of cacti in order to maximize the amount of land we use while minimizing the amount of space taken up by paths. It’s almost impossible to not lose any cacti blocks with this setup (without wasting time), but you will lose some when they collide with other cacti during harvesting.

Minecraft Cactus Guide (A guide to cacti, planting, damage from them, green dye)


How do you plant a cactus?

How to Plant a Cactus Outside
  1. Most cactus plants need lightweight, well-draining soil. …
  2. Since some transplanted cacti don’t have very large root balls, create a hole that is exactly as deep and 112 times as wide as the stem.
  3. Place the plant in the hole so that its north side faces that direction.

Can you plant and grow cactus in Minecraft?

Steps to Build a Cactus Farm
  1. Place Glass to build a 3 block high box. …
  2. One side that is 8 glass blocks wide should be excavated.
  3. Place Chests to collect the Cactus. …
  4. Add Water. …
  5. Place Cobblestone above the Water. …
  6. Place Sand and Cactus on the Cobblestone. …
  7. A Nether Brick Wall should be built above (and in between each row of cacti).

How do you start a cactus farm in Minecraft?

Cactus Seeds are an item added by Ex Nihilo. They are positioned on sand to resemble a cactus and, when done so, produce a cactus. Cactus Seeds are obtained by running Sand though a Sieve.

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