How to play minecraft mods with friends

The game of Minecraft is best played with friends, and using mods can increase the enjoyment. Because there are so many mods available online, players have a ton of ways to improve their multiplayer servers and worlds.

Numerous Minecraft mods increase the fun factor of multiplayer by adding new features like exploration and content. However, when choosing specific mods, it can be difficult to determine which is best for a particular group of players.

The good news is that some of the game’s most well-liked mods are also some of its best for multiplayer fun.

Some of the top mods for playing with friends and other players can be found below for Minecraft players.

Open Minecraft and go into the “Multiplayer” tab. Towards the bottom, click on “Add Server”. Put any name under “Server Name” and then enter the server IP address and port, then press “Done”.

How to Play Modded Minecraft with Friends

There are two ways to play Modded Minecraft with your friends. One of them involves using a high-end hosting service that handles the majority of the work for you. One of the hosting companies that can assist you with setting up a modified Minecraft server is Apex Hosting. The other way is through making a Forge Server. Here is how you can make one.

Steps on creating a Modded Minecraft Server

  • First, you will have to Download Forge.
  • Select the most recent version by clicking the link.
  • When you select Installer, a different website will open.
  • only the Skip button in the top right corner should be clicked.
  • Now Forge will get downloaded. When it does, store the file for later use in a known location.
  • You should now have the Forge Java File.
  • Now right-click the File and open it with Java.
  • To install Java if you don’t already have it, click the link.
  • When Forge’s interface loads, click Install Client, and then click OK.
  • Make sure it installs in the .minecraft Folder in AppData/Roaming.
  • After completing that, launch Forge with Java once more, choose Install server, and then click OK.
  • Install this in a custom Folder.
  • Open that custom folder now, and then double-click the forge inside of it. jar file.
  • Your server will be ready after some folders are installed, but it will only use 1 GB.
  • Create a new text document in your folder and enter one of the lines below for more RAM resources. 2GB Server:java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar forgeserver. jar noguiPAUSE3GB Server:java -Xmx3072M -Xms3072M -jar forgeserver. jar noguiPAUSE4GB Server:java -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M -jar forgeserver. jar noguiPAUSE.
  • You can alter the -Xms numbers if you have more RAM, such as 16 GB. Like 5 GB is 5120M & 6 GB is 6144M.
  • Save the Text Document as run once you have typed one of the lines. bat and select Save as type as All File(*. *).
  • Now Rename your forge. jar file as forgeserver. jar as it is the name written in the run. bat file. Else change the name of forgeserver. jar to the name of your forge. jar file.
  • If you run the forge. You will have seen that the jar file failed and an eula was generated. txt file was made.
  • Open that eula. txt file and set eula=false to eula=true & save.
  • Now run the run. bat file, and the process of setting up your Server will start. Make sure to check both Private if a Windows Firewall Message appears during the process.

You will have successfully built a server that you and your friends can use for modded Minecraft once it is finished. Simply participate and invite your friends by following these instructions.

Steps of joining and inviting users to your Server

  • From the Start Menu, search and open the CMD.
  • Right-click and Run it as an Administrator.
  • Once CMD opens up, type ipconfig and hit enter.
  • After it has finished running, write down the IPv4 address. This will be important for later.
  • Launch your Minecraft client now, choose Forge from your versions list in the bottom left corner of the launcher, and then click Play.
  • Click on Multiplayer and then Direct Connection once Minecraft has launched.
  • Paste the IPv4 address we had noted down in the Server Address box and select Join Server.
  • And Voila, your Modded Minecraft server is working. The only thing left is to invite your friends.
  • If you didn’t close your CMD, type stop there and press enter. This will stop the server.
  • In your custom Folder that holds the forgeserver. jar file, there should be a server. properties Text file.
  • Open it and it will open a list of lines. One of those lines is the server-ip=.
  • Paste the IPv4 Address without spaces and save the file.
  • Next, copy that number and enter it into your browser.
  • This will launch a login page where you must enter your router’s login information. Keep in mind that if you are using Hotspot, this won’t work.
  • Enter the credentials and Sign-In. You should be logged in.
  • Now we will have to do Port Forwarding. To do this, navigate to the Router’s Security section.
  • If you don’t have it, look under “Apps” or “Games”
  • If not, find out where your router’s port forwarding is.
  • Once there, select Add a new Single Port Forwarding or a comparable option.
  • You will now be prompted to enter the following information:Device IP – Your IPv4 AddressApplication Name – MinecraftExternal Port – 25565Internal Port – 25565 External IP – This is the Public IP Address that you can obtain from the Breakdown Link (this option may or may not be present). (This option may or may not be there).
  • Now click on Apply.
  • Your friends will require your public IP address, so keep a note of it.
  • Restart your modified Minecraft server by selecting the run button. bat file.
  • Click Direct Connection and enter your Public IP Address once it’s finished.
  • While you should be able to connect from this address, some ISPs might not. You must therefore use your IPv4 address, but your friends can connect to your modded Minecraft server using your public IP address.

If everything was properly installed, the server should already be operational. You can now only share your Public IP Address with your friends. That’s because, if it falls into the wrong hands, your Public IP Address could be used for malicious purposes, so exercise caution. Check the IP Addresses if the server ever stops functioning in the future because they do change over time. Once you refresh them, your modified server will start up once more. You can now obtain the mods and start playing Minecraft with your friends after doing so.

This article focused exclusively on how to play with friends on a modified Minecraft server. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. Check out some of our other articles, such as How To Make

How to Play Modded Minecraft with Your Friends


What mod lets you play with friends in Minecraft?

To use, both players must have the mod installed on their computers for MineThrough to allow players to play together using only their usernames; server hosting or port forwarding are not required.

Can you play Minecraft with mods with friends without a server?

Some mods are server-only or client-only. In order to maintain consistency between the single-player and multiplayer experiences, you should typically install server-only mods, but if a server mod is only server-side, you can omit it.

How do you make a multiplayer Minecraft server with mods?

Download and install Forge Server to create a modded Minecraft server in five easy steps. Download the installer that is compatible with your mods by visiting the Minecraft Forge downloads page. Start Forge Server and Accept EULA. Download and Install Mods. Port Forward Your Server and Find Your Server IP. Start the Server.

How do you play Minecraft mods with friends on Curseforge?

Go to the multiplayer section, click Add Server, and enter the information for your server. To help you remember which server it is, you can put anything in the Server Name field. Enter the IP address from the control panel as the server address. Click done and enter your server!.

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